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It has been such a privilege to work with MaryJane Butters of MaryJanesFarm for the past couple of years.

Making the custom charms for the members of her Farmgirl Sisterhood has been the driving force of our working relationship.

I appreciate her genuine, down-to-earthness and I love it that she always treats me like ‘one of the gals’…

It has also been rewarding when I am able to connect with some of these Farmgirls who have ordered charms.  When they take the time to send a note of appreciation my way it truly warms my heart.

I should also add that MaryJane’s magazine MaryJanesFarm is a favorite and there are so many things in the current issue that I LOVE!!!   i.e. an article on Tasha Tudor {sigh} and the importance of a hand-written note {that hits me where it hurts!}…

I also LOVE my RED cowboygirl boots!

taken last year in front of our booth at The Creative Connection ~Minneapolis…by MissAmber

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Charmed By MaryJane…

I have been loving my new MaryJanesFarm magazine.  There is so much in it that inspires and motivates me.  I only subscribe to two magazines right now {both of them happen to be gift subscriptions} and this one is certainly a favorite each time {thx.mom}.

One of the reasons that I’m loving this issue is her feature on fun uses for vintage wallpaper.

I LOVE vintage wallpaper and I LOVE it that MaryJane has featured one of my very own charms in this issue.   This charm was made using a snippet of vintage wallpaper from my collection and the addition of some fun words…Farm Girl Style!

Thanks MaryJane for thinking of ME!  🙂

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Queen Bee

MaryJane had an opportunity recently to go to NYC to meet with a group of farmgirls.

She called me a couple of weeks before that and asked if I could make some charms for her to take and give to these gals.

She, along with her master designer, Denali, came up with this amazing design…then it was up to me to charm them up and get them off in the mail.

She sent me a few pictures of her time with these ‘charming’ girls in NYC.

There must have been some time slipped in for a birthday celebration as well!

cute cake

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TCC :~

I am so excited that I will be able to attend The Creative Connection in Minneapolis this coming September.

… a 3-day conference and market created by Nancy Soriano and Jo Packham of WHERE WOMEN CREATE for creative women and women entrepreneurs!

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION will bring together women who are passionate about being creative in their lives as artists, business owners, bloggers, and more! Come learn, network, market, and create!

From the first time that I read this description for the event, I wanted to go.  I dreamed and schemed.

Long story made very short…I am going and I really am so very excited.  Not only will I be able to sell my own creations but I will also help MaryJane of MaryJanes Farm {wo}man her booth as she will be attending as one of the key-note speakers.

and I get to take a couple of fun gals with me:~  Amber & Timi!  {it’s quite possible that Minneapolis will never be the same again}

I met MaryJane several years ago through the pages of her amazing  magazine.  Last year I participated in a vendor fair that she sponsored as part of her July 4th Farm Fair and I was able to meet her face to face for the first time.  Since I’m a true-blue ‘hugger’, I still remember that solid hug she gave this complete stranger.

We have had several ‘exchanges’ since that day and I have appreciated every bit of encouragement that she has offered to my little cottage {cabin}  industry.

I am SO looking forward to The Creative Connection for a variety of reasons…I will have the opportunity to…

…share my business

…share MaryJane’s business

…attend amazing workshops, main sessions,  and so much more with like-minded women.

…spend time with girl friends (I’m excited that Rolane will also be there)

Honestly, I feel like I don’t have any idea what to really expect and under normal circumstances, making a trip like this to ‘the big city’ would make my stomach hurt but, I can’t contain my excitement!

First things first though.  The Farm Chicks Show is just around the corner and daily in my thoughts.

June 5-6, 2010 @ the Spokane Fairgrounds

June 5-6, 2010 @ the Spokane Fairgrounds

Serena will also be involved in The Creative Connection

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Custom work…

One of the things that I really enjoy about custom charms is working with the customer as she designs her charm{s} for that special someone or occasion.

As Kara has been planning a very special wedding for the end of this month she has included a variety of artists from around the country to contribute towards her special day.  I was honored to be one of those artists.  Over the course of about a week we corresponded back and forth probably no less than 20-30 times trying to come up with just the right design for the charms that would grace her decorated tables for her reception.

There is always that element of artistic interpretation that causes concern for me as I wonder if I am appropriately translating what the customer wants.

I literally cherish it when I receive a comment like this as I did from my last custom order…(thx. Cheryl)…

so far, this charm and experience with you has exceeded my expectations

I put a lot into them…and that includes a bit of worry!

As I was writing this, Kara called me on the phone.  She had just received her order and she  ♥LOVED♥ it!  😉

This ‘mention’ in the current MaryJanesFarm magazine has boosted sales too.   Working on this project with MaryJane and her peeps has only been a very positive experience.  Nice, nice people!

I’ll be setting up for a show tomorrow in Spokane.  I’m not so sure where I’ll fit into this one (as it is a spa show) but if you’re in the area, come say ‘HI’.  I’ve heard that it’s a very nice and well-attended show.

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More MaryJane fun…

MaryJanes Sisterhood charmI’ve been working with MaryJane on a charm that would be designed as one that is custom-made for the gals who are members of the farmgirl sisterhood.

We’ve finished the design and the prototype.  Now that it’s listed on her website and the ‘sisters’ have been informed, they are keeping my printer, fingers and soldering iron smoking…

I’ve had an opportunity a few times recently to mention how much I admire this gal but now, having a chance to work with her 1st-hand, I have to say that I’m even more impressed with her and her network of people.  I’ve dealt with several of them throughout this process and they have only worked diligently and efficiently with each step…

…now it’s my turn to come through.

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I’ve Been Published…

Well kind of ~ OK…not really…

Mary Janes Farm magazineI’ve told you a few times, recently, how much I really love this magazine.

magazineI also told you that Mary Jane {herself} called me last month to talk a bit of ‘business’ and mentioned that I would be pictured in a ‘spread’ they were doing hi-lighting the July 4th vendor’s fair.  I was a little nervous about what that picture would look like.  It was taken at the end of my most exhausting day all year.  But the photographer was fun and I enjoyed the distraction.


So, with the exception of the sunglasses and the double-chin – I guess I can live with it.  Besides, I’m so excited to actually be in a magazine and her magazine that I certainly won’t complain!

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More Mary Jane…

I’ve mentioned here that I am a true friend, follower and supporter of Mary Jane’s Farm.  From the moment Amber introduced me to Mary Jane, through books and magazines, I became an immediate admirer.

Admirer: person who holds someone in high regard

devotee ~ enthusiast ~ fan ~ follower ~ groupie ~ patron ~ supporter

I was a country girl trapped in the city and the words that I read on Mary Jane’s pages always managed to feed my hungry, country-girl heart.  {now, I’m a happy country girl, forever living in the country!}

You can imagine my delight when Mary Jane’s son-in-law, Lucas, called me a couple of weeks ago requesting some charms for their Moscow, ID store.

farmgirl charms

country faire

kick up some...

enjoy life

kick up some...

country love

long and thin...

Imagine how even more thrilled I was {sorry Lucas} when Mary Jane {herself} called me this week to discuss some potential custom orders.  She is a delightful gal and I feel truly honored and blessed to work with her in any possible way.

mary jane and me

*apparently, in the next issue of Mary Janes Farm there will be a picture of me that was taken @ the vendor fair that I did on July 4th. …more to come on that one~

← ◊ →

I’m going to share a hi-light from her June/July issue:  There’s a story about a modern day milkmaid…  It goes on to say…”If you’ve ever had milkmaid fantasies, let Jenny’s story inspire you to go shopping for the cow…now!”   then you turn the page and @ the top it says:  “What did you get for your birthday?  For her 46th, Jenny got the gift of her dreams: a Jersey milk cow.”

Well,  I have had {and do have}  milkmaid fantasies and guess who’s really, super close to turning 46????   …coincidence???   …a sign????   …reality????   …probably not! 🙂  but one can always dream {and make one’s husband a bit crazy}

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my Mary Jane experience~

Yesterday, my involvement in Mary Jane’s Farm Fair was wonderful, for many different reasons.

Miss Mary Jane ButtersHaving an opportunity to meet Mary Jane was a hi-light ~ bare feet and all :-).  I walked up to her and said, with my hand held out for a handshake, “I would love to meet you!”  She grabbed me for a great big farmgirl hug, and proceeded to make me feel like she also would love to meet me.

She’s a sweet, beautiful lady and I mentioned in my last post that I have loved everything I’ve seen that she has had a hand in.  My favorite magazine is hers {thx. Mom for the gift-subscription}.  Printed on recycled paper, just the ‘feel’ of it makes me smile.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly encourage you to check it out.  Every page is thoughtful and beautiful.

Barron's Flour Mill

I have a lot of pictures to share.  It’s hard to describe the beauty of the area.  The backdrop was Mary Jane’s Barron’s Historic Flour Mill in Oakesdale, Washington.

flour mill

This was behind me…


and this was in front.

inside MJ's tentA view inside a tent that was set up…

inside MJ's tent

…total Mary Jane style.

MJ's trailerHere is Mary Jane’s teardrop trailer ~ the perfect addition to begin your own glamping {glamour camping} adventure.

vintage charm

shots from my boothboots


more boots

hankie nose-gays



There were a lot of great vendors although I would have enjoyed even more of the home-spun, earthy, vintage feel woven throughout the choice of vendors.

There were also many other great attractions to enjoy.sheep girl

We enjoyed live animals, including horse rides…


and wonderful entertainment all day long.


face painting

families galore

darling girls enjoying their fresh-squeezed lemonade

One of the things I enjoyed so much about the day was that it was noticeably a family event.


I was so impressed with these beautiful, RED wheat grinders.  {when I unload my vehicle 😦 I’ll find the address to link to these}

home made goat's milk soapand I bartered some charms for several of these gorgeous hand made bars of soap.

I hope these pictures show what a wonderful day this was – such a great family-friendly way to celebrate the 4th of July.

What they don’t show is how much work is involved.  I can’t even begin to describe with my own words how exhausting this job is.  I always feel that I give the same response {sorry for this} to my friends/family when they ask, “How did you do?????” {each time they ask with such great enthusiasm}  My answer generally is…it was a great day – I loved being here – the people were wonderful – the event was beautifully organized – but….my sales were a little disappointing.  The bottom line is that when you have a cottage industry it’s nearly impossible to get paid for the time that’s involved.  Yesterday began @ 5am – we did set-up, sales and tear-down in the same day – I was quite blessed to have my niece, Lindsey, there to help me.  Because I live about 2½ hours away from the event I pulled in @ home @ about 11:30 last night.  I was so tired I couldn’t even talk – I went straight to bed.  Luckily, on my drive home I had sunflower seeds, black licorice & coffee working their magic to keep me awake.

Oh, can I add here that it was a 95°.

Crazy as it sounds…I love what I do!

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