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A friend for all seasons…

Amber gave me my {somewhat} belated birthday gift this past week while I was visiting her.

She hand-pieced this sweet and very personal cuff for me.  It’s beautiful and so thoughtful…we have, indeed, been friends through many seasons…

…seasons that go beyond; spring, summer, autumn, winter!

I love late birthday gifts and I love friends!!!

I finished my Christmas stockings.  I added a “JOY” tag to each one and it just gives them that ‘finished’ look that I needed to see.

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Two fun new aprons…

vintage{y}apronIt’s early, early (5:30) and I’m getting ready to leave for the little show that I’ve signed up to do today!

I love both of these aprons and they are going with me.


They both have well-used carpenter’s aprons worked into them…

vintage{y}apron…they just add so much character!


vintage{y}apronThis one is definitely a favorite!!!

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felted tote

purse from felted wool sweaterI made a fun little bag from an old wool sweater that I felted.

purseThe handle is made from a vintage barkcloth drape – the trim around the top came from a linen dress with little blue embroidered flowers.

flowerThis is my first attempt at a ‘linen flower’ but in this case I should call it a barkcloth flower…just doesn’t have the same ring though.

purse from felted wool sweaterI’m going to be doing a ‘show’ on Saturday that is north of Spokane.  Here’s a link to an article that was written about it.   If you live in the area come see me.  This link will give you the information that you need.

Vintage Finds and Handmade Treasures Market

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An Apron Creation

vintage{y}apronI made this apron using an old drape that has fresh, beautiful fall{ish} colors in it.



vintage{y}apronMy giant owl necklace compliments it nicely!  😉

pot holderThere is an ever-so-handy potholder sewn into the bottom of it…on the right hand side.

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Vinyl Collage Tote

vinyl collage toteHere is a fun tote created with canvas and magazine clippings ~ then topped with clear vinyl.

vinyl collage toteI’ve made a few of these one-of-a-kind creations before.    •onetwothree

vinyl collage toteA conversation regarding them came up @ a local quilt ship last week and the owner asked me if I would consider teaching a class.

vinyl collage toteI said, “yes!” and here is my class sample.

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…a give•a•way

♥ celebrating the 2nd year of my blog ♥

←to enter→

leave a comment on any {and all} posts during the month of October

shopping bagI got so excited after writing yesterday’s post that I had to go right to my sewing machine and get this sweet, functional little thing started.  Sometimes you just gotta work when ‘miss inspiration’ is at work.


close-upThis is not your average shopping bag…it is certainly a one-of-kind.  When you walk into the store with this, any gal with class will certainly turn an envious head your direction!

this bag was made:

1) by re•cycling a chicken feed bag


2) with fabrics that have all been acquired through my 2nd hand addiction shopping…
charmand, for the sake of fun, I just made a charm to throw into the give-a-way!

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Wall Sconces…

wall sconceI made some of these a while back and I don’t think that I wrote a post on them so here you go…





you wouldn’t believe the # of people who think this is 25 cents – {I really want to say, with tag in hand, “now, do you notice that the is after the 25 and not before…but that would just show how ornery I am and I try to keep that concealed} I know, I should just put $25.00, but I can’t…I guess I just like playing with people’s minds too much….

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Barnboard re-creations~









barnboard~framesI love these barnboard frames with rusty chicken wire and barbed wire.  When we were working on them a gal came in and said that she knew where there was some wonderful, old, well-aged barbed wire rolled up and available for  the taking.  So, right then and there, we left and rummaged through the old dump where it was.

I made the last one for her!

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creating ~ designing


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Kitchen Pride~

vintage{y}apronThanks for the sweet comments on this new batch of aprons.

vintage{y}apronThey’ve been fun ~ it’s funny how each one inspires me.

vintage{y}apronIt’s also funny that when each one sells, I tend to say, “Ohhhhh ~ you’re going to buy one of my aprons!”  …with the added expression of sadness and joy.

vintage{y}apron w/charms

Most of my aprons sell for $35-50, so when a gal has decided that she wants one, she really wants one and is very excited about her purchase.  That makes me excited too, knowing that it will be going to a good home.  🙂

I know that to some this sounds so very silly but I put a bit of my ♥ & soul into each one!

cupcake charm

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