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This is the Day

Now that everything is finally green and growing, I’m reminded how each year at this time my heart leaps for joy at the sights and the sounds that surround me.

It truly is amazing, refreshing and inspiring.  It makes me appreciate all the more the creative avenues our Lord uses to bring refreshment to my soul.

His Creation generally is the thing that ‘gets’ me!

This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!    Psalm 118:24

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The Cross :~

#27 – 1″ Life Sampler

As I have been taking this journey through my life, one stitch at a time, I would be remiss if I didn’t catch the most significant ‘happening’ in my life.  It was being introduced to Jesus Christ at a very young age.  As I grew in years and understanding, the blood of Jesus became more and more real in my life.

Today, as I celebrate His Blood through His death on the Cross, I still struggle with the full meaning of what it meant for Jesus to give His life on that Cross so many years ago.

This is what I do know…

He did it for me!

He did it for you!

He did it that I could have freedom and a new life in Him!


He knew exactly what He was doing!

I am blessed and forever changed because of His gift!

I have a friend who is an amazing communicator and writer who writes every 5th week for the religious column of the Seattle Times.  Here is that column from this weekend, reposted to her blog.

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disturbing the earth…

…refreshes my spirit!

As my dad came to plow my garden yesterday, I could feel something begin to stir inside of me.  There is just something about fresh, black soil and the promise of new life.

The promise of growth, resourcefulness and sustainability.

The promise of fresh, organic, natural, healthy food!

The promise of provision.

And, the promise of hard work!

Oh, yes…there is a certain promise of fresh raspberries!   oh yay!

Tomorrow I will be posting my 500th post…therefore, I feel a give-a-way coming on…

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Happy Valentines Day to ME!

Newly engaged, circa 1982 ~ Seattle Center

…and then a few years later…

For better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part!

How sweet it is to be loved by you! …james taylor

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I have spent 3 ½ days away from home, in and around the BIG {rainy} city.  It has been wonderful, fulfilling, over-stimulating and, best of all, it makes me love my home all the more.

I have loved catching up with dear friends, shopping, eating and relaxing but, as Jane Austen so wonderfully puts it…”There is no place like home for real comfort”.

I came home with a sense of accomplishment as I was able to share in some much-needed gf time as well as replenish and add to {my stash/stuff/junque}…with the help of:

Goodwill {2 times}

JoAnn Fabrics

Ben Franklin Crafts

Paper Zone {Yay, oh Yay! for Paper Zone}

Anthropology {2 times ~ O!M!Goodness!, how I love this store}


…and more…

oh ya, and we took care of important business…my girl now has her new florescent-yellow, glow-in-the-dark, retainer!   {not sure how that works…who is in there to see the yellow glow?}

Amber and her family so graciously hosted me {and my girl} in there sweet, new-to-them home where they have beautifully carved out a little piece of country.  Her enviable barn is the one in the picture.

I’m so, so, SO excited to spend a day at home where it is quiet and the snow is falling heavy and steady and I’m feeling warm and toasty and inspired {with a bit of giddiness…oh my, what can a girl do with that?}!

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A view from my {our} place…





this is the same apple as in the previous picture...it's pink inside


garden shot


I can't believe I'm still picking strawberries - I made a couple of batches of jam this week

guest cabin

one guest cabin

guest cabin

another guest cabin

winter's wood

Mr T. working away on our firewood for winter

winter's wood

winter's wood

back for more...I’m so appreciative of the variety of ways that Mr T. provides for our family.  He is very creative and diverse and successful in it.  Thx. Hon!

I love this tree

I love this tree

P.S. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


I’m so excited to have some of my ‘wares’ at the Country Living Fair in Ohio this weekend.  Sounds like it’s crazy-busy and wonderful.  I would love to go with them some year.  Mmmmm…maybe…

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moving forward and paying it forward….

cutting glass

It’s {past} time for me to get my{buns}self in gear and be productive for my upcoming shows (notice I added a few links to those shows @ the right).  I’m stressing out a bit about it and there is good reason for that.

Yesterday I set up a work space outside and cut about 1,000 pieces of glass and I plan to keep going from there…making charms….lots more charms!  I’m tempted to even lock myself into a cabin next week for a few days to increase my productivity.  🙂  Sounds quite nice, actually.  Hopefully you won’t see much of me here although my chicks come today so I’m quite certain that I won’t be able to resist posting some pics of them.


pay it forwardI won a ‘pay it forward’ over @ Deekie Belle Designs which means that 3 of you will have the opportunity to win a handmade item from me (w/o time constraints).  This will be given to the first three who leave a comment here and have a blog of their own. (this is probably a good time for me to admit that I’m not too much into awards where you have to tag several others with that same award but how can I resist an opportunity to give away something fun to 3 of YOU…not to mention I love the whole ‘pay it forward’ idea – it’s always a blessing to bless others!!!)

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Enjoy Life!

enjoy life - soldered charmDo you ever feel overwhelmed?

I’m sure feeling it right now.


It’s a struggle that I will have each Spring.  Because it arrives a bit late (like, just this week), I am suddenly behind in all of my work, inside and outside….and beyond!

It causes me to hold dear, all the more, how very blessed I am.  I love where I live and although it comes with an amazing amount of work, I couldn’t be more happy.

So…now it’s my turn to ‘pull up my big-girl boots’, stay as focused as I can and work, work, work…which ties quite nicely into enjoying life (in my neck of the woods, anyway)!

these are some of my very first blooms

these are some of my very first blooms

One of the things that I love to do every day is add a post to this vibrant community.  Knowing that I shouldn’t even be sitting here right now, 😉 I know that I have to lighten up a bit and add a post as I can.

Blessings to each of you as you Enjoy Life in your own inspired way!

p.s. my chicken coop so close to being finished!

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Threadly Musing…

I recently picked up a ‘baggy’ of old threads…

threadSo beautiful to look at…

thread…the colors: crisp, clear, vibrant, splendid…grand ~

red threadWith any selection of a variety of colors, it seems that red will always be my favorite.

hand sewing a button…how rewarding it was yesterday to need this very particular color, then, to go to my ‘baggy’ and find it…beautiful silk thread.

As I look at these fine threads, especially the red one, I can’t help but think about the thread of God’s love that has so tenderly been woven throughout my life; visible through His grace, mercy and unending love .  Sometimes these are felt through discipline but, even so, persistent and true.

glorious red

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A bit of craft fun!

I purchased a new camera this weekend from my sweet friend, Michelle.  I feel a bit lost but I’m working my way through with the simplest of shots…along with some fun craftiness.

crafty fun!

my collaged box


Amber's box

We picked up these paper mache’ boxes at a garage sale Sat. morning and were just itching to make something.  With our craft project, it was fun to put to use a couple of the suggestions that I’ve picked up from Diane recently.  Her recipe for decoupage is equal parts of wallpaper border paste and Elmer’s glue.  I really like how that worked.  The other thing she uses on practically everything is Minwax brown paste wax, which I used on my box.  It gives your project a finished, aged look.

And then…we had too much fun @ Barnes & Noble.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Red Velvet Cupcake

????It just didn’t seem right for this book to be in ‘Religious’ section so we moved it…a little.

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