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~: trois charmes :~

I recently met Pat when she ordered her ‘sisterhood’ charm through the MaryJanes Farm website.

She has since enjoyed ordering several custom charms for gifts and decided that now was the time to design another one, this time for herself.

These pictures show both sides of the charm necklace that will be going to Pat in Virginia.

Let me know if I can help YOU with any of your own special ideas!

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Farmgirl fun :~}

A {somewhat}  local farmgirl asked me this week if I would be willing to contribute a hand-made creation towards a gift basket with a ‘farmgirl’ theme for a silent auction.

I’m not too sure about all of the details for the silent auction but it just happens to be for the community where Rene’ grew up and the community where my son and his wife now live.

That added the ♥personal touch♥ necessary for me to get excited about it.

I got it done so quickly and in the mail, I may just tarnish my ‘procrastinator’ reputation but I was just in the mood to tinker…so, tinker I did!

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R is for…rescuer~

I had a friend in high school…her name was Rhonda.

Rhonda wasn’t the popular girl but she was definitely a popular girl.

It seemed effortless for her to be a friend to everyone.

I was always glad that she was my friend.

I moved away after graduation to attend college.

Twenty six {plus} years later, I moved back.  I had a daughter in that same high school ~ who was struggling with our extreme & difficult (to her) move…guess who was there to help my girl?


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this gal.  She’s still that same friend…steadfast, true and she’s such an encourager.  Honestly, I’m not sure where my girl would be in school without her.  Rhonda would spend time, after school,  in the library (which was part of her job), day after day, with my girl to make sure that she was going to pass her classes.

My girl is very artistic.  Recently she told Rhonda that she would love to be a tattoo artist someday.  Rhonda, very carefully and creatively encouraged my girl to consider using her artistic abilities to become an architect.  I could just see those ‘maybe-I-could’ wheels turning in my girl’s head.

This is such a teeny-tiny token of my appreciation for Rhonda but I just want her to know that I appreciate her!

*my favorite word there is ‘rescuer’, as I feel that she did that for my girl!

**my other favorite word is ‘retro’  😉

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side one

I had a customer, Cheryl, design this charm for sister.

side two

Her sister owns a shop with the name of, “Old Farm Girl” and it specializes in:  spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, felting and tatting.
This sounds like a place where I would love to visit.

These two charms have gone out  in the mail too.

I haven’t been very ‘charming’ since before Christmas so it was fun to get creative with that again.  I love, love, love the oh-so-thoughtful Christmas gift that Mr T gave me.  A beautiful little TV and a tiny little DVD player to go with it.  I find that watching listening to a movie while I’m working on these tedious little numbers makes the time I spend there more enjoyable.

Thanks Mr T!

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custom work:~)

…some charms that are ready to go out…

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Bartering goodness!

I love the idea of bartering.  I can’t say I do it very much but when there is an opportunity that benefits both parties involved then I’m ready to jump in.

Kristine asked if I would be interested in trading some of these beautiful feed sacks that are in such perfect condition for a couple of charms.  I said ‘sure’ and with a few more notes back and forth she had these in the mail…along with a couple of vintage Santa photos for me to ‘charm up’.

This charm is a picture of Kristine’s husband when he was a little guy.

I’ve been working with Post Office deadlines and have been forgetting to take shots of the custom charms before sending them on their way…I’m glad that I got this one.

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More custom hand-crafted goodness!

I finished another batch of custom charms yesterday….just thought I would show them to you.

Custom charms are the same price as my others…$20 + a couple of dollars for mailing.

They make a GREAT one-of-a-kind gift for any season…especially this one!

Christmas Blessings!

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Custom Charms…

front and back is shown here...

I love doing custom orders, especially when the original photos are of such fine quality.

These charms were so nice to work with {all 10} ~ aren’t they just lovely?

I can take custom orders up to 1-1½ weeks before Christmas.  Just leave a comment here to get started!!

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Custom charms…

These pictures show both sides of three different charms that were thoughtfully designed by Pat.

Now is the time to think about your own custom charms for Christmas gifts…it’s not too late.  Each 2-sided charm will cost $20 ~ oh my, such a bargain!  😉

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the cutest little critters…

grandma's blessingsCan you imagine being a grandma to these three cute little faces.  She certainly is blessed!

These pictures were taken by Horizon Photo.  Custom charms are so fun to work with,especially when the faces are bright and beautiful and the photography is done so well.

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