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painted chalkboardI love my chalkboard – it rates right up there with my clothesline, dress forms and misc. other spots that are fun to photograph.  When I saw this post, I was inspired to order the paints that she used.  So, yesterday, when I was suppose to be finding my ‘new normal’ – which really means for me…LIVING A DISCIPLINED LIFE, I decided that it was the perfect time to try out my new paints (a not-so-disciplined moment).  I wish I had a true gift for painting and drawing {maybe I do, but it just needs to be cultivated} because I find it very fun and relaxing – watercolor is my favorite for sure.

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It’s hard, but I’m trying to make a few gifts!


I can’t really talk about what this is or who its for (you all know what I mean) – but I just can’t help but share a little tidbit.  I have so much fun reusing old fabrics.  This little # is made from an old drape and the lining came from an old sheet – you know, the kind that smells so good when you iron it.  In my opinion, it’s really hard to find new sheets that even come close to comparing to the feel of that old fresh-smelling cotton (old/fresh…sounds a bit oxymoronish).

I have a little confession…that drape didn’t really belong to me.  I took it from Wild Whimsy @ our last show that we did together and I forgot to pay her for it.   😦  oops!

Now, I have 16 custom charms to make!

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