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Farm Chicks 2011

Hi Friends!

I’m here to share my own [somewhat limited] Farm Chick Experience.

it’s limited because i’m very attached to my booth…literally…although, i was very blessed to have my sister join me for the fun this year [thx. sis]

It truly was a great sale…better than ever!

♥loved the junk!

♥loved the people!

♥loved the sales!

I brought a little live chicken display that made it all the more fun! They are silkies…a ‘mom’ and her baby chick {farmchicks}. They were so, very CUTE!

I didn’t get a great picture of the full effect but they were contained w/in a rusty-wired skirt attached to a wire dress form.

…my favorite part?…the little cuties that would gather ’round!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Farm Chick fun!

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Are you a Farm Chick? Treat Yourself!!!

There is so much involved in doing a large ‘show’ like The Farm Chicks in Spokane.

During weeks like this it seems that filling out the application and sending in the big bucks is the easy part.  I have piles of this and that all over.  It seems that everything is in a ‘partial state’ of being done.

An then, to beat all, during the midst of it all…life happens.

My garden should be all in by now.  Is it?  NO ~ there’s no time

The flower beds should all be weeded {waiting the next weeding and then the next and…}

I’m pretty sure that every vendor arrives thinking about all of the things that were left behind, simply because they just weren’t quite ready to hit the floor.  {maybe I’ll get that done before next year…}

It is what it is…I love it and I hate it {did I just say ‘hate’??  OK…here’s the truth, it demands so much of me}

Even though I just used that ugly 4-letter-word, I can’t wait to hit the floor myself in a sassy pair of cowboy boots, feeling the rush of the frenzy, meeting other sassy, like-minded gals and hopefully bringing a few extra dollars home.  {fingers crossed}

Will I see YOU there?  Please come by and say, “HI”!  I hope that when you do I’ll have a moment to give you a quick hug.

Attending this show is a REAL treat!

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Farm Chicks Christmas…

Any day that I can go to Chaps is a good day.

Today was just one of those days.  Serena was there for a book signing for her new book, The Farm Chicks Christmas.

I bravely went there by myself hoping to see some of my gals when I got there…but, they just weren’t there yet.  I whispered to Serena when I got there, “Is there anyone I know here”…she took me around but I didn’t see a familiar face.  So I grabbed my book and got in line to pay.  As the BraveGirl in me was working it’s way out, I asked the gal in front of me, Stephanie, if she was alone and would she like to have breakfast together?  She was alone but wasn’t staying so we had a nice visit in line.

Then I saw another gal sitting by herself so I asked her if she was by herself {so brave of me}.  I had a very nice, long visit with Corey {sp?}.  Delightful gal!  This is a picture of her and her beautiful mom, Helen.

So, I’ll just say that even though I didn’t see any of ‘my peeps’ I had a wonderful morning.

I did see Gladys and Celia as I was leaving… 🙂

Everything was joyful and beautiful.

…and grand!

It was fun to meet my FB friend, Nancy {leaning over with the cute glasses and beautiful smile} in person.  She was there to autograph the book as she has been featured in it.  {so nice to meet you, Nancy}

Celeste and Serena

Celeste you are such a great hostess…thanks for sharing some moments with me today!

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Farm Chick Fun

I wish I had a better/more fun selection of pictures to share.  I really didn’t leave my booth {one time~late on Sunday}.  Saturday was too busy {yay!} to take pictures so I just did my best.  Wild Whimsy was beside me so a few are from their space.  {I love being next to these girls}

I was able to slip in meeting a few gals…Heather BullardTiffany the Fancy Farm Girl…and my personal hi-light was Jo Packman of  Where Women Create.  I’m so excited to be involved in her event The Creative Connection that I really, really wanted to meet her.  She is also the proud owner of one of my Farmgirl Style Market Shoppers, which btw flew out of my booth.  {YAY!!!}

I’m honestly so sorry that I don’t have better pics…I knew I would regret this.  Doing a show like this literally sucks the life right out of me and I lacked the energy and ambition to put any effort into taking pictures.

that’s my story and for today i’m going to have to stick to it…

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Meet me Here

#178 ~ Vintage Charm

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Oh, Rubbish!

Have you heard of A Girl Named Timi?

She is the queen of  {junk} networking.  Last year she began a business {Come Junk With Us}  where she charters a bus and fills it with junking women destined for a day of junking, eating, talking, junking, giggling, junking….

Get the idea?

In this part of the world there is a definite Junk Revolution.  …large groups of crazed women going here and there in search of the perfect find.

Timi’s next Crazed Women Come Junk With Us bus ride is headed from the Seattle area to Spokane for the Farm Chicks Show.  During the ride the gals are showered with gifts.  They are treated like Junk Queens for two days.  I will be sending one of my Farmgirl Style Market Shoppers for her to give away and each gal will also receive a coupon to come by my booth and pick up a free Oh, Rubbish! charm.

For a map of the Farm Chicks Show, go HERE!

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

…off the press!

Read all about it…

It seems that right now I am waking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, etc….getting ready for The Farm Chicks Show.  Because it is the first show of the season for me, it’s what gives me the kick-start that I need. It gave me another ‘kick’ to get this poster as an e-mail this morning from Serena.  And it’s such a perfect way to share it with you.

This is a fun and amazing show to attend.

Don’t come alone though ~ grab a girlfriend or…ten.

Here is a picture from my first time to the show…wow! I had a nice little tan going on…oh, ya…I had just returned from a cruise in the sunshine for my 25th anniversary ~   (sigh) {I guess it’s time to celebrate #27}

Will I be seeing YOU at The Farm Chicks Show this year????

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the farm{girl} chicks

Yesterday was a fun gf day! We met up and went to the Farm Chicks in Spokane, WA

Memories in the making!

This is post #47 ~ keep watching for the #50

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