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platz/stamp charmJust fooling around!

I’ve used an old ‘stamped’ US postage stamp in a charm with a snippet of map on side 2.   I also soldered the edge of a small ‘A’ that I have cut out of  an old AZ license plate and then attached the two charms together with a jump ring.

It’s lying on a 1910 map of my favorite state!  The ‘A’ is right over my house!


I have scads of old stamps that I need to begin incorporating into something.

truths?I loved this stamp but it also makes me a bit sad because I think that the ‘Truths’ have changed and are changing.

Isn’t that exactly what was voted for?   …change?

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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plātz w/patina~

platz w/ black patinaI have had this black patina for several months but just haven’t had any interest in trying it.  This morning I decided that the license plate charms might be the best way to experiment with this.  I think that it’s a perfect combination.  Compared to the variety that I work with in my soldering, these are in a class all their own.  Each one in their own way shows a bit of rustic patina {keeping in mind that their life has been spent hanging off of the end of a vehicle} and the sleek silver edge doesn’t necessarily compliment them, whereas I think the addition of the black patina looks nice.   – You can see the contrast between the ‘J’ and the ‘5’.

'N' platz charmThe copper tape I use is ‘copper backed’, so you can see it peaking through the glass – ‘black backed’ would be a better choice but this is where experimenting can come in handy!

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platzThese are made with little snippets from {mostly} vintage license plates.

they are so challenging for me to work with ~ a completely different bird when it comes to soldering ~ but they are bunches of fun.

I have a friend who gave me a stack of license plates a while back and I’ve been wanting to make something for his wife, so here it is.  He restores vintage cars and she does all of the reupholstering for him.   She can use this on her key ring or as a necklace.  The car he is working on right now literally takes my breath away.  Someday I’ll slip in a photo.

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I sent off my Swappy Ladies gift…

…and it’s been received on the other end by Leslie the JunkGirl – so I’m going to post my pics, then when I receive hers I will be sure to post those.   The rules to this swap were: to repurpose one item and send an item that is autumn-inspired.

the front of this box is embellished with a piece of map to remind Leslie where she is from 🙂 and it has a charm made with a bottle cap

silver platter painted with chalkboard paint - w/added artists drawing! ;-)

silver platter painted with chalkboard paint - w/added 'artists' drawing! 😉

This charm is made with a snippet of map & a hi-light from Leslies home town (city) & a small license plate charm hanging from that

This charm is made with a snippet of map which has been hi-lighted with Leslie's home town (city) & a small license plate charm hanging from that

side 2 of the map charm - made with a 1 bevel glass

side 2 of the map charm - made with a 1" bevel glass & vintage wallpaper

a large L from a license plate

a large 'L' from a license plate

I added this at the end when I found out Leslie like Parisian goods - the charm says flowergirl in French on the other side

I added this at the end when I found out Leslie likes Parisian goods - the charm says flowergirl in French on the other side

This was loads of fun to exchange with Leslie and I know that the best is yet to come…… 🙂

Yesterday I did garden clean-up all day (w/a bit of help from Mr T).  It’s a lot easier to do this I’m sure when the ground isn’t already frozen but we muddled our way through.  I got some garlic planted which I’m very excited about and when Mr T was picking apples he found a nest and asked me if I wanted it.  Of course, I’ll add it to the pile.  Well, it had the most perfect robin’s egg in it.  I’ll try to get a pic sent tomorrow.  It was a thrill (& a little sad).

I made this no-peel apple cake over the weekend and it was oh-my-goodness-good.  That link also takes you to a blog that is wonderful to follow and very inspiring in regards to entertaining.

I am coming up on my 1st year of blogging.  Anyone who leaves a comment on October 30th will be entered into a drawing for something delightfully…mmmm….DELIGHTFUL!

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License Plate Charms~

I don’t think I’ve blogged yet about the license plate charms that I have.  I haven’t been crazy about them but they really are growing on me.  I’ve only had 1 WA plate done up until today and this a.m. I did a CA one.  They are very imperfect, hopefully that is a quality that can be appreciated by potential customers.  😉  They are difficult for me to cut and solder, achieving perfection…but still full of fun!  (always important in this business)

I like the idea of calling them Plates! What do you think?

The large letters & #’s will be a lot of fun for various purposes…i.e. ~ I have a #5 hanging in my home because there are 5 of us…and…I think I have a custom garden gate being made for me – I would like to watch for #1.#9.#8.#3 because 1983 is the year that the garden was established and my life-long commitment to my husband.  ;0)

Have a so very happy and charming day, my friends!

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