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Last week my task for myself was to get my house decorated for Christmas.

I usually do it Thanksgiving weekend but since I was gone that weekend it didn’t get done.  Then I had my little Christmas show to do and then….it could be put off no longer. 

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed decorating this year.  I got a little weepy at times because it was the first year that I didn’t have my kids involved in any aspect of it and there are so many thoughts that run through my mind as I open up the boxes that contain years of treasured memories.

Even with those glistening eyes I enjoyed it all as I tinkered about here and there with a smile on my face…adding a touch of this and a touch of that around our home!

We love cutting a fresh tree each year.  The more natural the better and this year’s is natural and beautiful.  I love the little hidden cones that are on it.

I took advantage of a bit of inspiration and I made this canvas.  Mr T made a 20″x28″  frame for me, I stretched some heavy  fabric over it, put a light coat of a greenish paint on it, cut the letters out on my cricut, used my special Boho Glue to put them on {much like Mod Podge}, covered the whole canvas in the glue, roughed up the edges a bit with black paint and hung lights behind it.  I really like it. 

These clothespins are glittered and ready to hang the Christmas cards that come in the mail.

Our 2011 Christmas tree…I took this the night we put it up.

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