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Custom~made Christmas

Are you interested in having a custom charm made for a Christmas gift?

I would love to ‘spur’ your thoughts in that direction.

Here are some of my favorites.  Maybe they will help you think of some of your own [hi-quality] photos that would make beautiful, one-of-a-kind [heirloom~quality] gifts for your friends and family.

I make custom charms for $20…each one is 2-sided [such a deal]!

I’ve just inspired myself to host a give-a-way…for your own custom-designed charm.

Leave a comment with this post and you will be entered in to this most amazing give-a-way

don’t let this distract you from getting your custom charms ordered for Christmas …  🙂

Give-a-way is now closed!

…and for some Christmas ornament ideas…  [$25 each]

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cause for celebration…

Congratulations, Lori – You’re the winner of the Custom Charm Give-a-Way!  Here is Lori’s comment…

Elaine….I would LOVE a custom charm! My Dad passed away 5 years ago and I miss him so much. I would love to wear a charm with his picture around my neck. People could ask me who it was and I could talk about my Dad daily and tell wonderful stories about him. This would be so wonderful. I would LOVE to Win…..

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’ve decided to add one of these bars of soap to the give-a-way.  They are made by Shari Thompson-Brown.   I have done a few shows with Shari and really, really love her soap.

For my Art Retreats I love to give one of her small bars  to each gal with her set of towels.  Because my next one is in October, I’ve ordered some of the ‘pink ribbon‘ soaps for it.

♣ ~ ♥ ~ ♣

I’m going to {side-step} here and show you my new dress:

Oh, My!…let’s celebrate LIFE!

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Here…you will find a give-a-way!

I love doing give-a-ways and am open to any excuse to do so.

I’ve been doing a give-a-way for every 100th post that I’ve written and my 600th was written while I was in Minneapolis and I was too preoccupied to give it much thought.

It’s {really} not too late so yesterday I decided that a custom charm would be the perfect thing to give-a-way.  I love custom charm orders and I would LOVE to do one for YOU.

Here’s what you need to doLeave a comment with this post and begin dreaming about what kind of charm YOU would want custom made for YOU {or possibly as a gift}

…speaking of gifts

This is the perfect time to begin thinking about your custom charm orders for Christmas.  It is as easy as e-mailing me photos that you want to have framed .

Payment options are: cash, check, Paypal, or credit card.  It’s all so quick, easy, and oh-so-personal not to mention filled-with-love and thoughtfulness!!!

Or…here is another fabulous idea for you.  You could attend my next BoHo Art Retreat – October 21-23 – and learn how to make your very own custom charms {as well as a variety of other fun items}.

$280 includes 2-nights lodging and 3-days worth of meals and whimsical fun!

We had a wagon full of  fun at our last retreat!

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I’m going to be gone for a few days so I decided to keep the soap give-a-way open until I get back.   There really is no hurry since homemade soap has to cure for several weeks.  Until then, I am sure enjoying the fragrance each time I pass by it…

If you haven’t already done so, leave a comment HERE to be entered into the homemade soap give-a-way.

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We have a winner #24 – Susanne from Sweden.

I’ve been working away…getting ready for this weekend’s show.

I find that I’ve taken way too much time making a variety of fabric flowers.  They are addicting to me.  I just want to put them on everything.

A couple of times I stepped away from my sewing machine and Eli took over!

This little guy kept visiting me too.  He’s been helping himself to that 50# bag of sunflower seeds {for the birds} that he’s sitting on and I closed it up so he couldn’t get in.  He was so funny…he’d go in and come out with the chubbiest cheeks.

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The Circus Girl…and a give-a-way!!!

This past year I started taking {oil} painting lessons.  I have a wonderful teacher and it’s a small class.  We can do whatever we want and she will help us through the bumps.

This is my second painting.   I knew that I wanted to add a burlap banner to the top of it so it has just been sitting there…unfinished {it needed at least a few weeks to dry completely}.

Isn’t her face and hair just so lovely?…she makes me smile…oh, and that perfect shade of periwinkle… it’s just so yummy!

I also knew that I wanted to make a charm out of it…so I did!

I’m going to give one of these away…just leave a comment with this post and I’ll draw a name…some day soon!

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Finally…a true sign of spring!

As soon as the snow melts we begin to look for true signs of spring.

First, the grass begins it’s oh-so-slow journey to green.

Last week, the frogs began their subtle serenade at night…which will soon turn deafening!

Yesterday, I noticed my first bloom.   Even with this morning’s brisk 17°, it is still, boldly, holding it’s head high.

Another glorious sight in our area are the adorable, brand-new calves. They stay so close to their moms.

wishing I had pictures!

There’s another sighting of spring in {central} Washington state…Cherry Blossoms!

In honor of the cherry trees blossoming, Bill’s Berry Farm is having a give-a-way!  Go HERE and check it out.  They are giving away one of my charms.

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#16~#500…and a give-a-way

This is my 500th post!


That just sends a ‘thrill’ right through me…makes me want to give something away!

This charm is hot off the press (literally) and it can be yours.  Just leave a comment with this post and YOU will be entered in to win!

Joining the 39 squares stitchalong with about 100 other gals has been another thrill!  I decided to combine that idea with my give-a-way so I stitched-up and charmed-up a 1″ square.

I would love to hear from any of you who are stopping by for a visit!

Here is my 16th block to my 1″ Life Sampler.  It is for the year 2005.  Our son graduated this year.  This year also marked the end our ‘soccer seasons’.  For several years I loved going to these games and was sad to see it come to an end.

"Go #7!!!"

All of my posts for the stitchalong are here.

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give-a-way winner{s}

I love give-a-ways!

I love it when you win…

I really love it when I win…

…and, since I am the owner/operator of my very own little company, I love doing whatever I want!…so, I decided that I would make a little charm for everyone who entered their name in my give-a-way.

If I was PW, I surely wouldn’t be able to do this since she gets comments in the 100’s of thousands when she does a give-a-way and when I get that big…well, I doubt that I’ll get that big.

I hope that you’ve carved out your own little bit of enjoyment during this Super Bowl Sunday!

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A charming give-a-way~

…Christina is having a give~a~way!    Go visit her at her blog, leave a comment and you just might win this…

Here a two views of this one-of-a-kind, 2-sided charm.

It was wonderful to wake up to a new, fresh covering of snow but as we approach this place called ‘mid-winter‘ it’s all too easy to dream of ‘spring‘ and fresh strawberries.

This charm reminds me of the freshness that comes with spring and the new opportunities that it brings as the ground awakens and the birds take to flight…as well as to nesting!

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