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Ruffled and Ready!

I do have some pictures and posts to show from our trip to Alaska but since arriving home last night, I now need to hit the ground running to get ready for Saturday’s Royal Lady Workshop and Summer Picnic.

I’m so excited for Saturday!

I have a wonderful group of gals coming….{and there’s even room for another few}

Heather’s menu is positively mouth-watering….

Now it’s up to me to make the rest come together and happen!

One of the things that I was able to work on while in AK was the hand-dyed ruffles for the crown workshop.  I also made sweet little wraps for some of my home-made goat’s milk soap that each gal will receive.


did I mention that I’m excited and that I want you to be there too…{it’s not too late}

The trip to my parent’s place in AK is loooooong.  It takes about 16 hours to get there depending how all of the connections work out with two flights, 4ish hours of driving, a 3-hour ferry ride and a bit of waiting in between.  It’s always good to take along some projects and reading.  I threw in some linen cuffs that I could add some needle work to.

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Respite in AK…

I’ve been a little out-of-touch {literally} lately.  We are on an island {Prince of Wales} at my parent’s summer place in Alaska.  It’s beautiful here and they have carved out a nice little place on the bay.

This is the cabin where we are staying.

There is a plentiful variety of berries.

It’s so very quiet here too…with an occasional float plane…

…or kayak floating past…

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Strawberry Lemonade, anyone?

The Royal Lady workshop and picnic lunch is an event that will transform my front yard {and all of your senses}.  In the mean time, it certainly plays with my mind…on a daily basis.  I want every part of it to be perfect.  I’ve been working on drink ideas and trying to perfect a fresh strawberry lemonade.  I go out to the garden pick a couple of handfuls of strawberries, juice them, squeeze the juice from a few lemons…add some water, sugar, fresh mint leaves….refrigerate….taste, taste and taste again….see how it sits in the fridge for a couple of days…taste some more.  And then a few days later I repeat the process again. 

the results?    It’s all good, tasty and beautiful!

maybe I’ll even add a touch of sparkle to it…

I can’t wait for July 30th – It’s going to be grand and there is still room for YOU and your friend{s}!  🙂

click on the picture for more information

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Chewelah Farmer’s Market

In our little town of Chewelah, Washington :population~ 2,309: {can I hear a unified, HeeHaw-worthy “Yee Ha”?} we have a nice little Farmer’s Market every Friday afternoon.  It is located in the beautiful setting of our city park.

There is a great variety to be found.  For lunch we ate some freshly made Piroshky-type goodies. 

The live entertainment was a perfect addition to the quaint setting.

I purchased a grocery bag full of these garlic scapes for a $1.  This was another 1st-time experience for me.  I cooked up some for dinner and I loved them!

Here is little Noah {grand guy #1} at his first Farmer’s Market.  He actually slept through the event but I wanted to get a picture of him in his cute little hat.  When his mama pulled his head slightly back, this is the face we got.  

We were able to get in on another ‘sweet treat’ on the way home.  My nieces decided that, with their grandma’s help, they wanted to sell cinnamon rolls in front of their house.

so they did…YUM!

I think my favorite thing about a Farmer’s Market is soaking in the environment and talking to people.  I love to hear their passion about their home-grown harvest, their artisan breads,  their fresh, local honey, etc…  They {generally} love to share their stories and their knowledge. 

It’s heart-warming, fun and worthwhile!

It also makes me think, “What could I contribute to a Farmer’s Market???”

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ser·en·dip·i·ty noun \ˌser-ən-ˈdi-pə-tē\

: the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not looked for

Six mornings out of the week I meet up with a friend and together we walk 4 miles.

Living in the country offers so much beauty and on these walks we are able to drink deeply that beauty that surrounds us…daily…year ’round. We’ve seen moose and elk and each day we see deer and scenery that is breath-taking. This time of year it’s fun to keep a watch out for fawn…the sight I never tire of.

This morning we heard an earnest, desperate cry coming from a deep ditch. I climbed down and found this cute little kitten cowering at the bottom. I could tell that he had somehow been injured but it didn’t seem too severe.

I brought him home, warmed up some fresh goat’s milk and he ate and ate and ate and ate.

Now he is sleeping so soundly that nothing stirs him.

Although I don’t plan on keeping him, I’ve named him Serendipity as he was an accidental discovery.

This picture shows that he has a fairly severe mouth injury but he eats well, purrs well and sleeps well and I know that’s a good sign.

{that kind of has a ring to it…could I sell a sign that saysEat Well * Purr Well * Sleep Well…probably not}

My concern will be to watch out for infection as it heals. If anyone has any suggestions {besides the veterinary clinic} I would love to hear them.

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Drink Green!

Up until now, my garden has been providing pleasure mostly just for my ‘visual’ senses. 

It also has given me an excuse to soak in a lot of Vitamin D. 

Oh, my ~ how that feels so nice. 

Although our spring was so rainy and cool, we have now had about 3 solid weeks of sunshine.  Today our early morning temperature was 52º ~ oh, how I’ve been waiting with anticipation for it move into the 50’s.

This morning I picked one of my rows of spinach so I can get another re~planted.

Have you ever added spinach to a fruit smoothie?

If you haven’t ever tried it then you would be surprised that it blends in so nice without adding much to the flavor.  I just throw in a handful and it’s always the perfect amount.  It gives an amazing healthy punch to this already nutritious drink.  I make mine with yogurt that I’ve made from my own milk, fresh fruit {preferably that I’ve frozen} and I like to add a little stinging nettle if I have it on hand.  {remember THIS POST?  I was able to dry some for tea and freeze some in ice cube trays to add to drinks….YUM!}

I know, I know….I’m used to having people think I’m crazy but I’ll say that I feel better than I think I’ve ever felt! 

{so there!!!} 


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the Royal Lady workshop…

I mentioned that the glitter was in…now it’s time to let it do it’s thing…

Each day I get more and more excited for The Royal Lady workshop and summer picnic that is scheduled for July 30th.

Heather, of Farmgirl Gourmet, and I have met and talked ‘menu’….I’ll just say, “YUM!”  I guarantee it will tickle your palette with pleasure. 

We are planning to take the freshness that summer offers and serve it up…picnic~style

Amber of Tres Birds Photography will be here to capture the beauty and essence of the day so that {if you have to miss} we can tickle your visual senses {basically that means, ‘make you wish you had been here’}…

The crown workshop is guaranteed to tickle your creative fantasies.

My friend Cathy and I got together last week to make crowns.  I needed my own refresher course and I also needed a break from the dailyness of things.  So we slipped in some time to celebrate friendship, eat good food and get our hands dirty glittery!

Oh, such fun!

I plan on making gobs of fun, pink {hand-died} ruffles to have available.

Sometimes I struggle a bit with ‘tooting my own horn‘ but I just have to say that I believe this day will tickle your fancy in every way.  If you can come, I want for you to come! 

Please come!…I just know that every party is better when you are there!!!!

Just in case you didn’t see the link mentioned above, click HERE for all of the information on the day!

I’ll also mention here that if you would like to make a weekend of it I have a couple of cabins here that could be available upon request…sounds like the perfect get-a-way to me…!

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