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Yesterday I replenished my mini~monograms.  {$15 ea}

These are definitely my most popular charm right now.  They are so perfect for any age.

I made these all the same because I LOVE red polka dots but I also do custom orders of any color.

Today is dedicated to creativity

It feels like a breath of fresh air

I really didn’t realize how much I need it!

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Custom~made Christmas

Are you interested in having a custom charm made for a Christmas gift?

I would love to ‘spur’ your thoughts in that direction.

Here are some of my favorites.  Maybe they will help you think of some of your own [hi-quality] photos that would make beautiful, one-of-a-kind [heirloom~quality] gifts for your friends and family.

I make custom charms for $20…each one is 2-sided [such a deal]!

I’ve just inspired myself to host a give-a-way…for your own custom-designed charm.

Leave a comment with this post and you will be entered in to this most amazing give-a-way

don’t let this distract you from getting your custom charms ordered for Christmas …  🙂

Give-a-way is now closed!

…and for some Christmas ornament ideas…  [$25 each]

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farmgirl style…

I’ve been working on a set of farmgirl.ish charms for the MaryJanesFarm store in Moscow, Idaho.

While I was making these I realized that I have slipped past the wanna-be farmgirl and am {nearly} a bonafide farmgirl

…I say ‘nearly’ because there are gals that work it so much harder than I, but I truly feel it when I’m out there mucking out the stalls and milking outside when it’s snowing or the temperature has slipped down into the teens.  I’ll admit though that I do really enjoy it all and as soon as we get our little barn a bit further along I can do my milking inside…Whew!

…here are a few other charms that slipped into the mail pouch…

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country fresh…

a favorite charm…’country fresh’

I’m excited to pick apples tomorrow and make cider with the family. 

Is it possible that this might be the beginning of a family tradition?…hoping so!

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Loving the charmed life…

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Ruffles and Rust Square…

Over the weekend I was able to take some items to Ruffles & Rust Square in Snohomish, WA to sell.  Timi, the store owner, asked if I would bring some aprons and charms for her Friday evening ticket sales ‘kick-off’ for the upcoming show, Ruffles & Rust ..held at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds {Monroe} ~ October 21-22.


I gathered together my aprons {here are some pictures of a couple more I was able to get done}, charms, a few bags and hit the road in my little red Subaru.

{I love this apron…I incorporated a very old, stained and tattered towel.  All of it’s flaws, in my opinion, only add to the fun character of this apron}

Timi’s store, which features several artist/vendors, is a beautiful one.  If you’re in the Snohomish area, it’s worth the stop.  And I was able to leave some items there that will be for sale.   {thx. Timi!}

I feel bad that I haven’t talked about the fun week that is before me.  I leave tomorrow for The Creative Connection held in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This has really snuck up on me but Mr T. has had a lot of practice with goat-milking…so I have been relieved of my duties for the week and will be free to enjoy my adventures in the city!  I will be working as staff this year, which will put a different twist on the event from last year when I ran a booth and felt pretty tied down but still loved it {immensely!!}.

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Stylin’…the farmgirl way!

Can a girl {who loves boots of all kinds} have too many?

I’ll just answer that one myself…

No!…it’s just not possible

I picked up these beauties while being ‘thrifty’ last week.

blessed indeed

I recently made these charms for a customer.

Oh, how I loved working with her photos.  I just fell in love with them {in fact, I got permission to use them in other charms…thank you Lauralie for sharing}.  The little girl on the horse in Lauralie herself and her mom is one of the ladies in the other picture…don’t you just love that red hat?

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crazy with cuteness…

Sometimes pictures come my way that make me crazy because they are just so fun, beautiful or….just plain CUTE!

…and CUTE is just what we’re talking about here.
This is the tiniest charm I’ve made that involves a photo…it measures just a little more than ½” square

The Nana  {pronounced nonna..and the link actually takes you to a more recent picture of little Oliver} who ordered it is going to add charms with pictures of her grandkids to her charm bracelet so we had to go just as little as we could.

I love, love, love how it turned out.

Course, we couldn’t go wrong with such a sweet little face!

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Farm Love <3…

When Amber wrote  this post it just made me smile all over.  All of the pictures she posted were taken in my little valley…things I drive by most every day.  {even that little deer now has a tag in it’s ear that resembles the one in the cow’s ear…it was added just before hunting season last year}

I stumbled across the ‘old truck’ picture this week and was curious what it would look like in a charm.

I like it!….a lot!

 Speaking of Amber, I would really encourage you to stop by and check out several of her most recent posts.  They are titled,  Mommy Mondays.  She began this 3 years ago.  Each Monday during the month of May she features a Mom and her story.  Wow! These women will truly bless your socks off!

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chickens in the basket…

So many of the people in my life know that I am always a good source for getting rid of some of the ‘junk’ they have lying around.

I could spend a lot of time evaluating that and just what it might say about ME, but I won’t!…not today anyway!  After all, I have the greatest junking weekend of the year coming up…this weekend!!!   The Farm Chicks Sale   {hooray! hooray!}

My son recently said, “I have an old bike out back, do you want it???”   …”sure!”

…and such a cute bike it was ~ I saw lots of potential there!

Let me just insert another ‘love’ here…Jennifer Paganelli’s “Sis Boom” fabricFrom the moment I saw a write-up in Country Living magazine, many years ago, on her new line ‘Girlfriends‘, I have been a fan.  I’ve had a little stash here {from quilthome.com} that I have envisioned sewing into something grand but slipped a bit of it away to use on this vintage bicycle re-do.

All I can say is, “Too Much Stinkin’ Fun” ~

I loved every minute of wrapping this bike up in such fun, beautiful fabrics.  I think that I smiled the whole time!  🙂  I called my brother and asked if he could come ‘up’ and take some pictures…he did!

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