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Lovely Linen~

linen shoulder bagyesterday I was able to do some ‘fun’ sewing ~ I know, I know…there are a couple of projects that I should be working on but sometimes the want to’s just so easily rule out the have to’s… {sorry Amber}

linen shoulder bag

Mr T. and I were shopping in our favorite 2nd Hand store on Monday.  This is the store where I buy most of my ‘linens’ that I sew into my fun, vintage{y} aprons.  I noticed that the prices seems to be going up…so sad!…I even asked the owner and she confirmed it…so, so sad!!  Then I spotted this several-yard roll of 70’s gold/orange/green {which is continually ‘growing’ on me} and I just knew that it was nice and I needed it.  Poor Mr T. had this look of, “that’s not really going home with us”…then there was an audible confirmation of ‘the look’.  …poor, poor Mr T. ~ the things that he has to live with.

linen goodness

After removing the RED duct tape from from the roll of fabric, I read what was on the selvage and noticed that it was imported linen.  Oh my!  The feel and the look of this linen is spectacular.  It was so wonderful to work with and I need to put it to work in a fun variety of ways….

The more I sew with vintage fabrics I notice that linen is a favorite and it comes in such a variety of weights and textures.  It almost makes me get a bit giddy when I work with it.  Any seasoned seamstress knows exactly what I’m talking about.   Don’t you????  I need some validation here when I get a little crazy-in-the head.


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An apron creation!

yo-yo cherryWith the danger of completely overdoing it, I made this apron utterly and wholly for ME!  It’s my lucky day!

faux awning for booth

a picture of the faux awning I've made for my booth

I made it with my booth design in mind because I plan to wear it for my summer shows.

vintage{y} apron

As I was working on this, I thought of how my grandmothers possibly made their aprons; taking a piece of fabric and making it work.  This linen, aqua polka dot wasn’t quite enough for two aprons (& I wanted two; 1 for submission & 1 just for me ~ although, I’m so in love with this polka dot that I’ll be keeping them both), …anyway, as I was laying another apron across the fabric to use as a pattern, I decided that I could make this work for two aprons if I pieced some of the contrasting fabric along each side.

close-upI also added a left-over piece of one of the shears that I used in my booth to the under-side of the apron.

yo-yo buttonsI love everything about this apron – it is most certainly my favorite one yet.   I did a few things out of necessity & even accidentally that I will now incorporate into others.

yo-yo buttons

apron pocket

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Christmas Eve 2008

It has been snowing steady here for more than a week with very brief breaks.  It’s truly a winter wonderland and it certainly makes everything so festive for Christmas.

the garden is peacefully at rest~

the garden is peacefully at rest~

another peak @ something I've been working on

another peak @ something I've been working on

glorious fabric

glorious fabric

As part (most) of Lauren’s Christmas gifts I let her go to QuiltHome.com to pick out a couple of projects.  We got the glorious fabric package yesterday and she has already cut into it all and is working away on her fabulous creations.  I love to encourage her to sew, and she finds it very rewarding.

my first Christmas with my first love!  (and last!)

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It’s hard, but I’m trying to make a few gifts!


I can’t really talk about what this is or who its for (you all know what I mean) – but I just can’t help but share a little tidbit.  I have so much fun reusing old fabrics.  This little # is made from an old drape and the lining came from an old sheet – you know, the kind that smells so good when you iron it.  In my opinion, it’s really hard to find new sheets that even come close to comparing to the feel of that old fresh-smelling cotton (old/fresh…sounds a bit oxymoronish).

I have a little confession…that drape didn’t really belong to me.  I took it from Wild Whimsy @ our last show that we did together and I forgot to pay her for it.   😦  oops!

Now, I have 16 custom charms to make!

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Thanksgiving Eve Eve

…and I’m getting that feeling in my gut.  There is always more to do than will get done…make sense to you?  So I’m going to make this a quick one…

the menu is set

the menu is set

this is what I'm working with for table coverings

this is what I'm working with for table colverings

I'm working on 5 of these for custom orders - I call it a Doodle Box and I'll explain my little story behind these in a later post - this is the front and it will be personalized...oh, and I still need to add a charm

This is the front of a Doodle Box - I'm working on 5 of these for custom orders - I'll explain the story behind these in a later post. I need to personalize this and add a personalized charm.

and here's the back - this board on the back slides out to the box opens up for storage

and here is the back - this board slides out to open the box up for storage - there's a white board on the other side.

I’ve got more to post but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Oh, tomorrow…my kids come.  Yeah!  Why does that thought always make me teary???

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Heavenly Stash, pt 3

My finished project from yesterday!

hand-pieced Christmas Stocking

This is so much cuter than the picture shows {I know, they all say that}...so I'll add some close-ups

embroidered linen cloth

I cut/tore this up 😦 to place patches around the stocking to begin the layering process

close-up of angel

close-up of heel

close-up of top

top of stocking

All of the fabric used in this is Daisy Chain by Amy Butler and can be purchased here.

I really need to give this one away so I’ve started another one for me!

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Heavenly Stash!

Mr T had to get up @ 3:30 this morning to catch a flight…I wanted to go back to sleep, really I did…but, this was haunting my tired, sleepy thoughts.

glorious fabrics

For having been leery of online fabric shopping, I’m getting quite used to it and actually loving it!   QuiltHome.com is really the place to go.  They have a very user-friendly purchasing system that allows you to move your swatch choices around for your own personalized touch.  Go check out their amazing selection of glorious fabrics!

Now that I’ve got my first cup of coffe down…I’m going to go cut into that inspiring pile of textiles!  I have some ideas that are calling out to me…the same ones, in fact, that wouldn’t let me sleep!

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There is NOTHING better than wonderful fabric!

…OK, maybe there are things that are better and more important and….BUT… (I really have no words to explain myself)

I feel like I’m strangling because I don’t have time to sit down and make anything.

  • My Christmas stocking class is tomorrow and although I’m fairly prepared for the class, my house is a mess and I need to prepare a meal for it.
  • I’m preparing a meal for a small-group study @ church tonight.
  • My calendar is full until after Thanksgiving with guests who are coming (a lot of them hunters) and all of this (and more) makes me feel a little stressed out.  If I could just find a few hours to sew it would all be better ~ it kind of becomes a stress-reliever (and, yes, as with other stress-relievers, it is quite addicting).

Yesterday I placed my first-ever online fabric order…I went to quilthome.com.  Boy, that was a tough one for me because I have to see, touch, smell…(you get the picture…it’s an experience!) my fabrics before buying them, but, I had two reasons for doing it. 1) I fell in love with Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics months ago on-line, in fact her blog quickly became a fav, but I hadn’t ever seen or experienced them in person.  It’s part of my new life of ‘living remote’ and along with this ‘new life’ I need to do less shopping, in general, and with the ‘less’, do more of that on-line.  Also, I can’t go into an average fabric store these days and find the kinds of fabrics that have become my favorites. 2) the other reason I wanted to place this order is because I realized that quilthome.com not only carries all of these most wonderful fabrics, from the newest, cutting-edge designers, but they also happen to be {practically} in my back yard (when I walked in the gal there said, because of my address, “do you know DB?”, I said, “yes, he’s my dad!”).  🙂  I love my life!! :O)  So, I went in to pick up my fabric and I was able to EXPERIENCE some of the other wonderful fabrics.  I’m telling you gals, this is the place to go ~ and the wonderful thing is, it doesn’t matter where you live.

I also went to my favorite 2nd hand shop.  Because I have finally been working with my idea of blending old and new to make aprons, it gave me permission to buy more old.  I also picked up a few linen napkins because I have been wanting to sew in a little side towel into the apron and thought that these might work nicely.

the 4 dresden plate vintage quilt blocks that I got (for $4), are making me crazy.  I love beautiful vintage cottons even more than I love these new contemporary fabrics.

The 4 dresden plate vintage quilt blocks that I got (for $4), are making me crazy. I love beautiful vintage cottons even more than I love these new contemporary fabrics.

Did I say that I have house work to do?   …better get to it!

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