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A Custom Christmas

Staci recently e-mailed me this photo so I could make a charm for her.  She sent this note along with it…

I’ve attached my grandmother’s favorite photo of her and my grandfather. It was
taken sometime in the mid-30s, I think.  This charm would be my Christmas
present to her. She turned 95 in September and is still a very active and spunky
little lady.

It’s not hard to see why it is her grandmother’s favorite.  I really hated to crop anything out of the picture because every detail in it is so lovely but for the sake of a charm it’s nice to hi-light the faces so that’s what we did.

I think her grandmother will be so pleased with a charm that encases her favorite photo…I have a feeling that one day as this {new} heirloom is passed on it might just make it back into her granddaughter’s hands.
The way they look at each other…

oh, it makes me smile.

…and are those 3″ heels that she’s wearing.  Spunky?…yes, and possibly with a little ‘sass’ mixed in…  😉

Staci, I would love to meet your Nanny.  Thank you for trusting me to make something special with this photo.

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A Custom Christmas…

Custom work is one of my ‘charming’ joys!

This is how it works.  You e-mail me your pictures or send them in the mail as Kristine did with the above pictures.

This will be a special Christmas gift for her mom. She chose a picture of her mom’s brother who passed away just under two years ago.   This is such a wonderful way to hold treasured memories.

I can still take some custom orders for a few more days….bring them on!  😉

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A Custom Christmas!

One of the things that I love about custom orders is the beautiful pictures that come my way.

Vintage portraits are my favorite and this one above is probably the most beautiful one that I’ve worked with.

This is the same gal…isn’t she so pretty – and, oh my…that red lipstick!

With a high quality photo the finished charm will be so divine…such a personal, one-of-kind gift of heirloom quality.

It’s also made in the USA.

I like this!

This batch of charms was so delightful to work with…

Do you have a favorite vintage photo that you want charmed up???

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Here…you will find a give-a-way!

I love doing give-a-ways and am open to any excuse to do so.

I’ve been doing a give-a-way for every 100th post that I’ve written and my 600th was written while I was in Minneapolis and I was too preoccupied to give it much thought.

It’s {really} not too late so yesterday I decided that a custom charm would be the perfect thing to give-a-way.  I love custom charm orders and I would LOVE to do one for YOU.

Here’s what you need to doLeave a comment with this post and begin dreaming about what kind of charm YOU would want custom made for YOU {or possibly as a gift}

…speaking of gifts

This is the perfect time to begin thinking about your custom charm orders for Christmas.  It is as easy as e-mailing me photos that you want to have framed .

Payment options are: cash, check, Paypal, or credit card.  It’s all so quick, easy, and oh-so-personal not to mention filled-with-love and thoughtfulness!!!

Or…here is another fabulous idea for you.  You could attend my next BoHo Art Retreat – October 21-23 – and learn how to make your very own custom charms {as well as a variety of other fun items}.

$280 includes 2-nights lodging and 3-days worth of meals and whimsical fun!

We had a wagon full of  fun at our last retreat!

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back to charming…

Yesterday it was back to charming…

When I know I have to be serious, I grab a stack of movies and feed them in one after the other.  It makes the time go by so much faster.  I try to grab ones that I’ve seen many times so that I can mostly just listen and know what’s going on.

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It’s been a crazy fun week full of surprise orders with a need for some quick turn-around.

I can do that when I need to…

They will all go out today, hopefully arriving with a few days of wiggle~room.

This was just an experiment.  I’ve enjoyed wearing it but it would need a bit of refining in order to sell it.  I will say though that I’m also working on a more doable/wearable bracelet that I think I’m going to like better.

Trish wrote a post {HERE} about our βσhσ Art Retreat, just in time to relieve some of my sadness because I was finished writing my own…

I can’t tell you how much I have loved your comments about the retreat that have been filled with excitement and encouragement.   I’m looking forward to find out who the next 10 crafty ladies will be to make up our next group of βσhσ gals in October.  Get your name on the list!

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Two custom charms – side one is the same on both…

These might just be in a give-a-way on another blog from the great state of Washington.

I will for sure let you know so YOU can be entered…

I’m a few weeks into painting #2 of my painting lessons.  This sweet ballerina on horseback  is FAR from being finished but I just love seeing her come to life.

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Custom work…

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lovin’ life :

~ these charms will go out in the mail today ~

I have a friend who’s building a bakery and the ‘eat cake’ charm is going to her…just because (the side that is showing here was taken from some of her new advertising)

in fact, Amber & I were able to have breakfast at her restaurant on Saturday

I never leave Chaps disappointed…just walking in is a treat.  This was my first time for breakfast and I ordered a baked custard oatmeal that was covered in blueberries and served with steamed milk.  Can I just say, “Oh my goodness!!”  I’ve never had anything like it.

Just having a day to spend with Amber was a rare and delightful treat (since she lives 5½ hours away) and one that I won’t take for granted ever again.

She is owner/operator of Tres Birds Photography and we had some fun with me in the ‘spotlight’ and her pushing the buttons.  She’s only sent me a few shots so far but here are a couple…

This one is great because the house that is in the background was built by my great grandparents.  My grandparents lived there and then my parents lived there for my first three years.  It sits directly across the valley from the house I now live in.

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February inspires…

i really love♥ blogging!

i love♥ my blog!

i love♥ your blog!

{i love♥ Mr T}

i even love♥ that love♥ is a common thread right now in blogs!

it inspires me

it motivates me

it makes me want to give something away…

leave a comment with this post and in a few days i’ll choose a WINNER!

i will make a valentine{y} mini monogrammed charm with the letter of the winner’s choosing

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