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a new vintage{y} apron…

Yesterday I slipped down to my little sewing area.  I haven’t done any creative sewing for a while and it felt good to just…create!

I took a beautiful, old tablecloth, two embroidered doilies, some pink rick~rack and ended up with a {actually two} cute, little wrap-around apron.

too much fun!

Timi has asked me to join in on the fun on September 9th, 4pm~8pm, for a kick-off for ticket sales for her upcoming Ruffles & Rust Show.  She asked me to bring aprons so I’m going to try to get some fun, vintage{y} aprons made up for it.

btw…I haven’t forgotten that I have a give-away still going on…jump over HERE and leave a comment to be entered

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#23 to my 1″ Life Sampler is for the year…you guessed it 2000!

I’ve removed the funny blue lines…just not in time for the ‘photo shoot’!

I spent a bit of time at the sewing machine this week to make a couple of aprons with a sweet, cherry theme.

This one combines vintage fabrics with a few new ones.

Here is yet another sweet combination for an apron.

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Sweet & Sassy!

Block #18 to my 1″ Life Sampler reflects a time in my life that always makes me smile.

There is a memorable day in April of 2005 when I had the opportunity to go to a lovely teahouse in Redmond, WA with two of my girlfriends, Amber and Trisha.  We felt so inspired as we absorbed the environment around us that we became consumed with the idea of starting up our own tea house…which quickly turned to a focus on cupcakes.  This began a different journey of finding and refining the perfect cupcake recipes.  As friends connected with friends, we began making cupcakes at all hours of the day, for a variety of occasions, whenever the need would arise.

I love to dream and I love it when others are willing to dream with me.  We did see that dream fizzle, for a variety of reasons.  I’m glad we didn’t dive in to the expense and commitment of a shop but I don’t regret one day of dreaming the dream.

We just had way too much fun processing our way through that dream.

When Kristine sent me some snippets from her collection of ‘authentic’ prints last week, I immediately saw it as a challenge.  “What can I do with these that will be for ME?”  I have loved making these burlap aprons and I decided that I would make one for me with those prints.  I have a long, green, tiered, silk skirt that will go perfectly with this to wear at  my shows….and I can compliment that with some cute boots!  {oh, ya!}

This one I made with one of the old drapes that I brought home from my grandma’s house recently.

This would make an ugly drape/curtain but fun, linen fabric and it goes well with the burlap.

~the sweet and sassy cupcake girls...Sweet & Sassy...for sure!

Check this post out for a fun give-a-way!  I’ll keep it open for a few more days!

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apron creations…

OK…I promise to move beyond aprons.  One of my goals for the weekend was to get a few made and between district playoffs for boy’s basketball I was able to get 5 made.

The apron pictured above is similar to the one in my last post.  I had just enough of the soft, vintage plaid to make two and the white piece is a table topper cut in half so I worked that into both as well.  The pocket has a few fun features on it so I’m hi-lighting that here.

This apron was an experiment that I love and will definitely make more.  I really wraps around well and feels good on.  I made it more for vendor use rather than kitchen use.  I think that it would actually wash OK, but because it’s burlap, I won’t guarantee that just yet.

My favorite finishing touch on each one of my aprons is a snippet of this T.V. ribbon from a turn of the century Belgium warehouse.

Both aprons are $35

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Apron Creation :~

I really love this apron.

It’s another one that I could so easily keep.

I’ve used some of my favorite vintage prints in it and the color scheme…well, it’s me!

I love how it wraps so efficiently around Mergatroid’s robust frame.

If you are ever interested in an apron that I’ve posted let me know.  I’ll try to start listing the prices.

This one will sell for $35.

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Chick madness!

Amber gave a great little ‘shout out’ for the up and coming Art Retreat!

Every day I am getting more and more excited for this.  I would love to have YOU jump in too!

Check it out!!!

I’ve also been trying to work my way to my sewing machine.

It’s been a task but yesterday I finally got there and was able to make two aprons.

Both of them are so fun and different in their own way.

This one has 4 different white layers going on.  It is truly sweet and beautiful.

With this apron I put to use the beautiful, vintage feed sacks that I wrote about in this post.

It seemed appropriate to start this new push on apron making by using one of these bags because my first show for the season will be the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane Washington.

I think about my next season of shows nearly every day and it can make me a little crazy!

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I am thrilled to be one of the Spotlight features in the new Apron•ology magazine.

They did a beautiful job {true Stampinton & Co. style} with the photos.

There are a lot of wonderfully creative aprons represented in this issue.

I’m already dreaming about what my next submission will be…

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An Apron Creation

vintage{y}apronI made this apron using an old drape that has fresh, beautiful fall{ish} colors in it.



vintage{y}apronMy giant owl necklace compliments it nicely!  😉

pot holderThere is an ever-so-handy potholder sewn into the bottom of it…on the right hand side.

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An apron for Kayla ~

vintage{y} apronMichelle asked me to make an apron for her daughter (who this past summer celebrated her 1st year of marriage).  I tried to make a couple for her but it just didn’t hit her fancy spot.

vintage{y} apronThen she had the wonderful idea of sending me a table cloth that belonged to her grandmother to use as the base.

vintage{y} apronIt was challenging for me to find the right elements to compliment the colors in the tablecloth but I finally found some pieces that I felt worked well together.

vintage{y} apron

vintage{y} apron

vintage{y} apron

save the date

I made this charm for Michelle to give her daughter, Kayla, last year

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Apron delight!

vintage{y} apronThis apron really turned out exquisite.

The vintage cotton piece that I used for the main body of the apron was beautiful, pristine and nice to work with.

vintage{y} apronAnd, the vintage hand work that I sewed into this apron is simply stunning!

vintage{y} apronThe front pocket was made from the delicately crocheted edge of a pillow case.

vintage{y} apronI added some pleats to the bib for an interesting detail.

vintage{y} apron

For the tie, I cut a strip from a beautiful, vintage table cloth that seems to pull all of the elements together nicely.

I’m tempted to keep this one!

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