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Ruffles and Rust Square…

Over the weekend I was able to take some items to Ruffles & Rust Square in Snohomish, WA to sell.  Timi, the store owner, asked if I would bring some aprons and charms for her Friday evening ticket sales ‘kick-off’ for the upcoming show, Ruffles & Rust ..held at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds {Monroe} ~ October 21-22.


I gathered together my aprons {here are some pictures of a couple more I was able to get done}, charms, a few bags and hit the road in my little red Subaru.

{I love this apron…I incorporated a very old, stained and tattered towel.  All of it’s flaws, in my opinion, only add to the fun character of this apron}

Timi’s store, which features several artist/vendors, is a beautiful one.  If you’re in the Snohomish area, it’s worth the stop.  And I was able to leave some items there that will be for sale.   {thx. Timi!}

I feel bad that I haven’t talked about the fun week that is before me.  I leave tomorrow for The Creative Connection held in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This has really snuck up on me but Mr T. has had a lot of practice with goat-milking…so I have been relieved of my duties for the week and will be free to enjoy my adventures in the city!  I will be working as staff this year, which will put a different twist on the event from last year when I ran a booth and felt pretty tied down but still loved it {immensely!!}.

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a new vintage{y} apron…

Yesterday I slipped down to my little sewing area.  I haven’t done any creative sewing for a while and it felt good to just…create!

I took a beautiful, old tablecloth, two embroidered doilies, some pink rick~rack and ended up with a {actually two} cute, little wrap-around apron.

too much fun!

Timi has asked me to join in on the fun on September 9th, 4pm~8pm, for a kick-off for ticket sales for her upcoming Ruffles & Rust Show.  She asked me to bring aprons so I’m going to try to get some fun, vintage{y} aprons made up for it.

btw…I haven’t forgotten that I have a give-away still going on…jump over HERE and leave a comment to be entered

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Apron entry ~ pt.2

In my last post I should have given a little more information about this apron that I made…

btw…thanks for all of your sweet compliments regarding my creation…

All of the aprons submitted will be used at the debut for Jo Packham’s new magazine, Where Women Cook in New York City on December 10th.  Two will be chosen to win in a wonderful give-a-way {which does NOT include a trip to NYC…but…oh well…if I can’t go then at least I’ll have an apron there…}

so, it’s off to the USPS with this package…

Now, as I enjoy the view from my living room, I must get to my overwhelming stack of charm orders which makes me feel very blessed that people love to give custom-order charms for Christmas gifts.

p.s. It’s not too late to get in your orders…I’ll be taking orders for the next couple of weeks!

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Apron entry…

When I first heard about this opportunity I got very excited about the idea making an apron to enter into the give-a-way…

I’ve had to just keep the ‘thought’ tucked away so I could get past some of the craziness of this week.

Since the deadline is December 1st, this morning when the ‘thought’ resurfaced to the front of my mind I knew that if I didn’t get it made today, it wouldn’t get made!

i made it using three vintage dresser scarves {that were gifted to me by Auntie Joy…thx. Joy}.  i then added a little linen tea towel that is sewn into the waist band and a vintage crocheted pot holder into the hem line…for that last minute hot-dish that needs to be removed from the oven…

It turned out great and I love it…and I’m SO hopeful that it will be a WINNER!

thanks to my brother Marcus for indulging me this afternoon to take some pics of it for me…

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#23 to my 1″ Life Sampler is for the year…you guessed it 2000!

I’ve removed the funny blue lines…just not in time for the ‘photo shoot’!

I spent a bit of time at the sewing machine this week to make a couple of aprons with a sweet, cherry theme.

This one combines vintage fabrics with a few new ones.

Here is yet another sweet combination for an apron.

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OH! my…

I used my newly acquired needle-turn applique' skills for this heart

For my 4th block of my 1″ Life Sampler, I’ve skipped ahead to 1982 which was the year that I gave my heart away for the first and last time.  Mr T. and I had been dating {off & on} for 9 months before I realized that I really loved this guy…that was July of 1982.  He asked me to marry him on my 19th birthday, August 13th, 1982.

I picked up this perfectly, aged piece of bark cloth at the thrift store yesterday.  For a split second I thought, “Do I really want this?  It is kind of ugly!”  When I got it home, I could only say, “OH, my!”

It is perfect!

I love it!

It goes especially well with my new burlap.

I’m so glad I bought it!

Look at that glorious texture.

I wish there had been more…

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Grandma’s apron…

My mom and my aunt have been going through my grandma’s stuff as she has been gone for two years now.

Guess who they think of when they come across something that no one wants?

You guessed right…ME!

Yesterday I came home with a couple of sets of old drapes.  No need to worry…I’ll come up with some wondrous idea for them.

I also came home wearing a very fun 60’s{ish} apron.  On the way home, with that apron snuggly wrapped around my waist,  I couldn’t help but get a bit teary-eyed as I thought of my wonderful grandma.   God didn’t create another woman just like her…He simply broke the mold.  I can safely say that there isn’t one person who came into contact with her who could say a bad thing about her.

She was:

gentle * sweet * loving * caring

devoted to her God, family and friends

she cooked 3 meals a day, from scratch, every day

you could NEVER wash your hands in her kitchen sink…or anything else, only dishes!

she would let me do anything I wanted when I was at her house

she called her grandkids, Munkchips, while giving them a hug and a smile

it seemed to take forever, but really I was quite young when I became taller than her

when I was young, I liked to take her by the waist and pick her up…{she didn’t like it}

she loved her yard and was known in the community for her beautiful flowers

If I stand in just the right place of my living room, I can look through the trees and across the valley to see the house where she lived my whole life..in fact, there is smoke coming out of the chimney right now and I know that I have some of her goodness in me but is it possible, that if I wore that apron, a bit more of her would rub off on me and I could be just a little more like her?

I think I’ll try…

maybe I won’t ever take it off! 😉

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apron creations…

OK…I promise to move beyond aprons.  One of my goals for the weekend was to get a few made and between district playoffs for boy’s basketball I was able to get 5 made.

The apron pictured above is similar to the one in my last post.  I had just enough of the soft, vintage plaid to make two and the white piece is a table topper cut in half so I worked that into both as well.  The pocket has a few fun features on it so I’m hi-lighting that here.

This apron was an experiment that I love and will definitely make more.  I really wraps around well and feels good on.  I made it more for vendor use rather than kitchen use.  I think that it would actually wash OK, but because it’s burlap, I won’t guarantee that just yet.

My favorite finishing touch on each one of my aprons is a snippet of this T.V. ribbon from a turn of the century Belgium warehouse.

Both aprons are $35

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Apron Creation :~

I really love this apron.

It’s another one that I could so easily keep.

I’ve used some of my favorite vintage prints in it and the color scheme…well, it’s me!

I love how it wraps so efficiently around Mergatroid’s robust frame.

If you are ever interested in an apron that I’ve posted let me know.  I’ll try to start listing the prices.

This one will sell for $35.

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Chick madness!

Amber gave a great little ‘shout out’ for the up and coming Art Retreat!

Every day I am getting more and more excited for this.  I would love to have YOU jump in too!

Check it out!!!

I’ve also been trying to work my way to my sewing machine.

It’s been a task but yesterday I finally got there and was able to make two aprons.

Both of them are so fun and different in their own way.

This one has 4 different white layers going on.  It is truly sweet and beautiful.

With this apron I put to use the beautiful, vintage feed sacks that I wrote about in this post.

It seemed appropriate to start this new push on apron making by using one of these bags because my first show for the season will be the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane Washington.

I think about my next season of shows nearly every day and it can make me a little crazy!

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