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photo was taken by Kelly Tareski                 thx.Kelly!

It’s time to do a re-cap on another fabulous weekend.

A few years ago I began to dream about the possibilities of hosting art retreats at my place.  I felt as though I had the perfect set-up here.  A beautiful country setting, cabins, a supportive husband and a home that, with a bit of transforming, would work for workshops and meals.

Now that I have completed four retreats I’ll say that it just feels right.  It is a bit overwhelming to know that these women, most of whom have never met me before, trust me with their time and their resources.  They take their drive out to my country home hoping that the food and accommodations and workshops will be all they hope for them to be…I carry that load, taking none of those ‘hopes’ for granted.

My personal hope and goal is to be all, to all!  Yes, it can get a bit exhausting but in the end it seems to work well and I love it!  🙂

My favorite retreat posts are the ones where I can use someone else’s pictures but for now I only have my own to work with.  Taking good pictures is always a challenge for me during these weekends because I’m so busy which I guess is why there are so many food pictures…those were my down times.

Fresh bread rising on the kitchen counter.

Oh, my…yummy cheese cake!

Mixed media…


I think that my silly dog Cash loves these weekends as much as I do…he seems to always find one or more girls who love him.  Here, Sheila is lovin’ on him!

A semi-early morning walk is on the schedule each day.  I generally have one or two gals who join me…another favorite time for Cash.

Rhoda, Kelly and Cash!

An un-invited 3-legged visitor…Kelly saved him and let him outside.


Chocolate fondue…

On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed a 3-course tea party…

Glass table-top journals…

Jennifer came for the weekend and cooked for us.  She did an amazing job and even sent each gal home with a bunch of goodies.  Thanks Jennifer for your cooking, baking, giving, serving and friendship…oh, ya…and the leftovers!

And thanks to each and every gal who came and participated this weekend.  You truly are the ones who make the weekend special.

My next retreat will be April 13-15, 2012.  It will be $380 [which includes all food, accommodations and workshops] and I have 2 [maybe 3] spots open right now.  A deposit of $100 can also hold a spot for You!

I also plan to have another Valentine Tea and Glitter Party in February which is a one-day workshop. 

side note…if there was enough interest I think it would be fun to have a one-day workshop for decorating gingerbread houses…it would probably be $75 and would include the pre-made gingerbread houses, frosting and some candy and a delicious lunch.   …maybe December 10?   {just thinking out loud here…}   …what do you think?

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A refresher course…of sorts:

It seems that everything I do right now has something to do with getting ready for next weekend’s

Boho Art Retreat.Camp Four!    

I am so excited to have a new group of gals come in for another weekend of creative, crafty gloriousness!    {not to mention the over-the-top wonderful eating that takes place in, throughout and during!}  Oh, my!

It’s always wise for me to refresh myself on the workshops that I’ve planned.

This is a fun one because it seems that as I refresh I… get refreshed!

Creativity just does that for me!

I have so much fun with these creative clipboards.  Each one turns out so different but my common goal with each one I make is that is has function.

I live rural and it’s so important that I make each trip to town count.  I will use this clipboard for lists that I make on adding machine tape.  When I’m heading to town I take these lists and tape them inside a little notebook that I also take to town.

insert personal comment here:  this might just make it sound like I am a ultra-organized, type-A-kind-of-a-gal….not so!  I function best in the carefree state of mind and I’ve discovered that these lists help me with that!  🙂

Each board has a handy little peg for….whatever you want!

This upcoming art weekend is going to be GRAND…I actually have two spots open…won’t YOU join in?

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