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{ultra}fun clipboard

Do you ever have so much fun that you feel like you must be doing something illegal?

{I hope so!}

This morning as I was working on this {ultra}fun clip board I felt just that way.

♥ so much fun

I love these boards and I use them in my home to help me keep organized.  Generally, they have more clips/clothespins on them to keep my lists going…

For the upcoming Bσhσ Art Retreat I’ve been wanting to combine one of these fun clipboards with mixed media.   With fresh inspiration from the online Mixed Media class that I’ve been taking,  I jumped in, merged the two and I love the result.

I’ve decided that my favorite part about working with mixed media is that…are you ready?

…there are no rules.

that just makes me giddy

Every piece is so different and just when I think I might be done, I decide to add another little touch here…or there…or maybe that needs a little somethin’…

I decided to make this one all about me.

I love home…

I love being home…

I love staying home…

get the idea

A few of the details that make this me:  the main background is a vintage map of the area where I live ~ the roof  is from some scripture out of a Danish Bible {it’s OK, I scanned it},  Joshua 24:15 which reads “as for me an my house, we will serve the Lord” ~ layered over that is that specific verse {scanned, of course} in English [i love the picture this gives of God being the covering over our home] ~ a heart layered over the home is from a map which hi-lights right where I live as does the chandelier crystal that hangs from a hook ~ red is the color themed throughout ~ I scanned a portion of an apron that I have that belonged to my grandma and used that for the…apron ~ …it’s all so ME!

Now that this is done, tomorrow I will gather together some pictures of the retreat projects and team them with this post to give a better idea of all that we will be working on.

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Valentines 101

Making Valentines will forever bring out the kid in me!

It ranks right up there with baking and assembling gingerbread houses and finger painting!

Oh, what glittery↔gooey↔shimmery fun!

When I was in school {just a few years back}, art class was my favorite!

So now, as I work with a variety of mediums, it turns into a joyful experience.

I had a day of ‘sickness’ this week.  The day after I began working on these Valentines.  It seemed the perfect remedy as I slowly began to heal and ease back into ‘normal’.

I laid out a variety of vintage: papers, pictures and wallpaper.  I added to that  fun words, glue, stamps, paint and inks.

I worked in layers accomplishing depth and texture as I went along.

I backed each Valentine with a piece of vintage wallpaper then iced each one with a shimmery edge of German glass glitter!

As I worked on these I was full of anticipation for the upcoming Art Retreat.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the workshops that will be offered.   ♥ 😉 ♥

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A charming give-a-way~

…Christina is having a give~a~way!    Go visit her at her blog, leave a comment and you just might win this…

Here a two views of this one-of-a-kind, 2-sided charm.

It was wonderful to wake up to a new, fresh covering of snow but as we approach this place called ‘mid-winter‘ it’s all too easy to dream of ‘spring‘ and fresh strawberries.

This charm reminds me of the freshness that comes with spring and the new opportunities that it brings as the ground awakens and the birds take to flight…as well as to nesting!

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Clipboards for your lists…

As I began writing this post the temperature outside was about 12°.  Oh Baby, it’s cold outside!…but I still did my morning walk ~ I just bundled up a bit more.  I told my friend who I walk with each morning that we should decide how cold is too cold.  Last year we had some mornings that were -25°.

That would certainly be too cold.

I finished my clipboards…Oh, I just love these.  I use one myself and it’s fun and functional all in one little package.

They also make a great gift idea!

My dad was recently replacing the metal measuring tape that he uses when he logs.  As he was throwing it away he said, “I suppose you’re thinking about something you can use that for” ~ I looked at him like, “Would I pull something out of your garbage to fulfill my own creative desires?”  Well, sure enough, I did start thinking and I’ll probably come up with a fun variety of options over time but I also thought it was a fun addition to these boards so I glued a strip to the side.

When Amber went to Paris this year, one of the things she brought me was a magazine that I scanned and used the cover for this board.

The postcard I used on the top of this and the journal page were also among the items she brought home.

It’s just so much fun to know that you can take a non-dimensional treasure and use it over and over again!

I would love any help in giving this board creation a worthy name!

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Oh my…

I just typed 11.25.09…is it true???   Is it really the 25th?

Oh my…that only means one thing.  I’m sure that you are way ahead of me on this one…

Oh well…at least I’m working away…

I’ll write more on these later {when they’re finished}♥

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Vinyl Collage Tote

vinyl collage toteHere is a fun tote created with canvas and magazine clippings ~ then topped with clear vinyl.

vinyl collage toteI’ve made a few of these one-of-a-kind creations before.    •onetwothree

vinyl collage toteA conversation regarding them came up @ a local quilt ship last week and the owner asked me if I would consider teaching a class.

vinyl collage toteI said, “yes!” and here is my class sample.

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creating ~ designing


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shelvesI purchase these three shelves for $2 @ our local thrift store.  They looked like they could only be good for the dumpster.  I know Mr T thought that I finally went ‘crazy’ {cuckoo, berzerk, bonkers, nuts, screwy, delirious…} ~ I was actually even questioning myself.  I don’t like taking before pictures, so I didn’t!

shelvesI really love take after pictures…so I did!

charmsWith some paint, vintage wallpaper, sanding, charms and a dab of chalkboard paint I’m hoping that I have something that will sell.




vintage wallpaperThis roll of vintage wallpaper was a purchase from last weekend’s show – my only purchase, actually – that’s pretty amazing for me.  I have quite a bit of vintage wallpaper but this roll amazes me.  It’s beautiful to the eye and the touch.


I’m convinced that I’ll be using it in a variety of projects.

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One must always have one’s boots on and be ready to go.

                                                                                                                                ~Michel de Montaigne

keep your boots on...

This  piece, with original collage work ,has been topped with a 3″ by 5″ bevel glass (w/the top corners cut off) then encased with a soldered edge.  It’s hanging in a genuine stirrup that I think may still have a tad bit of manure still on it.   {oops!}

future peas

Future sugar snap peas!

future peas

Rick & Laurie

I have used this completely adorable picture of my cousins in the collage work shown @ the top.  I wanted to show you a close-up of it here.

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Barn wood racks~


I made these racks for my last show and sold them for $35.

As I finished them up I packed them away and I neglected to do a post on them so today I took pictures of the ones that I have left.

barn wood sign

The frames were made from re-reclaimed barn wood.  My friend/neighbor makes garden gates from old barn wood (w/our tough winter we had a few barns in our community collapse).  I took his leftovers and made these frames (w/the help of my friend, Diane).

collage art in soldered frame

Each frame includes  a piece of original collage art that has been topped with a 2″x8″ bevel glass and then enclosed with a soldered frame.

collage art in soldered frame

collage art in soldered frame

collage art in soldered frame~.Θ.~

It was fun to see one of my aprons in this post yesterday.   Joy bought two aprons from me @ the Farm Chicks show.  Sweet, sweet gal.  I have been looking for my post where I originally wrote about it but when I couldn’t find it, it dawned on me that I never wrote one because I didn’t finish the apron.  This was one of the items that I put finishing touches on the night before the show.

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