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A journal…just for ME!

For years I’ve enjoyed assembling journals…customized just for…ME!

There is so much functionality in a journal made just for YOU.
uniques papers, tabs, pockets, embellishments…Oh, my!

For Christmas, my sis and I gave our mom The Cinch.  She had taken my journal workshop at one of my art retreats last year and loved making her own journal.

I hadn’t had a chance to use this sweet little tool so I borrowed it to finish this journal that I had made for myself.

The result:  I loved it!  ♥            {I need my own!}

…designed for Bσhσ business.

I love it…I just like to look and it and touch it and thumb through it and put fun things in the see-through pockets…

enjoy the little things in life

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Boho ~ Day One

Our first Boho Art day was spent with mixed media.

Our fingers were covered with paint, glue, ink, paper, charcoal, …  you get the idea.

As I recently took the ‘She Art’ class by Christy Tomlinson, I encouraged the gals with the idea of adding their own creative girl to their work.

Mixed Media is a fun one to work with because it combines nearly everything that you’ve ever played with in art starting with your first art class in Kindergarten {and earlier}.  You can use a combination of just about any technique and it causes you to creatively think of things that you’ve never tried before.  There simply are no rules and no mistakes.  Just keep working at it until you love the finished project.

We started with an 8×10 canvas so we could play with some of the options and techniques, then we moved on to a larger board turning it into a one-of-a-kind clipboard.

I’m so glad {and blessed} that Amber Strehle was able to join us on Saturday to capture some of the projects, food, people, festivities,….I’m excited to share these pictures of hers and more {as she shares them with me} over the next few days.  Check out her BLOG as she has been writing posts on her recent trip to Africa.

I mentioned taking a mixed media art class by Christy Tomlinson.  I also wanted to mention that she will be starting a new online class soon called, She Had Three Hearts.  Fun, sweet gal!  Click HERE if interested in more information on that!

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the board

I’ve been having so much fun making these boards.  I can’t wait to teach this class at The Retreat {there are still openings!} here next month.  It really is the funnest thing…I promise!

The first one pictured here, #1131 will be going out to Ellen in Oklahoma today.  It was custom-made just for her.

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{ultra}fun clipboard

Do you ever have so much fun that you feel like you must be doing something illegal?

{I hope so!}

This morning as I was working on this {ultra}fun clip board I felt just that way.

♥ so much fun

I love these boards and I use them in my home to help me keep organized.  Generally, they have more clips/clothespins on them to keep my lists going…

For the upcoming Bσhσ Art Retreat I’ve been wanting to combine one of these fun clipboards with mixed media.   With fresh inspiration from the online Mixed Media class that I’ve been taking,  I jumped in, merged the two and I love the result.

I’ve decided that my favorite part about working with mixed media is that…are you ready?

…there are no rules.

that just makes me giddy

Every piece is so different and just when I think I might be done, I decide to add another little touch here…or there…or maybe that needs a little somethin’…

I decided to make this one all about me.

I love home…

I love being home…

I love staying home…

get the idea

A few of the details that make this me:  the main background is a vintage map of the area where I live ~ the roof  is from some scripture out of a Danish Bible {it’s OK, I scanned it},  Joshua 24:15 which reads “as for me an my house, we will serve the Lord” ~ layered over that is that specific verse {scanned, of course} in English [i love the picture this gives of God being the covering over our home] ~ a heart layered over the home is from a map which hi-lights right where I live as does the chandelier crystal that hangs from a hook ~ red is the color themed throughout ~ I scanned a portion of an apron that I have that belonged to my grandma and used that for the…apron ~ …it’s all so ME!

Now that this is done, tomorrow I will gather together some pictures of the retreat projects and team them with this post to give a better idea of all that we will be working on.

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#34 Royal Crown~Wallflower

I just had to try something new!…come up with a one-of-a-kind creation.  It’s another one of those items that I found myself smiling a lot during the creating process.  This #34 Royal Crown~Wallflower! measures 2 3/4″ x 6 1/2″ – it challenged my soldering skills (not to mention photography skills) but it definitely is fun!  It is made with a variety of found items, including Anagrams that spell ROYAL.

I am looking forward to having my 3 kids (+ a few) home tonight.  It doesn’t happen too often so I drink in the joy of it all, any chance I get.  Hopefully I’ll remember to pick up my camera and snatch a few shots.

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I got them done!

I put them in collage form…not so sure it’s the best way to show them off. They are all different but much the same, made with various papers from the 50’s & early 60’s. I made them all together to be more effective with my time. I decided I enjoy doing them one at a time more but they just take so long to make. It’s so much more time-effective to make a few together.

Paris~Wallflowers collage

Every time I work with beads and wire I can’t believe I worked at BF for so many years with that wonderful bead department and I never learned how to wrap wire. I need to make the time some day when I’m over that way again and have my girl Carol show me how. Can’t say I hate how the wire turned out, it’s just that I get stressed while I’m working on them…each one is unique and I guess that’s OK!

I love the candy pink bead that came off a broken necklace that belonged to my grandma.

Paris charm

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I’ve been dying to make a crown, I just haven’t wanted to take the time and I wasn’t sure I had any good ideas for it. I checked around the house for a fun variety of things to work with…i.e. vintage jewelry, fabric & trims as well as papers…etc. Well, here is my 1st attempt and I think it’s pretty fun. I’m working on a line of charms that are “French-inspired” and I’ve been trying to come up with a fun way to display them. This little cutie will give me a good start!

Today my blog hit the 4,000 views mark.

Thanks Miss AR & the Dish!

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Glamour Girl Turns 30!

My sweet 16-yr-old has a tendency to talk about a variety of girls from the same school and refer to them as ‘best friend’. That’s always kind of bugged me because ‘best’ has a singular meaning to me. I have always felt blessed by many ‘best friends’ but I would justify it by saying, “she is my best friend from Alaska” or “she is my best friend from high school”… Well over the years I’ve come to learn from that sweet-16-girl that we can never have too many ‘best friends’. Now, in order to fit into that role though she can’t be too high maintenance and it seems that those types always add a certain positive dimension to my life. Well, this birthday gal has definitely fit nicely into the ‘best friend’ category in my world (although she is little high maintenance). 😉 She is such a fun one to be around and she always makes me laugh. Her creativity runs deep, each time I leave her house I feel new inspiration. She is an outstanding homemaker (this includes decorator) and mom to 3 beautiful kids. She will do absolutely anything for me. And making cupcakes is always more fun in her kitchen. Sometimes she is referred to as ‘the Dish’ which, of course, has it’s own story…part of that being that it goes so well with Trish.
This sweet “wallflower”, a soldered collage wall hanging, was made just for her and it has many fun little things added that make it personal for her.  It’s called the A B C D E of the well-dressed girl, and it came out of a 1935 Home-Ec text book.    fun stuff!

Happy Birthday sweet Trish!

Tomorrow I will be drawing a name for the give-away. There is still time to enter by leaving a comment on yesterday’s blog but the competition is running stiff! 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

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This wall hanging is made with 2 pieces of bevel glass: the top one measuring 3×5 and the bottom one 3/4×1.  I’ve named her ‘wallflower’ and have included within the collage the definition of {wall’flow’er} a shy person who only looks on at a dance. Actually…I think that is me!  In the small charm I’ve put the French word for ‘wallflower’ and finished it off with a couple of dangly vintage beads.

Since I think the word ‘wallflower’ is fun and ‘wall hanging’ is [extremely] boring, I’m going to call the items I make like this “wallflowers”.  (Wow, that was a major business decision!)

I’m just having too much fun.  I’m also going to design a charm today that will be given away after I post my #50 {and this is #48}, so keep a watchin’.

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A Small Formal Garden

This mixed media collage has been placed in two pieces of 3×5 bevel-edged glass and is framed with a wavy solder edge. I used actual silk flower petals with glittered tips and it turned out fun. Wasn’t sure how the dimension of that would lie under the glass. Here’s a close-up!

This is my 46th post.  Watch for a special give-away on the day I post #50!

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