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only the freshest….

Ice cream has forever been a favorite.

Mr T and I have discovered a new love for it though over the summer.

fresh milk

fresh eggs

and now… fresh vanilla bean

I was gifted this week two handfuls {46} of vanilla beans, fresh from Indonesia.

I have never, not once, worked with vanilla bean and have felt like I was surely missing out on a pleasurable experience.  When I see them in the store, I’m not willing to break down and pay the price.  I found some through Amazon that have been sitting in my cart for quite some time, waiting for the whim to click the button and just do it….splurge!

Now I can eliminate that item from my over-crowded cart and enjoy the abundance in my possession.

I fear that my closest friends and family are going to remind me of how special I am to them and they are to me and coerce me to share….I’ll just remind them that I love to make ice cream and I will make it for them any time!  {i.will.share.some.things}

My sister-in-law Nichole, shared a wonderful recipe with me for Vanilla Peach Syrup.  At the time, we were picking huckleberries so she tried substituting 1 cup of huckleberries for 1 cup of the peaches and then I did the same.

Oh, my! and Oh, YUM!

I think that this syrup will be good on almost anything.  You can find the recipe HERE.

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attempting the undones…

Upon returning home from my week away, attending {the most amazing} The Creative Connection event, my eyes wander to all of the undones in my life.  Last month felt like a whirlwind of life and now I can settle my mind and heart a little and just take it all in and yet keep going at the same time.

…one of the undones being, this fun little chandelier that was forced out of my chicken house because one of my Rhode Island Reds insisted on roosting on it every night…her little head tucked high near the ceiling of the coop.  silly girl!  I truly did not want to disturb her because she found that to be her comfy spot each night but her eliminations were landing right in the waterer…therefore causing unnecessary contaminations!

solution: remove the chandelier until I can come up with a better idea

This morning it just sits there as one of the undones that I now need to attempt to do!

It shall be a happy, happy Monday as I hope your Monday will be too!

p.s. I also find myself singing this happy Cinderella tune…

I’m in the middle of a muddle
In the middle of a muddle I am
I wanna have fun, I wanna have fun
But the work is piling high

I wish I were twins, I wish I were twins…

all of the lyrics are super cute {and somewhat meaningful}! 

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Oh, the Creativity that surrounds…

The Creative Connection in St. Paul, MN is, for the 2nd year, an amazing event.  It looks a little different for me this year because I am working as Staff and am keeping so very busy that it’s hard to form words right now!  🙂  I’m having a hard time making it to any of the panels, workshops, classes, etc. but I will say that tonight’s Keynote Dinner was such a sweet treat.

Our speakers were Cristina Ferrare and Holly Becker of Decor8. The whole evening was full of enjoyment, generosity and inspiration!…and…great food and company.   Everywhere you turn there are wonderful like-minded women and it’s a true treat to connect with some of our own amazing Washington gals!

a gift that each one of us received on our dinner plate tonight along with a swag bag full-to-the-brim with goodies

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Ruffles and Rust Square…

Over the weekend I was able to take some items to Ruffles & Rust Square in Snohomish, WA to sell.  Timi, the store owner, asked if I would bring some aprons and charms for her Friday evening ticket sales ‘kick-off’ for the upcoming show, Ruffles & Rust ..held at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds {Monroe} ~ October 21-22.


I gathered together my aprons {here are some pictures of a couple more I was able to get done}, charms, a few bags and hit the road in my little red Subaru.

{I love this apron…I incorporated a very old, stained and tattered towel.  All of it’s flaws, in my opinion, only add to the fun character of this apron}

Timi’s store, which features several artist/vendors, is a beautiful one.  If you’re in the Snohomish area, it’s worth the stop.  And I was able to leave some items there that will be for sale.   {thx. Timi!}

I feel bad that I haven’t talked about the fun week that is before me.  I leave tomorrow for The Creative Connection held in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This has really snuck up on me but Mr T. has had a lot of practice with goat-milking…so I have been relieved of my duties for the week and will be free to enjoy my adventures in the city!  I will be working as staff this year, which will put a different twist on the event from last year when I ran a booth and felt pretty tied down but still loved it {immensely!!}.

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…much love for ‘the apple’…

Oh, the goodness that’s wrapped up in an apple.

Such diversity, sweetness and nutrition…

When my kids were babies, homemade applesauce was there #1 staple food.  I had a sweet {older} friend who would help me can up some apple sauce each year for my sweet babies.  Since then, whenever I’ve canned sauce I think of my dear friend, with great appreciation, for helping this young mom in those early years when I didn’t live close to my own mom. 

I appreciate so much when ladies are willing to give of themselves to help younger gals learn these valuable skills.

Titus 2:4-5… These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, 5 to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.

[picture taken by Trisha Love]

Now that this little man is 4 months old, he’s going to be loving some of Nana’s home~made apple sauce.

I wish I could decide what I want him to call me.  I know…I should just let him decide but I don’t want to be called ‘grandma’…that just doesn’t set well with me…so he might need a little encouragement….Nana…Grammy…Nona…Nanny….It’ll come…one way or another…sooner or later!  🙂

This is a favorite charm.  It’s round and chunky and reminds me of a candy drop.  Both sides have fun, vintage fabric that came from my Great Grandma’s fabric stash.

If you have some old, cherished fabric, this would be a fun way to preserve and share a snippet of it…

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