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just for fun…

I love buying old photographs.  Most people would say, “Why in the world would you want to buy someone else’s photos?”  Well, most of you who follow me here {who’ve begun to understand me} know why.  I enjoy working with old pictures…crafting them into fun new creations. here is a fun one

I also love the hidden stories that are held within them.

One of my purchases last year became a wonderful, true-life story with a bittersweet ending. story here with follow-up here

Lately I have picked up a few that just make me laugh {hopefully not at the expense of one of your kin}.

Maybe they will bring a smile to your face as well! :0)

I love how ‘Carl’ has himself postured in this picture!  {it just makes me laugh}

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Fun day…

For Mother’s Day, Andrew and Jackie bought tickets for me to go see Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion in Spokane.  Mr T wasn’t able to go so we decided to just go ahead with the three of us.

Today was the day and I loved it.

I just loved it.

It was really just what I expected it to be.

High quality {unlike my photos}, fun entertainment.  They actually record a two hour radio spot during these shows.

He wore a light blue seersucker suit with a red tie, red socks and red shoes.

The best part was doing it with my kids!  Thanks A&J – so fun!

We LOVE Lake Wobegon…

where the women are strong…

the men are good looking…

and, the children…are above average!

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A funny thing happened…

…on my way to the city…

Here I am on the busiest street in eastern WA on the busiest day of the week…

I spy… a jersey milk cow.

Do you ever see something funny and just wish you had a camera?

Well, this one definitely made me laugh out loud and I had my camera sitting right there.

In WA state there is a law that says…you CAN’T talk on your cell phone and drive…

There isn’t a law that says you can’t take pictures while driving.

It’s pretty obvious that I CAN’T take pictures while driving though!

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~: eggs grandeur :~

My nieces, Katie and Abbie, are here for the weekend and we’re having fun with glitter, paint, dye and frosting.

We used decoupage on plastic eggs and a grandiose amount of glitter…oh! my!

We have fun together…except when they decided this morning that 4:45 was a good time to start chatting.

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more bartering fun…

Back in December, Kristine and I had some bartering fun…and, we’ve been having some more.

I recently sent her a charm and yesterday I received a couple more flour sacks in the mail.

She slipped in some other fun, textile goodness before she sent it off to ME.

I have admired this line of fabric for a while…it’s called ‘authentic’.  I just love it.

It incorporates words throughout that are positive and fresh.

Kristine has been working on a quilt with it and she decided to share a wee bit.   Ahhh…so sweet!

She also shared a piece of this adorable vintage print…

thx. kristine!!!!

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spring planting…

Today I planted some sunflower seeds in egg shells.

Watching a seed germinate is on of my favorite things…I get to watch these in my kitchen window.

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a good year…

I’m pretty sure that 1963 is my favorite year…

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gift angel?…

…are you out there?

if you are then I feel like I should tell you that if you gifted me a lot of money,  i would be a very good and responsible girl with it

i could put a conference and event room to great use ~ one of the buildings pictured above would be quite suitable

we could host retreats that are saturated in creativity, retreats for church ministry teams, wedding/receptions and without a doubt, a whole host of other fun happenings

taken from Mary Janes Farm

some high-class wall tents {sounds a bit oxymoronish}  would go nicely with that conference room (or center) ~ what a fun way to spend some time camping with your family while reducing a bit of the hard work that goes along with it

my heart truly goes out to some of the young ones in Haiti who lost their parents this past month ~ i could see us bringing home two or three who are siblings

i would go on a two-week cruise with my sister…it would be good for both of us

oh, let’s just make it a Disney cruise…

so, gift angel, i want for you to understand that i don’t need anythingi don’t need anything at all but i can’t help myself…i think that i will always have wants and i hope that you can see that i have a good heart and that my wants are all good wants…they’re happy, helpful wants…so, maybe just maybe you could help me out

…and if i have a little bit left over then just maybe i will slip in a new pair of shoes!

thanks for listening, gift angel

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Scrabble anyone???



it looks like Eli has found a 'playing' partner

it's time to play

November 13, 2009With a day that looks like this, it makes me feel like Christmas is ‘fast’ approaching…and it is!

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domestic vintage

I love everything about being domestic…keeper of my home.

truth be told, most days I really stink @ it, but I still ♥♥♥ it…I never lose hope that I’ll get better  😉

vintage ironing board…and surely you know that I really, really love all things vintage ~ so, to combine the two makes my heart soar…

Just look @ this ironing board.  It’s so old and has been well-loved.

vintage ironing boardThere is layer upon layer…the original still intact…and the original red paint looks like new!

vintage ironing boardThis handle, which is on the underside, is for releasing the legs for folding and easy storage!

vintage ironing boardThe original pad has this fun, green tie that runs through it to offer the necessary tension.

vintage ironing boardI purchase it from an elderly gal {$1}…it belonged to her mother.


libby smith

Oh my!  How did these get here?

They are in my shopping cart as I write and they are giving me fits (not kidding, my stomach is twirling)!!!!  Should I or Shouldn’t I????  I’ve been holding onto my birthday $ since August for the perfect pair.  I may have found them.

all comments left during this month will enter your name into a drawing

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