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Valentines, glitter, sprinkles and girls…

Three years ago I started doing a Valentine Tea Party for my nieces and a few of their friends.

They {Katie and Abbie} are considerably younger than my other nieces and nephew as well as my own kids so it’s fun for me to be able to do special things for them.  It also helps {immensely} that we live in the same area.

I had hoped that it wouldn’t be a one-time event…and it hasn’t.  They were 4 and 6 then and now they are 6 and 8.  We’ve had the same group of girls each year and this year we added two more.

We had a splendid little tea party.  As the girls get older they actually now drink their tea and with less sugar…although they use plenty of that.

I tried, for the first time, a little fondue bar with mini cupcakes, a dipping sauce and LOTS of sprinkle options.  It was a grand addition to the other assortments of sweets and goodies which included heart-shaped pizza.

They really liked the sprinkles…

We made a little crafty banner with each girl’s initial on it.

This was more an experiment but it is very cute.  I  took a picture of them, added the words and the sucker ring.  The ring is a little overpowering but they couldn’t wait to get home and give this Valentine to themselves. there is something about sucker rings and little girls…they just love them!

I really made out with a lovely assortment of homemade Valentines.

I made these hats last month for me and them…I got to use them as decoration for the past month and they got to take one home.  Too much fun…they really loved them!

It just wouldn’t be complete without the silly picture…

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It’s almost Tea Time!

Mr T has officially moved out of his comfy chair in the living room so I can transform it into a Valentine Tea and Glittery Workshop space.

I must say that he is amazingly good-natured about this whole thing…a little bit ago he came in and said, ‘Is there anything else I can do for you?’….love that guy

This is still a {mighty} work-in-progress.

There will be 20 excited, crafty gals here tomorrow morning so I better keep working!

I decided to make pumpernickel bread for one of the tea-time sandwiches…I haven’t ever made it before and was surprised to know that it takes about 10 hours to make…then it has to be refrigerated until use ~ hopefully when I make those thin slices into it tomorrow it will be edible!

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Just in case you haven’t heard…

Pantone®, a company who has been the world’s leading authority on color for almost 50 years, chooses one color each year and names it Color of the Year.

While this may not have a life-changing affect on you {or me}, it does influence color and design world-wide…therefore, I find it interesting.

It might also be interesting to see how Honeysuckle weaves it’s way into our lives in 2011…

I know for sure that Honeysuckle will be find it’s way into my home on February 5th when

Holly and Becky from All That Glitter

and I team together for a

Glittery Workshop and Valentine Tea.

I’ll have more information for you tomorrow.  Space will be limited so let me know if you are interested!

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The warmth of tea + a give-a-way!

I love tea parties!

tea for two ~ charmThe ‘tea craze’ really started in the 90’s when my girls were young.  I collected everything ‘tea’ that I could get my hands on.

Emily Barnes collection

My favorite author at that time was Emilie Barnes.  She seemed to always have a keen sense of understanding of what I really needed to hear.  Actually, I learned that she had a very keen sense of understanding of what women needed to hear and amazingly communicated a variety of subjects {incl. tea} through her writings and seminars.

I had the opportunity to be her {along w/her husband, Bob} chauffeur for a weekend.  That was pure joy!  My favorite book that she authored is If Teacups Could Talk.

'tea' charmsI know how refreshing it is to share a quiet moment with a friend or friends over a warming cup of tea.  It seemed as though even when my kids were young and playing in the background that the ‘act’ of sharing tea together was quieting in itself.

'tea' charmsI enjoyed teaching my children the proper way to have tea  and enjoy it – I even did this with my son on occasion {however, he never developed a true appreciation for it} 😉

It often became the focus for the girls’ birthday celebrations, combined with ‘dress-up’.

And now it’s even more fun with my nieces.  (sorry to my girls, but I think this is how it will also be with grandkids – it’s just easier to enjoy the little things…it’s hard to explain but yet I completely understand it) 🙂

'tea' charmsAs I was gathering my ‘Emilie’ books I noticed that I have some duplicates. {go figure}

If you leave a one-word comment on this post telling me what you enjoy most about sharing a cup of tea with a friend, I will draw a name and send you a brand new (the spine hasn’t even been cracked open yet) copy of Emilie’s The Twelve Teas of Friendship.

*I kind of felt bad that I didn’t have a give-a-way for my 300th post yesterday so, here you go!….

**The tea set used in the above pics is a miniature one – didn’t want for you to think that those were HUGE charms. 😉

The true gift of a teatime celebration…fills our
cups with joy and warmth. May the echo of the
teacups’ message be heard not only on special
occasions, but anytime friends come together.  …Emilie Barnes

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Sunday Inspiration!

cup and saucer

Yesterday the ladies from our church gathered together to celebrate:

spring daffodils~Spring

look at those beautiful brown, rough cut sugar cubes!~God’s love

my girlfriends!~Friendship

yummy cupcakes!…and I musn’t neglect to mention ~ fine eats!


the viewI particularly enjoyed the beautiful, wide-open, pastoral view of God’s creation {which included grazing cows!} from Diana’s home.

Have I mentioned before that I love cows?!?!?

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Time with my girls!

kates&abbsHow is it that I am able to enjoy these sweet {young} nieces while my own kids are nearly grown?

Well, the story for me began like this…I came home from school one day, at the age of 15, to find my mom, crying while snuggling close to my dad on the couch.  Two things were out of the ordinary at first glance:  1) my mom was crying & 2) my dad was home from work in the middle of the afternoon.

Really, there wasn’t anything too tragic but actually, wonderful (Ok & maybe a little embarrassing).

With the family having reached the ages of 19, 18 & 15, my mom found herself in the situation of being pregnant.

Marc & I

no comments on the lovely Farrah do!

For this 15 years old that was no situation or predicament, it was pure joy.  I’ve always been a baby-lover.  I’m sure it started when I was about 3 yrs. old and that craziness for babies has only increased.  I loved that baby boy to death.  He was my favorite little guy.  Now he’s a wonderful, respectable man who, with his sweet wife has created these two little angels.  (it is difficult to say such nice things about him right now though, because he thinks that he is going to move is family to Alaska) 😦

I’ve had the girls for this whole week (while m&d √ out AK) with yesterday being our last full day together.  It was time to have the long-awaited-for tea party.

the 'tea' life

center piece

the 'tea' life

I've even been know to dress-up from time to time.  This is only as much of the picture that I could bear to show though.  ;-)

I've even been known to dress-up from time to time.

≈as my kids are close to the above mentioned ages {although, I’m considerably older than my mom was}, it’s a bit crazy to think about starting over in the baby dept. right now.   Miss Liz asked me this week, if having the girls here made me want another little girl.  I had a quick answer…


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Valentines, sprinkles, glitter and girls…

burning candles

Yesterday was a fun and special day…

{love}ly cupcake

…I had a Valentine’s tea party with 5 sweet little girls between the ages of 4 & 7.


We colored…


played heart bingo…

decorating sugar cookies

decorated humongous sugar cookies…

having a tea party

had tea and lots of other goodies…

playing 'house' with Polly Pockets

played with Polly Pockets….

take-home goody bags I did for the girls

and took home some fun goodies!

Abbie, Lena, Abi, Olivia, Katie

This was the funnest group of girls to have to my home.  Three of them were new friends to me.  They all got along so well, were very respectful and just happy.  I loved listening to their sweet little voices and lively conversations.  Two out of the 3 moms represented here are pregnant so the little one on the end said “my mom’s not pweg-u-nut”.  She was a little sad about that.  😦

As I washed my china I remembered the times when I did this with my own sweet girls.  It caused me to smile and get a bit teary, my mind flooding with thoughts and fine memories of those two beauties.  We’re not completely done with tea parties I hope but they take on a different flavor as they get older.  So for now I’ll spoil my neices.  They don’t seem to mind one bit.

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