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Pre-Christmas Sewing

Now that all of the gifts have been unwrapped, I can show some pics of the fun things I made.






I made these (from this) for my neices and had so much fun with it.  I wasn’t sure how they would like them because I know that clothing isn’t a favorite gift for kids to receive at Christmas.  Abbie (4) said, “I didn’t want a skot”.  It was really pretty cute.  Skirts are actually their favorite thing to wear, everyday…all year long, so I think they’ll like them.  Because of the crazy colors I used though, I probably should go out and buy them some tops to match.

I showed you this afgan that I bought…

img_1958Here’s the bag I made from it, for my wanna-be hippie girl.  She loved it.  It may have been her favorite gift.   The center block below the button is a pocket that I made a sewed over the center block.

img_1959I made these funny little zippered bags for my kids.  They are small but fun and cute.

img_1996As of last night I have all of my kids home for a few days.  Things liven up a bit when my #1 child arrives. I’m excited for these days.  It will be a while before we are all together again.  I’m hoping to have some (non-professional) family pics taken today.


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The sewing room is humming…

Christmas night, after our celebration, I was anxious to create a fun little case for my new camera.

camera case

camera case

I made this with Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern 2 – and then added an embroidered doily & a homemade button.

I’ve also been wanting to try this tutorial…so I did!  (& it actually took 45 minutes)

apron…then I made 4 flannel pillowcases and went to bed about  midnight.

Lauren was sewing right along with me. I LOVE it when we sew together.  She sets up her machine & I’m on mine…we just talk, sew, sing and….well, whatever we want.  I’ll have to post pics of her project(s) tomorrow.


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A cuff and its box…

Here are some pictures of a cuff I made for my daughter and the box I gave it to her in.

hand-pieced cuff




collage box w/ Alice in WonderlandI collaged this box with an Alice in  Wonderland~Little Golden Book and I also made a charm for her and hung it from the box.

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{Merry Wishes to YOU this Christmas Day}

vintage Christmas greeting!

The true joy of the world began at the manger and He came that we all might find Him.

from about 1965 - I'm the blondie on the left

from about 1965 - I'm the blondie on the left


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Christmas Eve 2008

It has been snowing steady here for more than a week with very brief breaks.  It’s truly a winter wonderland and it certainly makes everything so festive for Christmas.

the garden is peacefully at rest~

the garden is peacefully at rest~

another peak @ something I've been working on

another peak @ something I've been working on

glorious fabric

glorious fabric

As part (most) of Lauren’s Christmas gifts I let her go to QuiltHome.com to pick out a couple of projects.  We got the glorious fabric package yesterday and she has already cut into it all and is working away on her fabulous creations.  I love to encourage her to sew, and she finds it very rewarding.

my first Christmas with my first love!  (and last!)

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More Daisy Chain Fun~

Continuations of Sneak-Peak ’08


If you have Anna Maria’s book Seams to Me – you’ll know exactly what I’m making.


this touch of embellishment includes a snippet from an old worn-out chenille bedspread

It is so fun and rewarding to sew with beautiful, high quality fabrics (quilthome.com).  I know that there are dear ones in my life who think I go a little crazy with my fabric combos but…I just can’t help myself – sometimes I try – you just have no idea how hard it is for me.


This is a fun way to use scraps (these are all from a Joel Dewberry collection).  This pattern is from the book Pretty Little Patchwork.

Libbz & her friend were out on trampoline duty this morning...trying to get the snow off

Libbz & her friend were out on trampoline duty this morning...trying to get the snow off

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Sunday Inspirations!

vintage Christmas card

**I need to post a correction for yesterday’s post.  I found out that our outdoor thermometer doesn’t work well when it is below 0 – yesterday our early morning temperature was around -25.

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All Is Calm…

12.19.0812.19.08deerThe beauty here is quite indescribable.  It’s peaceful and wonderful.  We’ve started feeding the deer again.  Having the snow come so quick, so deep and with such low temperatures is hard on them, so we’ll do our little part here to help the deer population out.

I’m a little sad too this morning.  My family headed across the state to meet up with the rest of the fam to celebrate Christmas with Mr T’s side of the family.  With the weather the way it is, it’s necessary that someone stay on the home front to make sure things are OK here.  We have 2 fires that have to keep going 24/7 and animals who’s water dishes seem to be continually frozen.  Besides I would so much rather be the one NOT driving on those roads and over a pass where chains are required.  The other thing that’s happening today is my #2 child is having her wisdom teeth pulled, actually probably right now as I’m writing this.  I makes me feel horrible that I’m not there for her but at 20 I also know that there are many paths she’ll cross where I can’t be by her side.  She’ll do just fine and her dad will bring her home tomorrow night so I can take care of her then.

wallflower for Mom TI made this for my m-i-l.  We lost my father-in-law just a little over a year ago and when I was trying to think of what to make Mom T, I just couldn’t get past this idea of “No Tears In Heaven” (which I’ve used once before).  I think that she will be deeply touched by this very personal ‘Wallflower’.

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Christmas in the Northwest


I can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous it is here in eastern Washington.  We have been blessed with a dumping of snow.  It’s been snowing for more that 24 hours straight and it’s still going.the PERFECT wool afgan

Do you ever go into a thrift store hoping to find a specific item?  Dangerous endeavor.  I do it often but instead of leaving with what I’m looking for, I leave with arm loads of other goodies.  This time, however, I went in looking for a wool (key word – no acrylic here), crocheted, granny-square afgan in oranges, browns…  and look what I came out with.  I love it even more with that touch of robin’s egg blue!   I can’t show it here (yet) but I made a wonderful little something with this for a someone-?-very-?-special.

Holiday Traditions Exchange

My wonderful, homemade gift came from Lauren for the Holiday Traditions Exchange.  She made me this fun, festive & fluffy (you could use those same words to describe me) pillow.  She also send a recipe and a hand written account of her family’s best holiday tradition.  Very nice – Thank you so much Lauren.

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A is for…

side 2

I wished I'd noticed it was blurry before I had it all packaged and ready to mail.

I wished I'd noticed it was blurry before I had it all packaged and ready to mail.

My daughter loves to design custom charms ~ this style is one of her favs.  It becomes a very personal gift.  She had me make this for one of her favorite gals.

These charms are made with 1″ beveled glass, back to back.

gingerbread-housesI spent portions of the past two days working in 2 “Food & Family” classes @ my daughter’s school ~ she is in one of the classes.  Her teacher asked if I would help teach the kids how to make gingerbread houses.  I was thrilled to be asked.  That’s a great place for a mom to hang out & my sweet-16 girl seemed to actually like the fact that I was there.  She, of course, had to make a special call to me (probably during class) to make sure that I didn’t wear anything embarrassing.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

A is for: always trying to be there for my kids …in any possible way, with anything, whenever and however possible...if possible & if practical… (you get the idea)  & all the while…trying not to look stupid or embarrassing! 🙂  (it’s such a challenging job)

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