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It’s a perfect day to celebrate life!

Isn’t ‘life’ a funny thing?

Is it possible that at any age we have arrived at a place where we have it figured out?

I can’t seem to get myself to write the numbers here, in black and white, that reveal my new age today.  When I think of those numbers I shake my head…I can’t believe it…I’m beyond middle age…When I was young I looked at ladies like me and thought that they were really old!

And yet, I will say that I love where I am in life.

There isn’t a day or a year where I wish to return.

Each year has offered more…has taken me to a better life…this life.

I’m not even sure that there was a time in my life where I felt better than I do today {or if I did, I just didn’t know how much I should appreciate it}.

There are aspects of those early years that I miss…I miss the perky, thinner version of me {that just had to come first}…I miss holding my babies…I miss the places where we lived that gave us friends that we no longer get to see…I miss my grandparents…

I love that everything in my previous 47 years brought me right to where I am today {there! that was a gently way of saying it}!

The current picture of me that you see above was included in a post that Amber wrote yesterday {great post, btw…check it out}.  My first response was that of shock that she would post a picture of me like that….no make-up…hair not done…etc.  This was a work day.  We were getting ready for the workshop the next day.  In fact, she was suppose to be taking shots of the bucket of milk that I was holding.   I believe my instructions were, ‘not my face!”

I love the little lessons that life sends our way in the form of surprises. 

One thing that I have learned in my life is that I want to be real…in every possible way!

Seeing that photo reminded me of that.  That picture is raw, real, natural…all of the things that I want to be each day. 

No cover-up!

I had to put the two photos side-by-side because there is simply no mistaking that they are the same girl.  I love that little girl ~ she knew how to love life… and I also love the person she has become.  {wow! those are hard words to say…it feels bold…but the tears streaming down my face right now makes it feel less so…}

photo by: Tres Birds Photography

I will still always prefer the pictures of myself where my my chin looks like one single chin and my make-up and hair are nicely done…where the lines around my eyes are softened…

And this will be just another wonderful day to celebrate life!

photo by: Tres Birds Photography

The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.
-Madeleine L’Engle

I would love to send one of you a gift! 

A bar of my hand-made soap…made from fresh goat milk! …and a CELEBRATE charm…{like the one I’m wearing in the picture above…it is personally, my favorite charm}

Leave a comment, answering this question…What is your favorite part of your life?  What brings a smile to your face on a regular basis?  What makes you celebrate life?

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just a few more blessings…

Here is another variation of the Christmas Stockings that I wrote about yesterday…I really like this one!

On a different note…today I celebrate 23 years of being a mom…½ my life!

What an interesting thought…it’s a thought that prods me to reminisce a bit.  I can honestly say that from my earliest recollection, all I ever wanted to be was a mom.  I absolutely couldn’t wait.  Then I jumped in.  When Andrew was 9 mos.  {and seeming like such a big boy}, Lauren was on the way….then about 4 years later, Elizabeth.  There really wasn’t any time to think…I just did…and did…and went…and did some more….   Now I can see how my life was redefined on November 21st ♥ 1986…it took on new meaning.  I didn’t really realize then that I would never be the same.  I truly believe that once we are gifted with the title ‘Mom’, God begins to dole out His ‘mom blessings’…the blessings that He saves just for moms!   He begins to change us and gift us as He sees fit.  I’m so thankful {& a bit overwhelmed} with His generosity!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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Sunday Inspirations!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This will be my 23rd Mother’s Day…because I absolutely celebrated that 1st one when he was growing inside of me.

the fam!

God has blessed me so much with a wonderful Mother, Mother-In-Law and amazing Grandmothers…not to mention the three wonderful children that I gave birth to…and the dear one that we have added this year (officially in August).

Happy 21st Birthday to my dear Lauren…

dear LaurenShe liked the burlap bag I made this week so I made her one.  We were all together yesterday (my best Mom’s Day gift) celebrating our son’s college graduation so I was able to give it to her.

burlap purse

It only made sense that I make one of these for her, because…

burlap purse

#1 -She loved the other one I made!

burlap purse - back side - don't ever take a picture of my backside!!!!

#2 – She won the 1,000th commenter give-a-way this week!

burlap purse - inside

#3 – These coffee bean bags were hers.  She worked for a coffee shop that also roasted it’s own coffee.  These bags would arrive @ the shop full of the green ‘Fair Trade’ coffee beans.

burlap purse

#4 – the best reason of all – today is her 21st birthday!!!!

burlap purse - made with coffee bean bag

.  .  ∞  ♥  ∞ .  .

on another note….

congrats Andrew!Congratulations Andrew on this amazing accomplishment – we are so very proud of you.

*this photo taken off of the large screen!  😉

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Happy Birthday, Sis!

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday.

personalized vintage flower bottle

She is my sweetest sister.

Fresh Flower label for vintage bottle…and my only sister {except for my 2 favorite sister-in-laws}!

back side of label

side 2 of bottle label

Her name is Arlene!   …Arlene and Elaine ~ what kind of mother does that?

answer: a wonderful one!

good answer, huh?

I went to an estate sale yesterday.  On the 2nd or 3rd trip there 🙂 I went specifically to buy a jar that I could use to put fresh flowers in for my sis.  I love these old jars ~ they’re so full of character.  I had to cut the cork out of it which meant that the inside was nice and clean.  I added a special soldered label just for her and fresh flowers from the florist.  Since I was going to the big city today I was able to drop this off to her at work (thus the boring white wall in the background!).

fresh flower jar

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Spring Forward!

Last night Liz had a birthday party with friends so I was busy baking …cupcakes, chocolate~ice cream cookies, caramel corn…

warm, crisp cookies

I borrowed this cookie recipe from Baker’s Banter and used ice cream instead of the creamy filling.

chocolate~ice cream cookies

They were fun to make and very yummy

{how would I know that?  Unfortunately, my 4 weeks w/o sugar was completely challenged yesterday and I did cave but today is a new day}

going to the freezer

homemade carmel corn

homemade caramel corn is favorite and again quite yummy 😦

spring forward...This isn’t my favorite night of the year because Sunday mornings are always early, get-up-and-go type of mornings, but as with each year, tonight we lose an hour!

Daylight Savings time begins!

We say “spring forward” but I only wish that spring was even remotely close in these parts.  I do plan to get my tomato seeds planted though ~ maybe today [inside, of course].  That will help put a ‘spring’ in my step.

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