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A Country Christmas Show

This really is the most enjoyable show to participate in.  With a selection of some of our best local vendors, a pleasant and enthusiastic crowd and a great location that includes easy accessibility for loading and unloadingit’s an all-around great show!

One of the things that I really enjoyed was being with friends.  There are so many great vendors and shoppers that I call friends {my parents even came to this one to see me! :)…way to go mom and dad, thx!}.  Some of the friends who stopped by were Boho Gals…ladies who have participated in one of my Boho Art Retreats.  I love all of these growing friendships and look forward to opportunities to connect.

Here are a few of the pictures that I took over the weekend…all from my booth.

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Farm Chicks 2011

Hi Friends!

I’m here to share my own [somewhat limited] Farm Chick Experience.

it’s limited because i’m very attached to my booth…literally…although, i was very blessed to have my sister join me for the fun this year [thx. sis]

It truly was a great sale…better than ever!

♥loved the junk!

♥loved the people!

♥loved the sales!

I brought a little live chicken display that made it all the more fun! They are silkies…a ‘mom’ and her baby chick {farmchicks}. They were so, very CUTE!

I didn’t get a great picture of the full effect but they were contained w/in a rusty-wired skirt attached to a wire dress form.

…my favorite part?…the little cuties that would gather ’round!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Farm Chick fun!

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A Christmas Show ~ pt2

It’s been such ‘a week’.  I haven’t written a post~post on this great little Christmas show that I did last weekend…the one that Two Women {a Man and a Boy} put on.  🙂

My mom ended up being scheduled for major surgery on Friday {the day of set-up} so they let me set up on Thursday.  I’ve been at the hospital everyday since the show and then will go home with mom {and  dad} for a few days as well… so that has been consuming most of my time.

I’ve been working on {your} custom charm orders at night {this might be what they mean by ‘burning the candle at both ends’…it kinda feels that way anyway}.  I really love doing custom charm orders and, believe it or not I’ll say, ‘keep them coming’…for the next week or so.  I haven’t been able to get pictures of them though, which makes me sad, but at least I’m keeping up {fairly well}.

Saturday’s show was located on the South Hill of Spokane.

It truly was delightful…delightful, I say!

The customers were the best and the vendors even better…

…and those 2Women, Dianna and Fielding, they are the greatest {not to mention the Man and the Boy}.

There was also wonderful food available there.

I’ve really used all of my words for today so you can just enjoy the remaining pictures…

Looking forward to the #25 {of December, that is}

This sweet shot was taken in my neighbor’s booth…The Funky Junk Antique Show.

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Chrismas Show…

I’m excited to do a Christmas show this weekend.

I set up my booth today {mostly} and I had so much fun doing it {believe me…I don’t think I’ve ever said that before}.  I was given ‘special’ permission to set up a day early and it made for a  fun, relaxing and quiet experience.  I’m also trying some completely different ideas for my booth and it just feels so much more like ME.  It’s comfortable and fun.

Wow…did I just say ‘fun’ three times?  this is generally where I pull out the thesaurus and come up with words like: lively, merry, pleasant, cheerful, gay, jolly, convivial {really?~convivial?}…i guess i’ll stick with FUN!

There is a list of extremely talented {and even convivial} gals who will be setting up at this show…I’m glad to be just one of them.

come by for a visit

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So much to do…

It feels like I’ve been working on these all summer.

I’m finally finishing up a nice-sized batch of these Market Shoppers with the Palouse brand name on them.

These will be perfect for The Creative Connection‘s, Handmade Market.  I’ll be working with MaryJane and in her booth and, she is from The Palouse!  OH, Yay!

There is SO MUCH more to do…it’s a bit overwhelming!

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The perfect Day!

Yesterday’s sale at The Vintage Barn in Rathdrum, Idaho was grand!

It was a beautiful, HOT sunny day with a perfect assortment of vendors.  With live music and the scent of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs wafting in the air, the senses were made complete with the sounds of excited {women’s} voices and much laughter!

The day was perfect, as usual!

I’m mostly going to show a variety of pictures.  Most of the first ones are from my booth.  Later in the afternoon I was able to walk around with Miss A and I found myself taking a few random shots of things that made me smile!

Two sillies!

This girl {Becky} always makes me smile!…and she, along with her girl, Holly, come up with the most fabulous, glittery creations.  I read this post this week about their shop that just made me smile!

This is one of the first things that I made.  It manages to go to every show with me.  I may just retire it and keep it…I really love it!

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The Vintage Barn

It’s hard to rate a show because each one has it’s own merits that don’t compare to the next one.

I do have a favorite however.  It’s not the one that brings in the highest sales {although they are good} but I find that it’s the one that I enjoy the most.

It seems to fit the package that my mind has created of what a great show should be.

Rolane is the show’s creator, owner, promoter, etc…

When I was a baby charmer {I had just set out on creating my first soldered charms},

she fell in love with them…

she encouraged me…

she supported me…

and she continues to support and encourage me.

Therefore…I LOVE to encourage her and support her.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

It is a one-day show that attracts some of the best vendors in our industry.

It also attracts the crowds!   {yay…we love the crowds!}

My favorite part though…it carries an amazing, homespun ambiance that seems to comfort heart and soul!

{I’ll miss you Trish & Sarah!…it won’t be the same}

Saturday is the Day!

Ya’ll come out now…

There is still a give-a-way going on…CLICK HERE!

Thank you for ALL of your sweet comments.  Wow!  They’ve been overwhelming.  I decided when I have my next bad day/week/month, all I need to do is host a give-a-way and sit and read your comments…it would give the perfect pick-me-up!!!

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Farm Chick Fun

I wish I had a better/more fun selection of pictures to share.  I really didn’t leave my booth {one time~late on Sunday}.  Saturday was too busy {yay!} to take pictures so I just did my best.  Wild Whimsy was beside me so a few are from their space.  {I love being next to these girls}

I was able to slip in meeting a few gals…Heather BullardTiffany the Fancy Farm Girl…and my personal hi-light was Jo Packman of  Where Women Create.  I’m so excited to be involved in her event The Creative Connection that I really, really wanted to meet her.  She is also the proud owner of one of my Farmgirl Style Market Shoppers, which btw flew out of my booth.  {YAY!!!}

I’m honestly so sorry that I don’t have better pics…I knew I would regret this.  Doing a show like this literally sucks the life right out of me and I lacked the energy and ambition to put any effort into taking pictures.

that’s my story and for today i’m going to have to stick to it…

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All That Glitter…

Here we go ~ I’m finally getting to it…my shimmery post on ‘All That Glitter’.

Honestly, I’ve been in a bit of a fog since I got home from my show over the weekend.

I did get a batch of custom orders out.


I completed a 10-hour sewing project for Mr T last night @ about midnight that he can use for displaying knives @ a show this weekend in Tennessee…he was up and out by 4:30am.  Four hours of uninterrupted sleep just doesn’t work for me.

Unfortunately, I’m still in a fog!

Becky & Holly allowed me to snap a few pictures of their glittery confections to share with you.

{Becky is actually the cutie-patootie in this post wearing the pink tutu}

They work together and make-up a very talented team.  I truly enjoyed getting to know these gals this past weekend and look forward to more opportunities.

My booth was located across the way from Shari, with Pure Heart Soap, who designs these beautiful bars of soap.  They are layered with fun, cleansing goodness!

This one is my favorite!  It’s just possible that a little elf popped over and bought this for me for Christmas!   …we’ll just have to see

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Just having fun ~

…I’m glad that there is profit in having fun…meeting new friends…getting some much-needed knitting done.

My new friends, Holly and Becky @ All That Glitters have an incredible display of sparkly splendor.  I’ll post more pictures tomorrow and a link to their brand new website. (a little elf told me that we can catch a viewing of “ELF” in their booth today…just to pass the time)

I think that this is my favorite ‘Elf’ scene!

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