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As the seasons change….

This has been my trusty Market Shopper.  It’s accompanied me to our local farmer’s market and a variety of other happenings lately.

I think that this Friday will be the last Market of the season.

I generally have mixed emotions as each season comes to an end.  I know for some it seems like summer ended a while back but I’ve still been hanging on to remnants of it.  We did have a pretty good freeze this week {30°} so that helps me to make the official transition to fall…which makes me long for a hard, cold, snowy winter!

My own garden/orchard is winding down too but I still have [some] apples and pears and lots of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and [hopefully] some tomatillos [just waiting for them to do their thing…I’ve been told that you know they’re ready when they drop off the vine…if they don’t freeze first].

I really love pear.

I don’t find it as versatile for my family as apple but I still love it.

It’s a beautiful fruit!

I made this Pear Custard Pie this week.  Oh, so Yummy!…and it just got better on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th day!  Next time I would make it a day ahead.

The goats and chickens are benefiting from the garden clean-up!

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I {heart} rural living!

photo taken by Tres Birds Photography

It is very freeing that in my little town {about 15 miles away ~ population 2300. yee~haw!} I only have one grocery store to choose from.  Right across the street is the pharmacy…down a couple of blocks the bank.  Around the corner and down a block, the post office and down the street the hardware store.

the view from a hammock...

I rarely am overwhelmed by too many options or too much traffic.

another view from the hammock

Each day when I look outside at the beauty that surrounds me, my heart literally takes a leap and I can’t believe how lucky/blessed I am.

our water source...

I have spent most of my life in and around the city which offers an abundance of….abundance.

But, never again is it for ME!

taken by Tres Birds Photography

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Another walk…

Down Memory Lane…

Fruitland Bible Camp

Since I have made this journey back to my homeland (This is the best link I could find – I didn’t write much about this journey on my own blog), it’s been fun to visit the places of my youth.  And, actually, I’m not just visiting them, they are becoming a part of me…again.


When my dad finished Bible school, this was the first church he pastored, it’s located on the grounds of Fruitland Bible Camp, and it’s the church where my mom’s whole family attended as they were growing up.  We lived on the campground as well.

Family Camp is going on right now so Mr T & I visited last night.  There are a lot of fun memories wrapped up in this place for me…good memories.

This is where our house use to be

This is where our house use to be....where the white fence is.

The above mentioned church is also the one that Mr T & I are currently pastoring, but in a different location.

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Just another comfy shirt!

I love to wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt around the house.  I layer it with whatever is fitting for the day/weather…  A few days ago I found 2 of these shirts at a consignment store for $1 a piece.  Brand new with tags still on.  They are not 100% cotton but 50/50.  Oh well, I can sacrifice that.  All of the information on the shirt is printed on the front including a place for a name.   …so, I added my name this morning.

50/50 shirt

embroidered name on 50/50 shirt

my secret #...sssshhh!It’s time for me to put on the shirt and get busy!  I need to put a meal together for a small-[18]- group @ church and of course, I need to do the usual charming

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{Blessings} to you & yours in this New Year!

my time just keeps ticking away...


We took these family photos yesterday.  I didn’t send out Christmas letters because I was hoping that our family would have some special news to share (an engagement) so I designed a New Year’s postcard with just tidbits of info for each of us.  I had some fun with side 2 ~ I scanned the back of a very old postcard & used that.

08-chr-ltr-side-2Now I just have to address all of them. 😦

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The Engagement….

My son has been dating a wonderful gal for 9 months and last night he asked her the big question.  They happen to be visiting us right now so it was very special to be involved .  His idea was to create a place outside with lots of candles sitting around.  We took it a step further (big surprise…).  We had 80+ candles lit with some of them in frozen candles holders kind of like this.  We also had some lights flip on about the time they arrived at the little sweet spot that we created.  We love this girl so much and from the first time we met her we were hoping that we could keep her FOREVER.






Welcome to our family Jackie ~ We love you!!!!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

This is post #198 for me – stay tuned because I may need to do a give-a-way for #200.

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Hey friends!

I just found out yesterday that my best friend from h.s. has a brain tumor.  She called having found out the day before – understandably she was very distraught.  For those of you who believe in prayer, would you please pray for Joan.  She flies to Seattle to consult with a neuro-surgeon on Monday.  Thank you so much!…she just needs a special touch from God right now~along with her family.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Thank you Diane for giving me this Kreativ Blogger Award.  It’s too kind of you.   It does come with some instructions which I thing I’m going to ignore tonight (sorry).

I’ve been working on some fun stuff ~ an Autumn banner, a custom baby bracelet and my package for the Swappy Ladies gift exchange… ~ I just can’t post pics yet.

I went to the big city today.  My sweet friend sent me a link a while back with a note saying that I really needed to check out this blog.  I did!…and when I realized that she had a store that was fairly local, I’ve been anxious to check it out.  That was part of my plan today.  As it turned out, I only had about 15 minutes 😦 but it was great to meet Carrie at  The Top Stitch.  A delightful gal, running a delightful shop.  I’ll be planning to go back when I can spend more time.

I bought this great ‘t’ today!…looks really HOT on me!  😉 …btw, if I wanted to, I could give myself the same Farah look that’s in the above picture.  I’d probably need a bit more product that I used in those days though.

Go Sarah!

Go Sarah!...oh ya, McCain too.

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