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On the day after Thanksgiving I went thrift store shopping with my girls.  We had so much fun.  We were in the city so the selection was good and we went to 3 or 4 great stores that were all pretty close together.  One of the things that I bought was a framed piece of needleworkI pictured sewing it to the front of one of these Market Shoppers.  It was too big so I cut it in half, added a little trim to both halves and put them on the fronts of two bags.  They both turned out very fun.

It was perfect timing.  I was hoping to get some of these made anyway for this weekend’s show so this motivated me.

I painted the frame from the needlework and added a RED chalkboard to the inside of it.

These bags usually have just a painted label on the front.  They are a nice, deep bag and fully lined, often with vintage barkcloth.

I found the perfect RED paint!  I’m painting a fun little {Ethan Allen} cabinet that I also bought that day.  All of these goodies will be for sale this weekend

A winner has been chosen for the charm give-a-way.  Comment #10, Carole! 

I don’t say it often enough but I really love your comments. There are so many thoughtful gals who visit me here regularly and your sweet words often make my day!  thx.

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A Country Christmas!

This week my primary focus is getting ready for a show that I’ve signed up for that’s taking place this weekend.  Last year was the first year for this Christmas show and it really was great.  A wonderful environment and great vendors.  Mother and daughter team, Fielding and Dianna put this show on and, quite honestly, you couldn’t ask for better gals to work with.

As I’ve been getting ready I’ve also discovered a new paint that I’m in love with, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.  I find that I want to paint everything.  Unfortunately, for now I only have one color and one of the {only} disadvantages of living rural is that you don’t just go to the store to buy such things.

Please come by and say, “Hi!”

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{ultra}fun clipboard

Do you ever have so much fun that you feel like you must be doing something illegal?

{I hope so!}

This morning as I was working on this {ultra}fun clip board I felt just that way.

♥ so much fun

I love these boards and I use them in my home to help me keep organized.  Generally, they have more clips/clothespins on them to keep my lists going…

For the upcoming Bσhσ Art Retreat I’ve been wanting to combine one of these fun clipboards with mixed media.   With fresh inspiration from the online Mixed Media class that I’ve been taking,  I jumped in, merged the two and I love the result.

I’ve decided that my favorite part about working with mixed media is that…are you ready?

…there are no rules.

that just makes me giddy

Every piece is so different and just when I think I might be done, I decide to add another little touch here…or there…or maybe that needs a little somethin’…

I decided to make this one all about me.

I love home…

I love being home…

I love staying home…

get the idea

A few of the details that make this me:  the main background is a vintage map of the area where I live ~ the roof  is from some scripture out of a Danish Bible {it’s OK, I scanned it},  Joshua 24:15 which reads “as for me an my house, we will serve the Lord” ~ layered over that is that specific verse {scanned, of course} in English [i love the picture this gives of God being the covering over our home] ~ a heart layered over the home is from a map which hi-lights right where I live as does the chandelier crystal that hangs from a hook ~ red is the color themed throughout ~ I scanned a portion of an apron that I have that belonged to my grandma and used that for the…apron ~ …it’s all so ME!

Now that this is done, tomorrow I will gather together some pictures of the retreat projects and team them with this post to give a better idea of all that we will be working on.

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new idea…turned reality~


I have a friend who challenges me to move in directions that are slightly out of my comfort zone.  However, she has a way of making them seem easy.

She’s gifted in nearly every area that I’m not.

Chances are she’s even gifted in many areas where you aren’t.

As a matter of fact, she owns a back hoe and a dump truck, she can tear apart just about any motor, carburetor and a variety of other things…she can build, wire, plumb and I could go on and on.  Yesterday we went to pick up a 250 gallon fuel tank, with stand, and the poor 80-something-year-old lady said, faintly…”are there just you two girls here”.  My answer was, “yep…just us two girls!”…knowing that with Diane we could absolutely load that thing by ourselves.

We’ve decided that dump diving might be our new thing.  Because of my admiration for the Farm Chicks I told her that we could be the ‘Dump Chicks’ but after doing further research {my thesaurus & looking up gals} I decided that ‘Doxy Dump Divers’ might just work.  Our dumps of choice happen to be those that are near old homesteads.

We picked up a load of barn board this week from a 100-yr-old barn that she helped take down a couple of months ago.

Like I said, she keeps me challenged and, when I have time, I love it.

I’ve been thinking about the above pictured table/bench for a while.  Handling those barn boards made me think about it more.  Yesterday we spent a little over an hour and had it done and then this afternoon I added the paint.  Really, it looks exactly like I expected it to.  I’d like to make about 20 more…


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Dinkin’ around….

painted chalkboardI love my chalkboard – it rates right up there with my clothesline, dress forms and misc. other spots that are fun to photograph.  When I saw this post, I was inspired to order the paints that she used.  So, yesterday, when I was suppose to be finding my ‘new normal’ – which really means for me…LIVING A DISCIPLINED LIFE, I decided that it was the perfect time to try out my new paints (a not-so-disciplined moment).  I wish I had a true gift for painting and drawing {maybe I do, but it just needs to be cultivated} because I find it very fun and relaxing – watercolor is my favorite for sure.

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