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The past couple of days my friend, Diane and I have been working in her workshop.

She is far more ‘handy’ than I…in fact, she would rather rebuild a motor than attend a tea and glitter party.

It’s an interesting combination when we team together her knowledge of power tools and building and my knowledge of quilting and the tools necessary for that.  Really, it’s not all that different {I’m not so sure she sees or appreciates the similarities}.  😉

We actually have a bigger picture involved here.  Remember a couple of months ago when we were collecting barn board?  We’ve been ‘dreaming’ up the idea of having a weekend retreat {Bσhσ Style} where each gal attending will build an outhouse~sized chicken coop {4×4}.  These will be embellished with painted beaded board, vintage wallpaper, possibly even a chandelier…as well as a vintage window and door.  The final touches would be up to each individual.

The finished project could be anything: chicken coop, playhouse, storage shed, outhouse….

We’re still working on the logistics to this ‘idea’…so stay tuned for more information to come…

…with our mornings starting out in the single digits, a HOT fire is a key ingredient to these work days…

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Barnboard re-creations~









barnboard~framesI love these barnboard frames with rusty chicken wire and barbed wire.  When we were working on them a gal came in and said that she knew where there was some wonderful, old, well-aged barbed wire rolled up and available for  the taking.  So, right then and there, we left and rummaged through the old dump where it was.

I made the last one for her!

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new idea…turned reality~


I have a friend who challenges me to move in directions that are slightly out of my comfort zone.  However, she has a way of making them seem easy.

She’s gifted in nearly every area that I’m not.

Chances are she’s even gifted in many areas where you aren’t.

As a matter of fact, she owns a back hoe and a dump truck, she can tear apart just about any motor, carburetor and a variety of other things…she can build, wire, plumb and I could go on and on.  Yesterday we went to pick up a 250 gallon fuel tank, with stand, and the poor 80-something-year-old lady said, faintly…”are there just you two girls here”.  My answer was, “yep…just us two girls!”…knowing that with Diane we could absolutely load that thing by ourselves.

We’ve decided that dump diving might be our new thing.  Because of my admiration for the Farm Chicks I told her that we could be the ‘Dump Chicks’ but after doing further research {my thesaurus & looking up gals} I decided that ‘Doxy Dump Divers’ might just work.  Our dumps of choice happen to be those that are near old homesteads.

We picked up a load of barn board this week from a 100-yr-old barn that she helped take down a couple of months ago.

Like I said, she keeps me challenged and, when I have time, I love it.

I’ve been thinking about the above pictured table/bench for a while.  Handling those barn boards made me think about it more.  Yesterday we spent a little over an hour and had it done and then this afternoon I added the paint.  Really, it looks exactly like I expected it to.  I’d like to make about 20 more…


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