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the board

I’ve been having so much fun making these boards.  I can’t wait to teach this class at The Retreat {there are still openings!} here next month.  It really is the funnest thing…I promise!

The first one pictured here, #1131 will be going out to Ellen in Oklahoma today.  It was custom-made just for her.

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{ultra}fun clipboard

Do you ever have so much fun that you feel like you must be doing something illegal?

{I hope so!}

This morning as I was working on this {ultra}fun clip board I felt just that way.

♥ so much fun

I love these boards and I use them in my home to help me keep organized.  Generally, they have more clips/clothespins on them to keep my lists going…

For the upcoming Bσhσ Art Retreat I’ve been wanting to combine one of these fun clipboards with mixed media.   With fresh inspiration from the online Mixed Media class that I’ve been taking,  I jumped in, merged the two and I love the result.

I’ve decided that my favorite part about working with mixed media is that…are you ready?

…there are no rules.

that just makes me giddy

Every piece is so different and just when I think I might be done, I decide to add another little touch here…or there…or maybe that needs a little somethin’…

I decided to make this one all about me.

I love home…

I love being home…

I love staying home…

get the idea

A few of the details that make this me:  the main background is a vintage map of the area where I live ~ the roof  is from some scripture out of a Danish Bible {it’s OK, I scanned it},  Joshua 24:15 which reads “as for me an my house, we will serve the Lord” ~ layered over that is that specific verse {scanned, of course} in English [i love the picture this gives of God being the covering over our home] ~ a heart layered over the home is from a map which hi-lights right where I live as does the chandelier crystal that hangs from a hook ~ red is the color themed throughout ~ I scanned a portion of an apron that I have that belonged to my grandma and used that for the…apron ~ …it’s all so ME!

Now that this is done, tomorrow I will gather together some pictures of the retreat projects and team them with this post to give a better idea of all that we will be working on.

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She Art…

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the start of Christy Tomlinson’s She Art Workshop .  It’s an on-line art class that began last week.  My week was so full that I wasn’t able to take a peak at the videos for Week 1 until Saturday.

So, on Saturday I painted this sweet little girl and had a lot of fun doing it!

I love these scrolly, swirly, metal frames and I pick them up just about anytime I see them…usually for less than a dollar.  They take spray paint so well.

With a fresh coat of RED, it’s a sweet compliment to this first piece of She~Art.

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Everything is Better with a Touch of SPARKLE

I must say that I am so excited for my upcoming Valentine Tea/Workshop {so excited}.

I think about it every day!

I have mixed emotions that the registration is closed… it is full with a waiting list.

I want everyone to come!

{Update: I now have no waiting list and there may be a couple of available spots for the February 5th workshop…leave a comment here if interested}

This is my theme for the day {actually, it’s my theme for a lot of my days}.

I’m in the process of planning out the workshops for this year’s weekend Boho Art Retreats.  It’s hard for me because I want them to be just right and I know that it should have been done about two months ago.  Needless to say…it’s another thing that I’m very excited about and I never tire of the interest that comes my way for them….{those of you who inquire are the first to be informed}.

In the mean time I’ve signed up for THIS…just another thing to tickle that little creative spot that I have!

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Memories of Love

I’ve had this idea rolling around for a couple of weeks…to make a heart out of pictures of couples.

My first thought was to use all vintage pictures…both relatives and unknowns.  I quickly switched to ‘knowns’.  I love anything that celebrates love and marriage and COMMITMENT!  I am blessed that I have had that word ‘commitment‘ modeled within my family.

Each couple represented {all related except for one} has an understanding of what that word really means.

I was hoping to include more pictures of my ‘greats’ and some more of Mr T’s family but I knew if I didn’t just work with what I had it wouldn’t get done.  It was a bit of work as it is.

I had an old window that I wanted to put them behind {thus the difficulty with photographing} so I worked with that measurement and came up with a size {2.188 x 3.5} that each picture needed to be.  It took 52 pictures. I cheated a little and used vintage Valentines for two spots.

I love going through our old photos.  I have this chronic smile on my face as I slip through each memory.  This is the ‘earliest’ photo I have of Mr T and I.

We were sitting on a dock on Lake Washington which overlooked Seattle.

i still have that sweatshirt

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The Circus Girl…and a give-a-way!!!

This past year I started taking {oil} painting lessons.  I have a wonderful teacher and it’s a small class.  We can do whatever we want and she will help us through the bumps.

This is my second painting.   I knew that I wanted to add a burlap banner to the top of it so it has just been sitting there…unfinished {it needed at least a few weeks to dry completely}.

Isn’t her face and hair just so lovely?…she makes me smile…oh, and that perfect shade of periwinkle… it’s just so yummy!

I also knew that I wanted to make a charm out of it…so I did!

I’m going to give one of these away…just leave a comment with this post and I’ll draw a name…some day soon!

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Painting Lesson: Day 3

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teaching an old gal….

New Tricks!!!!…

…a new passion?   …or just another glorious distraction from housework?

Yesterday I began my first painting class.

What a charge!

My work-in-progress doesn’t look too bad from a distance.  I tried to work on it a little when I got home but since I really don’t know what I’m doing {at all!}, I decided that I would wait until next week for the comfort and safety of my instructor to continue the necessary work in the foreground.

Here is the cute little vintage painting that I’m working from as my example…

Hey! Hey! ~ don’t forget to leave a comment here to be entered into a fabulous Valentine{y} give-a-way!  Do it right now…don’t delay!!!

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Woodlands Princess

This beautiful girl has been adorned with a crown…

…made completely from things I have gathered in the woods right around our house...

…with the base being an actual bird’s nest!


This has been my listening enjoyment while writing this post!

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One must always have one’s boots on and be ready to go.

                                                                                                                                ~Michel de Montaigne

keep your boots on...

This  piece, with original collage work ,has been topped with a 3″ by 5″ bevel glass (w/the top corners cut off) then encased with a soldered edge.  It’s hanging in a genuine stirrup that I think may still have a tad bit of manure still on it.   {oops!}

future peas

Future sugar snap peas!

future peas

Rick & Laurie

I have used this completely adorable picture of my cousins in the collage work shown @ the top.  I wanted to show you a close-up of it here.

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