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Celebrating Autumn

Living in the country has so many benefits…for me!  I realize that I am so, very different from most people but I feel like it allows me to do so many of the things that I’ve wanted to do for years…

…like taking time to celebrate Autumn with family.

We did just that on Saturday.  There were 15 of us and we pressed 36 gallons of cider, the kids carved pumkins and played in the leaves and we ate wonderful food.

I’m hoping that we have just had our 1st Annual ~ Bowe Family Celebration of Autumn!

   Now that we have had our practice run {which was a fairly spontaneous happening} we’ll need to invite the rest of the family and really get it on!

My brother slipped away before, after and a little during to get the trusses up on the little barn!

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Thanksgiving Eve Eve

…and I’m getting that feeling in my gut.  There is always more to do than will get done…make sense to you?  So I’m going to make this a quick one…

the menu is set

the menu is set

this is what I'm working with for table coverings

this is what I'm working with for table colverings

I'm working on 5 of these for custom orders - I call it a Doodle Box and I'll explain my little story behind these in a later post - this is the front and it will be personalized...oh, and I still need to add a charm

This is the front of a Doodle Box - I'm working on 5 of these for custom orders - I'll explain the story behind these in a later post. I need to personalize this and add a personalized charm.

and here's the back - this board on the back slides out to the box opens up for storage

and here is the back - this board slides out to open the box up for storage - there's a white board on the other side.

I’ve got more to post but it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Oh, tomorrow…my kids come.  Yeah!  Why does that thought always make me teary???

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Autumn Decor!

It’s been fun to add little vignettes with autumn decor here and there~inside and out.  I’ve been wanting to make a banner for several months. In fact, I got these funny glass pieces that are parts of a broken lamp shade.

I can’t explain why I bought them but once I had them here I pictured them as the base to a banner.  Using their shape I began to collage each section for this banner.  I don’t have pics of each one individually but here is one close-up.

One of the fun details that I did around the punched hole at the top of each piece was to run a strip of tatted lace so that the center hole lined up with the punched hole.  It’s so cute!…but my pic is blurry – oh maybe I’ll show it anyway…

I didn’t leave the purple rope in, but you get the idea.  These next pics also aren’t the greatest but it’s what I’ve got.  The glass pieces made it real heavy and awkward but once I had it in place I liked it.

and to pull away for the full effect….

I’ve got to give that guy up there a name!…I also need to add some fun decor under the banner.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I picked up the new release of Somerset Life.  It’s such a great publication.  I’m going to link you to the post @ The Feathered Nest, where I first saw it and promptly added it to my going-to-the-big-city shopping list.  Dawn’s portion of this magazine is actually my favorite anyway…rag ball ornaments, Advent calendar, mitten ornaments…  There are some great Christmas ideas.

I tip toed over to this blog today.  I love her ‘Miss Oct 31st’ banner on her dress form.  I think that AnnaLeigh needs one of those.

Have a joyful, autumn, crafty weekend!

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