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A view from my {our} place…





this is the same apple as in the previous picture...it's pink inside


garden shot


I can't believe I'm still picking strawberries - I made a couple of batches of jam this week

guest cabin

one guest cabin

guest cabin

another guest cabin

winter's wood

Mr T. working away on our firewood for winter

winter's wood

winter's wood

back for more...I’m so appreciative of the variety of ways that Mr T. provides for our family.  He is very creative and diverse and successful in it.  Thx. Hon!

I love this tree

I love this tree

P.S. ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


I’m so excited to have some of my ‘wares’ at the Country Living Fair in Ohio this weekend.  Sounds like it’s crazy-busy and wonderful.  I would love to go with them some year.  Mmmmm…maybe…

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Straight from our orchard…


apples fresh from the tree

fresh and hotMmmmmm….need I say more?

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enjoying my {new} d-i-l

It was a fun surprise to have our son and his brand new wife call on Sunday, fresh off of their honeymoon cruise ship, to say that they were coming to visit.  Their lives are in transition in every possible way so that allows them to spend a few days with us.

Jackie, making apple pie filling

Part of ‘passing the baton’ to this sweet girl is to teach her how to make Andrew’s favorite dessert.

applesApple Pie!

apple pie filling

With several apple trees in our orchard we decided to tackle some canned apple pie filling today.

apple pie fillingCanning is always more fun with someone else!

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as busy as a bee…

I try so hard to keep variety going in my blog.  It makes me crazy when I get stuck in one area for too long…like now.  I’m not sewing or soldering right now which is so NOT good because I have a show coming up in a few short weeks.

gardenThe garden lures every sense right now.

It calms me!

It demands me!

It amazes me…

the honeybeeAll by herself, the honeybee can even accomplish all of that.  She is quite the amazing creature.

a pollen-laden honeybee

notice how this bee is so laden with pollen - her whole body is even speckled with it

Here is an excerpt from an article that I read this week from one of my favorite magazines, Countryside.

Honey takes tremendous energy to produce.  Manufactured by bees from the pollen of flowers, it is then stored in honeycombs as food reserve.  One-hundred-sixty-thousand bees make trips to two million flowers to gather the four pounds of nectar, which, on the way back to the hive they convert, by the reaction of various glands, into one pound of honey.  Without doubt this immense work by the bees gave birth to the phrase “as busy as a bee.”

All I can say to that is WOW!

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from the garden to the jar…




dill & cukes



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peas in a pod~

peas in a podI ♥ growing peas!

peas in a pod

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Birds & Blooms


birds & blooms charm

Liz & I had a great time @ Creation Northwest this past week.  I love spending this time with my girls.  While we were there Lauren came home from her time in Germany so she wasn’t able to go this year. 😦

When I’ve been gone I love to come home and see how my girls {chickens} are doing and my garden.

Here is the rooster that I specifically ordered to 'do the job' and it turns out he's a fryer.  I promise to NOT blog about where he ends up (and the process involved).

Here is the rooster that I specifically ordered to 'do the job' and it turns out he's a fryer. I promise to NOT blog about where he ends up (and the process involved).





They are so funny as they are now trying to find their 'big girl' voices.

They are so funny as they are now trying to find their 'big girl' voices.

squash bloom

squash bloom


cucumber bloom

strawberry bloom

strawberry bloom

zinnia bloom

zinnia bloom

bloom from herbs

bloom on some of my herbs



Something that the pictures don’t show {because I won’t allow it…of course} is that the weeds have taken over.  It’s hard to have a beautiful, weed-free garden when life keeps taking me here and there.

It’s a wonderful thing though when we can overlook the yuck and gunk in our lives and find fascinating beauty.

Where is the beauty that you can bring focus to today that will give you a bit of  joy in an otherwise {possibly} overwhelming life?

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An apron for the cowgirl in you…

Here is an apron for the serious cowgirl!


It’s been made with a shirt that belonged to an old cowboy!

cowgirl apron

I’ve layered it with a vintage dresser scarf that has a fun crocheted edge, to give it the look of a slip,

cowgirl apron

and I have given myself an A+ for creativity on this one.

cowgirl apron

Sometimes when I’m working on things like this that, honestly, could go either way, but are full of fun and creativity, I chuckle to myself {a lot}, but Mr T hears those chuckles and that makes him chuckle too!

just imagine…


a fun shot from my garden

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Sweet and Natural!

bowl full of berries

Strawberries are one of my favorite foods!fresh strawberry jam

They are sweet.

The only payment made on these has been that of time.

They are economical.

There have been no pesticides or chemicals used on them.

They are natural.

They are pure…

It was fun to learn the the outfit my cousins are wearing in the picture from my last post, was made by my Grandma.

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One must always have one’s boots on and be ready to go.

                                                                                                                                ~Michel de Montaigne

keep your boots on...

This  piece, with original collage work ,has been topped with a 3″ by 5″ bevel glass (w/the top corners cut off) then encased with a soldered edge.  It’s hanging in a genuine stirrup that I think may still have a tad bit of manure still on it.   {oops!}

future peas

Future sugar snap peas!

future peas

Rick & Laurie

I have used this completely adorable picture of my cousins in the collage work shown @ the top.  I wanted to show you a close-up of it here.

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