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A refresher course…of sorts:

It seems that everything I do right now has something to do with getting ready for next weekend’s

Boho Art Retreat.Camp Four!    

I am so excited to have a new group of gals come in for another weekend of creative, crafty gloriousness!    {not to mention the over-the-top wonderful eating that takes place in, throughout and during!}  Oh, my!

It’s always wise for me to refresh myself on the workshops that I’ve planned.

This is a fun one because it seems that as I refresh I… get refreshed!

Creativity just does that for me!

I have so much fun with these creative clipboards.  Each one turns out so different but my common goal with each one I make is that is has function.

I live rural and it’s so important that I make each trip to town count.  I will use this clipboard for lists that I make on adding machine tape.  When I’m heading to town I take these lists and tape them inside a little notebook that I also take to town.

insert personal comment here:  this might just make it sound like I am a ultra-organized, type-A-kind-of-a-gal….not so!  I function best in the carefree state of mind and I’ve discovered that these lists help me with that!  🙂

Each board has a handy little peg for….whatever you want!

This upcoming art weekend is going to be GRAND…I actually have two spots open…won’t YOU join in?

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