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Blessed beyond!

My favorite holiday will always be one that is shared with family.  Nineteen of the 22 that make up our family were gathered in our home yesterday and 2010 seems to promise to add two more to the family.

…one of those ‘promised’ ones will be added to this little team.  They’re hopeful for a boy.

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Woodlands Princess

This beautiful girl has been adorned with a crown…

…made completely from things I have gathered in the woods right around our house...

…with the base being an actual bird’s nest!


This has been my listening enjoyment while writing this post!

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God Bless America

I’m getting things ready for a family picnic that will be here on Monday.  (sorry Mom ~ we’ll miss you both!!!!).

flag repair

There were a few casualties throughout the past year after we acquired this sweet, lovable, and might I add, completely adorable creature.

Some of those losses made me want to cry…but I never did!!!

flag repair

One of those above mentioned times was after the 4th of July!  ~at least it wasn’t a complete loss, but I honestly thought that I wouldn’t ever get around to repairing my beautiful, huge, garage-sale-of-a find, American Flag.

Old Glory!Today was that day.  I did it.  It’s not professional but from a distance it’s not too bad.

And I feel so much better now!

CashSo does Cash !  😉

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Sunday Inspiration!

cup and saucer

Yesterday the ladies from our church gathered together to celebrate:

spring daffodils~Spring

look at those beautiful brown, rough cut sugar cubes!~God’s love

my girlfriends!~Friendship

yummy cupcakes!…and I musn’t neglect to mention ~ fine eats!


the viewI particularly enjoyed the beautiful, wide-open, pastoral view of God’s creation {which included grazing cows!} from Diana’s home.

Have I mentioned before that I love cows?!?!?

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Among the Angels!

I had a great weekend with my daughter.  She is one blessing-of-a-girl!  This weekend my son and his fiance’ will be home.  Just more greatness to come and of course, the fact that I have Miss Libby here every day to enjoy makes my life complete.

(Isn’t that why God gave us 17-year-old-females?…for pure enjoyment?…or pure amusement???? …or??? – I’ll have an answer for the question some day, right now I take it a day at a time…on my knees!)  🙂   She’s a keeper!

When we were away for our 50th celebration last week we had family pictures taken and I’m going to share just a few…

my kids

my sweet kids!

50 years worth!

50 years worth!

my girls!

my girls!

my other girls!

my other girls!

My Mr. and I!

My Mr. and I!

26 years worth!  ~I'll ALWAYS claim this bunch!

26 years worth! ~I'll ALWAYS claim this bunch!

I know I mention often how blessed I am and I thought that you may grow weary of hearing that, so I went to my handy thesaurus for other word options and one of the synonyms for ‘blessed’ is ‘among the angels’ –

Among the Angels, indeed!

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The joy and {warmth} found in new friends…

Yesterday was a fun-filled and full day for me as I traveled from the NE corner of my state to the SW corner to meet up with my girls.  It started early with a blustery, snowy~rainy day as I headed to South Spokane for the Farm Chicks book-signing.

Welcome!I was welcomed warmly as I entered Chaps [ˈshaps]. Celeste, the owner, also makes a lovely, warm hostess.

hot steamy carmel macchiato

They served me a beautiful and tasty, hot cup of coffee.

Barb & I

I met up with Barb, my brand new friend.  We met through our daughters and realized that we have some other fun and personal connections.  This was our first time to meet face to face and we so enjoyed getting to know each other through visiting and discovering the  many things that we have in common.

Farm Chicks' goods

Serena + Teri = The Farm Chicks
Serena + Teri = The Farm Chicks

This was also my first time to meet up with Teri & Serena, although we have chatted a lot online through blogging and e-mail.  They are sweet, down-to-earth and quite lovely.  When I first arrived, Teri came up from behind me, called me by name and said, “I feel like I know you” …with a warm hug.

Now that’s how you give a country-girl, Farm Chick-style welcome!

Serena & Teri


Chaps is decorated in such an incredible and wonderful way.  I could never take enough pictures to capture the essence of the place.

inside one of the bathrooms

inside one of the bathrooms

The fun cabinet sits in the entryway...
This fun, old cabinet sits in the entryway…
...as you get closer you realize there are chicks in the open drawer _
…as you get closer you realize there are chicks in the open drawer ~
...adorable, soft, fluffy, {kissing?}, chicks!
…adorable, soft, fluffy, {kissing?}, chicks!

As I left Chaps, Barb and The Farm Chicks with my beautiful and newly autographed book in hand, not only was my car beginning to warm from the wonderful, vitamin D-enriched sun that I so desperately needed but my heart was warmed by new friendship.  It was a blessing to share in some ‘girl time’, something I’ve missed in the move from the west side to the east side of the state, where I left behind a couple of my {sassy} friends who consistently know how to have fun and make me laugh.

I have a wonderful blessing in my friends….

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