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Oh, the freshness!

This hasn’t been a good garden year for me but the things that I do have are appreciated all the more!

Raspberries are a faithful contributor.  We started picking last week and they’ll keep going for a while.

They are so perfect…

so fresh…

so tasty!!!

When I’m in the garden I’m surrounded by friends.

Beauregard and his girls love to talk to me and my dog, Cash, comes and picks alongside me.  But, as with any 3-yr-old, his pickings go right in his mouth.

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Strawberry Delight!

Strawberries are one of my favorite foods.

Yummy!  ♥

I think my favorite way to eat them is on ice cream my homemade yogurt.  It is the perfect combination.  Ice cream would be even better but I really try to stay away from that stuff!

As the berries are coming on I try to keep as many of them going in the freezer as possible.  We love having strawberries on waffles throughout the year as well as jam.

again, I say yum!

When we were setting up for the Farm Chicks Sale, Trish handed me these cute little vintage strawberry containers.

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Love this Life!

It is such a beautiful, perfect morning here.

My Kids got in about 11:30 last night with an ‘Extra’, so I canceled my regular 5:30 walk and slept in til about 6:00.  With the ‘Extra’ sleeping on the couch it kind of mixed up my morning a bit so I just went outside and walked around…moved some hoses here and there, pulled some weeds, talked to the chickens, checked the gopher traps…you know, the usual!

I also grabbed my camera.

This is my favorite {wild} bloom this time of year.  It is breath-taking but you have to get up real close to appreciate it.  Each tight little bud literally bursts into a tiny, delicate bloom.

While sitting on this rock in my yard…

I look at this.

It’s so tranquil and serene this morning with only the sound of birds, a sprinkler and in the distance a {mooing} cow.

I’ve picked my first peas this week…

and my first strawberries…another favorite!  Oh, my!…are they ever a favorite!

Cash loves to go everywhere with me.  He’s {become} such a good dog!

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I love dirt!

I love,




This row of dirt looks rather dirty boring, I know, but in a couple of months I’ll be standing right here, next to green, lush vines, filling my tummy with sugar snap peas.

Now, that is a favorite summer delicacy!

Last year we planted asparagus for the first time and, guess what?  Yep…you’re right…it’s coming up.  Just like it’s suppose to.   yay!

Oh, and then there is the glorious rhubarb plant.  It’s amazing.  It’s hardy.  I believe this one came from my great grandpa.  You are looking at a family heirloom that just keep on giving!

I’ve been away from this place for three days.  It was a good three days but I missed home greatly and I’m so glad to be back!

I’m ready to get some dirt under my fingernails again…

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disturbing the earth…

…refreshes my spirit!

As my dad came to plow my garden yesterday, I could feel something begin to stir inside of me.  There is just something about fresh, black soil and the promise of new life.

The promise of growth, resourcefulness and sustainability.

The promise of fresh, organic, natural, healthy food!

The promise of provision.

And, the promise of hard work!

Oh, yes…there is a certain promise of fresh raspberries!   oh yay!

Tomorrow I will be posting my 500th post…therefore, I feel a give-a-way coming on…

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appreciating heritage…daily

Since I am able to live in the area where I grew up, it seems that there are daily reminders of the heritage from which I came.  In fact, I am the fourth generation to enjoy the land where we live.

Here is a picture of my dad pruning the raspberries that he planted 25+ years ago…raspberries that he initially took off of his grandpa’s place.

It feels like we are getting a head start on our outdoor work (and feeling behind all at the same time).  Last year we were at least a month or so behind this.  With this year’s extremely mild winter, compared to last year’s heavy, harsh winter, we are seeing quite the contrast.

I love, love, love to BURN!

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Embracing Fall!

garden chowderThis was the perfect soup to make for my first-soup-of-the-season soup.  I was able to go to the garden and rummage through for just the right ingredients to make the most perfect and satisfying combination.  Mr T even seemed to whole-heartedly agree on this one.

I added some fresh (peeled) tomatoes and a bit of sage along with a sprinkling of our favorite kitchen ingredient…

Lawry's Garlic Saltfresh from the gardenI have been really mourning the loss of my garden due to freezing temperatures each night.  But, I just picked all of this about 10 minutes ago, so you can see that there is still some goodness to be had.

I encourage you to try this recipe even if it means going to the store {or your local farmer’s market} to pick up your fresh ingredients.  I can’t wait to have left-overs for lunch with the fresh whole wheat bread that I made to go with it.

I’ve taken this recipe out of a cookbook that I’ve had for 15+ years and I love it.  I also have the book shown (in the link), Heart and Soul…love it.  I see there  is a third that I should probably pick up…

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Fresh Applesauce Donuts

applesauce donuts

I’m writing this post one-handed with a snuggly, warm, almost-3-month old little guy in my arms.  It reminds me of those days that I could do most things one-handed or one-armed or with a backpack on my back, when necessary. Now my own little guy has moved into his first home with his new bride.  Mmmmm…such memories.

applesauce donutsOK…so I totally got side-tracked there.

I’ve been wanting to make these and since we have some dear friends visiting, I decided that today would be a good day.

applesauce donuts

Using fresh apples from one of our trees, these applesauce donuts were a yummy treat.


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Garden favorite!!!

gardenAny guess what I made yesterday?

fresh salsaThis may, in fact, be the main reason that we plant a garden.

fresh salsaSalsa!  a season favorite.

I’ve been working off of the same recipe for 20 years.

pearsPears are next!

…then, maybe to some sewing ~

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show ~&~ tell

Mexican Sour Gherkin

Mr T. ordered a [bunch] of heirloom garden seed last spring so, come planting time, I planted it {it’s just one of the little ways that I demonstrate submissiveness}. 🙂

cucumber?I’ve been really watching this little critter, which was planted on June 1st.  It seemed to take forever for the seeds to germinate.  I had given up on them completely when, one day, I noticed the tiniest, little leaves popping up out of the ground.  It’s been that way all along.




Edible?…not so sure

…but, there are literally hundreds of them!


The seed packet says, “Mexican Sour Gherkin”.  After reading up on it, it seems to go by many names.

Mexican Sour Gherkin

Measuring just under an inch, this one might be close to maturity.

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