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apron creations…

OK…I promise to move beyond aprons.  One of my goals for the weekend was to get a few made and between district playoffs for boy’s basketball I was able to get 5 made.

The apron pictured above is similar to the one in my last post.  I had just enough of the soft, vintage plaid to make two and the white piece is a table topper cut in half so I worked that into both as well.  The pocket has a few fun features on it so I’m hi-lighting that here.

This apron was an experiment that I love and will definitely make more.  I really wraps around well and feels good on.  I made it more for vendor use rather than kitchen use.  I think that it would actually wash OK, but because it’s burlap, I won’t guarantee that just yet.

My favorite finishing touch on each one of my aprons is a snippet of this T.V. ribbon from a turn of the century Belgium warehouse.

Both aprons are $35

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charmed! for sure…

How fun it was to bless 14 gals as ‘winners’.  {i will admit that somewhere there in the middle i thought “what have i done?”} I appreciated all of the words of ‘thanks’ from each one of you.  My favorite one came from Julie

“I still can’t believe you charmed us all”

I guess I did charm you all….  😉   and I was charmed in the process.  That’s how it works, you know…just when you think you are trying to bless someone else…surprise!!! ~you get the blessing  ~~  love it!!!

Here’s a charmer that went out to Pat so she could give it to her sis, Kathy, as a birthday gift!  …a very unique, one-a-kind gift.

Thanks, Pat, for letting me help you with this special occasion!

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~: trois charmes :~

I recently met Pat when she ordered her ‘sisterhood’ charm through the MaryJanes Farm website.

She has since enjoyed ordering several custom charms for gifts and decided that now was the time to design another one, this time for herself.

These pictures show both sides of the charm necklace that will be going to Pat in Virginia.

Let me know if I can help YOU with any of your own special ideas!

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A charming give-a-way~

…Christina is having a give~a~way!    Go visit her at her blog, leave a comment and you just might win this…

Here a two views of this one-of-a-kind, 2-sided charm.

It was wonderful to wake up to a new, fresh covering of snow but as we approach this place called ‘mid-winter‘ it’s all too easy to dream of ‘spring‘ and fresh strawberries.

This charm reminds me of the freshness that comes with spring and the new opportunities that it brings as the ground awakens and the birds take to flight…as well as to nesting!

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Farmgirl fun :~}

A {somewhat}  local farmgirl asked me this week if I would be willing to contribute a hand-made creation towards a gift basket with a ‘farmgirl’ theme for a silent auction.

I’m not too sure about all of the details for the silent auction but it just happens to be for the community where Rene’ grew up and the community where my son and his wife now live.

That added the ♥personal touch♥ necessary for me to get excited about it.

I got it done so quickly and in the mail, I may just tarnish my ‘procrastinator’ reputation but I was just in the mood to tinker…so, tinker I did!

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Charmed with J*O*Y

Mr. T and I are leaving the house early this morning ~ both vehicles loaded ~ to go set up for a show.  What a guy he has been this week…helping me do this…helping me do that…with excitement and dedication!  


…and now he’ll help me haul and unload my junque!  

WOW!! {again!!!}

With every show I do I have such a feeling of excitement mixed with anxiety…it’s hard to explain…I put a lot of pressure on myself hoping that everything will just be….GRAND!

For those of you who are ‘locals’ – I’ll be @ A Vintage Christmas – located @ the NorthTown Mall in Spokane…I’ll be wearing my beautiful new J*O*Y, triple-charm necklace!

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Clipboards for your lists…

As I began writing this post the temperature outside was about 12°.  Oh Baby, it’s cold outside!…but I still did my morning walk ~ I just bundled up a bit more.  I told my friend who I walk with each morning that we should decide how cold is too cold.  Last year we had some mornings that were -25°.

That would certainly be too cold.

I finished my clipboards…Oh, I just love these.  I use one myself and it’s fun and functional all in one little package.

They also make a great gift idea!

My dad was recently replacing the metal measuring tape that he uses when he logs.  As he was throwing it away he said, “I suppose you’re thinking about something you can use that for” ~ I looked at him like, “Would I pull something out of your garbage to fulfill my own creative desires?”  Well, sure enough, I did start thinking and I’ll probably come up with a fun variety of options over time but I also thought it was a fun addition to these boards so I glued a strip to the side.

When Amber went to Paris this year, one of the things she brought me was a magazine that I scanned and used the cover for this board.

The postcard I used on the top of this and the journal page were also among the items she brought home.

It’s just so much fun to know that you can take a non-dimensional treasure and use it over and over again!

I would love any help in giving this board creation a worthy name!

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Woodlands Princess

This beautiful girl has been adorned with a crown…

…made completely from things I have gathered in the woods right around our house...

…with the base being an actual bird’s nest!


This has been my listening enjoyment while writing this post!

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Oh my…

I just typed 11.25.09…is it true???   Is it really the 25th?

Oh my…that only means one thing.  I’m sure that you are way ahead of me on this one…

Oh well…at least I’m working away…

I’ll write more on these later {when they’re finished}♥

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I need to move beyond stockings…

I thought I was done with stockings and then I came up with a different idea.

These came out nothing like my ‘idea’ but they are fun {and that ‘idea’ is still rattling around up there…}.

The cuff on this one was made with ½ of a vintage linen napkin.

When I started this one I was planning to use the other half of the napkin but this just seemed to ‘fit’ better.

And, with the addition of a nicely-aged, red velvet button, it’s ready to go.

I designed a tag that I’ll just use @ my {one, so far} Christmas Show, A Vintage Christmas!

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