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Birthday wishes and bespoke design!

Happy Birthday postcard

yesterday was my dear mom's birthday - she's 1,000's of miles and an ocean away and I miss her

♥ Happy Birthday, Mom ♥

seeing double!

I love this new idea ~ which is not completely my own

side 2

…combining two charms into one!

chunky chain!

I’m also loving this new chunky chain that I bought this week at my favorite 2nd hand place.

what kind of person wears a necklace like this one?…this one too – but who wears this kind of stuff?  Maybe I will!

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Baggies of Surprise!

When Mr T scooped up the linens at Friday’s estate sale, he also snatched up this baggie of crocheted goodness.

samplings of crochetI didn’t take the time then to look through it.

crochetI decided that for 50¢ I would take it home and enjoy the find.

tattingCertainly it was a 50¢ well spent.

crocheted lace

Most of it appears to be samplings of this and that.


Once again, this reminded my of my grandmothers.  Both of these ladies were so good with their hands.  One could manage to whip up anything with some thread and a crochet hook.  The other, could also muster up some needle work but her first love was her yard.  Oh, the beauty that she created there!


crochet samples

Another fun find for him was a baggie full of new, yet vintage, stamps.

stampsNot a bad find for $2 when there is $31.27 worth of stamps.

Don’t forget to…

get to the usps by 11:00We always try to get to the Post Office just a tad before 11:00 because it closes between 11:00-11:30.  Who does stuff like that????  It makes us CRAZY!

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A Cheap Date~

Mr T and I have a favorite pastime that we enjoy doing together.

2nd hand shopping!

misc. trimsWe were told that there was going to be an estate sale in the big city, so yesterday we left in the wee hours of the morning and headed to that big city.

linens, etc.When we arrived, we signed in as #53 and #54.

misc. fabricBy 9:00 there were well over 100 people going into the house, all at the same time.

I headed directly for the fabric room (I had peaked into some windows ahead of time).  A while later Mr T met me in the middle with an arm full of linens ~ just in case I might want them.  What a sweetie!

my favorites!These are two of my favorite things! 5o¢ and $3

The way that I prefer to go through an estate sale is, quick the first time, grabbing anything that I may want…then nice and slow the second time, thinking everything through as I go.  This sale was so crazy with people that one time was enough.  I met one sweet gal who had a piece of fabric that I wanted really bad.  🙂  It turns out that we do the Vintage Barn Sale together.

an old clock - that works$2~ and stuck to the bottom with yellowed, crackly tape:

Date: Apr 29/52
Guarantee void if this number removed

500 sheets!

This is some of my favorite paper to craft with.  I love it’s translucence and the ever-so-slight texture…and now I have an additional 500 sheets for $2!


As we finished our day with lunch at my favorite spot, Mr T wrapped it up well by saying that I was his favorite ‘cheap’ date!

after 25 years, there’s no other way to take it than, as it was intended,… a compliment!

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Never the twain…

paper fun

I work from two {twain} creative spots.

My main workspace is where I charm from.  Here, I also work on a variety of paper crafting, including collage work. It’s where papers are my #1 collecting fascination.


Downstairs I have a completely different area for creative endeavors.   This is where my #2 collecting fascination can be seen.

maybe just a little variety

I find that I do the same thing in both areas –

I collect!

more varietyIt really is a favorite pastime.  We all know that it’s so much better that a whole array of other interesting addictions and most often it is more cost effective.

cost effective!

It’s so rewarding when I’ve had an idea formulating in my mind for days or even, at times weeks, to go down to my little area and rummage through the stash to find what I need to pull together this idea and coordinate a  theme and the colors necessary to bring it all together.

this amazing and beautifully worn barkcloth is so wonderful to work with

this amazing and beautifully worn barkcloth is so wonderful to work with

I am actually in the middle of just such a project.

sewing that luscious barkcloth

So there you have it, I am completely justified is much of what I do.

These two areas don’t often mingle, although I have been know to use snippets of fabrics and trims in my #1 area – so, I guess that my initial claim, as stated in my title, is not 100% accurate.

Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,…Rudyard Kipling

my all-time favorite piece of barkcloth - I've had it for several years and I just cannot cut into it

my all-time favorite piece of barkcloth - I've had it for several years and I just cannot cut into it

I do have to say that sewing, most often, fills that little creative spot in me more than so many of the other things that I work on.  I find myself smiling often as I work along.  🙂

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Christmas in the Northwest


I can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous it is here in eastern Washington.  We have been blessed with a dumping of snow.  It’s been snowing for more that 24 hours straight and it’s still going.the PERFECT wool afgan

Do you ever go into a thrift store hoping to find a specific item?  Dangerous endeavor.  I do it often but instead of leaving with what I’m looking for, I leave with arm loads of other goodies.  This time, however, I went in looking for a wool (key word – no acrylic here), crocheted, granny-square afgan in oranges, browns…  and look what I came out with.  I love it even more with that touch of robin’s egg blue!   I can’t show it here (yet) but I made a wonderful little something with this for a someone-?-very-?-special.

Holiday Traditions Exchange

My wonderful, homemade gift came from Lauren for the Holiday Traditions Exchange.  She made me this fun, festive & fluffy (you could use those same words to describe me) pillow.  She also send a recipe and a hand written account of her family’s best holiday tradition.  Very nice – Thank you so much Lauren.

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More news from home!

I made this fun bag from this fun book.

Dresden Plate Bag

I used mostly Amy Butler prints with one Jennifer Paganelli…I also added some fun texture with the green upholstery weight fabric and some gray denim which is from a pair of Libby’s jeans.

This next pic is really for my sweet, home-sick girl (who says she checks here 10x a day for new news…no wonder my # of views has been on the increase) – Tripp is lying on some of the other sweet finds from this weekend’s estate sale.  That huge crocheted table cloth was about $5.

Tripp & the sweet finds!

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ahhh yes…therapy!…my own kind, of course

suitcase collectionOK…I know I have some problems…it just seems that if I like something, I can’t help but buy more and more and more, especially when I can buy it for a good price.  (the people who helped me move would LOVE to tell you all about my problems)  The two at the top I added today for $1 each – how could a girl leave them there for that?…especially when I read a post like this – but I wonder how could I ever rip that sweet little pocket out of the inside?  I haven’t ever mentioned my collection of vintage underwear and I’m talking about longjohns.  Who collects vintage longjohns?  I promise it wasn’t intentional…it just happened.  I’ll show pics someday.  Not sure what the best type of therapy is for this but…that will have to be addressed on a different day.

Here’s another lovely purchase from today.  I wish this first pic wasn’t so blurry.

vintage wedding dress

vintage wedding dress

And it came with the ever-so-gorgeous veil and these ‘things’ that button up and go on the arms…I just don’t know what to call them.

accessories to the vintage wedding dress

Truth be told – ‘thrifty’ shopping is the BEST kind of therapy.  I just love it!  These items (& more) came from an incredible estate sale and today was ‘day 2’ so I got some great deals.

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