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Chewelah Farmer’s Market

In our little town of Chewelah, Washington :population~ 2,309: {can I hear a unified, HeeHaw-worthy “Yee Ha”?} we have a nice little Farmer’s Market every Friday afternoon.  It is located in the beautiful setting of our city park.

There is a great variety to be found.  For lunch we ate some freshly made Piroshky-type goodies. 

The live entertainment was a perfect addition to the quaint setting.

I purchased a grocery bag full of these garlic scapes for a $1.  This was another 1st-time experience for me.  I cooked up some for dinner and I loved them!

Here is little Noah {grand guy #1} at his first Farmer’s Market.  He actually slept through the event but I wanted to get a picture of him in his cute little hat.  When his mama pulled his head slightly back, this is the face we got.  

We were able to get in on another ‘sweet treat’ on the way home.  My nieces decided that, with their grandma’s help, they wanted to sell cinnamon rolls in front of their house.

so they did…YUM!

I think my favorite thing about a Farmer’s Market is soaking in the environment and talking to people.  I love to hear their passion about their home-grown harvest, their artisan breads,  their fresh, local honey, etc…  They {generally} love to share their stories and their knowledge. 

It’s heart-warming, fun and worthwhile!

It also makes me think, “What could I contribute to a Farmer’s Market???”


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