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Get your Boho on….

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of a $35 discount towards the registration for my next

Bσhσ Art Retreat.

{Here} is where you will find the information on the weekend.

Also, {here} you will find a link that will take you to the April retreat where we had similar workshops…

I am very excited for Bσhσ Camp.Four and would love to have your face in those photos! 

I’ll add here too that…

the glitter has arrived!

Preparation is being made for {this day} and I can’t tell you how excited I am for it.

There are some lovely ladies signed up to join in…the only thing that could make it any better is if YOU could also come!

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Stylin’…the farmgirl way!

Can a girl {who loves boots of all kinds} have too many?

I’ll just answer that one myself…

No!…it’s just not possible

I picked up these beauties while being ‘thrifty’ last week.

blessed indeed

I recently made these charms for a customer.

Oh, how I loved working with her photos.  I just fell in love with them {in fact, I got permission to use them in other charms…thank you Lauralie for sharing}.  The little girl on the horse in Lauralie herself and her mom is one of the ladies in the other picture…don’t you just love that red hat?

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Summer grilling at it’s best!!!

Pizza on the barbecue is a definitely favorite for me.  This picture will only get better as the summer progresses and all of the ingredients come fresh from the garden.  This time the only thing out of the garden is the asparagus and I can’t wait to see how my fresh goat cheese will taste grilled on my personal pizza.

Oh, my!  They just came off of the grill ~ better go…

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life on my little {growing} hobby farm…

It’s been such a busy couple of weeks here.  When I was getting ready for my booth at the Farm Chicks show I had to let everything else slide a bit so I could put all of my time and attention into that.  That’s just how it goes and I know that.

I had 10 new chicks {layers} that had to be integrated in with the old chickens.  They had been penned off inside the chicken house for two weeks so they could all get used to each other.  On Monday morning after the show I let them loose.  When I went out a little later, all of the old chickens had pushed their way under the fence and were out in my strawberry patch.   I don’t know how a chicken’s mind {do they have a mind} works but I found it quite funny.

Since that morning, the chickens have all stayed in but have been very bossy with the new chicks.  Slowly they are letting the little ones come outside.

There has definitely been a lot of drama in the hen house!

During this time we have also butchered 27 chickens with the help of my brother and sis-in-law.  That might not be a popular thought with every reader but since we do eat meat in this house it seemed to be a perfect fit with our desire for a sustainable, healthy, farm-to-table way of living.

This was our first time for this and the process was surprisingly smooth and easy.  I wouldn’t want to do it every day but am more than willing to do it again and again.

This sweet pair were in my booth at the sale and because a friend gave them to me for that purpose {saying he didn’t want them back} I am now in a dilemma as to how to make them a part of the flock.  Because of the wee~one, it will take a bit longer.  Right now they get the whole garden to themselves.  They stick pretty close to this horseradish plant but as soon as my strawberries start ripening I’m sure that they will not be welcomed in here any more.

We had a separate little pen for the chickens that are now in the freezer and although a bear cub found it’s way into it for a bit yesterday, it’s nice and big and I think that this hen and her chick will enjoy spending the rest of the summer in there.

So…as our little hobby farm seems to be expanding, it seemed only natural to bring home a couple of goats {in the back of my car}.

I was able to jump right in to milking one {oh, my aching hands} with the intention that the little one will some day also be a milk goat.

They are SO SWEET and lovable and so good with my nieces and although I haven’t let the dog in with them yet, he is very anxious and I think that they will get along fine

When I’m in the pen this little one is always right at my side.

BellaRose & DaisyMae

This does change my life…I told my friend this morning that I can go anywhere I want as long as I’m back in 12 hours!  🙂  I have wanted a milk cow for a very long time.  I didn’t envision milk goats but it really is a perfect fit.  I’ve made yogurt, ice cream and ricotta cheese.  It’s all very tasty…no different that cow’s milk…I promise!

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crazy with cuteness…

Sometimes pictures come my way that make me crazy because they are just so fun, beautiful or….just plain CUTE!

…and CUTE is just what we’re talking about here.
This is the tiniest charm I’ve made that involves a photo…it measures just a little more than ½” square

The Nana  {pronounced nonna..and the link actually takes you to a more recent picture of little Oliver} who ordered it is going to add charms with pictures of her grandkids to her charm bracelet so we had to go just as little as we could.

I love, love, love how it turned out.

Course, we couldn’t go wrong with such a sweet little face!

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Farm Chicks 2011

Hi Friends!

I’m here to share my own [somewhat limited] Farm Chick Experience.

it’s limited because i’m very attached to my booth…literally…although, i was very blessed to have my sister join me for the fun this year [thx. sis]

It truly was a great sale…better than ever!

♥loved the junk!

♥loved the people!

♥loved the sales!

I brought a little live chicken display that made it all the more fun! They are silkies…a ‘mom’ and her baby chick {farmchicks}. They were so, very CUTE!

I didn’t get a great picture of the full effect but they were contained w/in a rusty-wired skirt attached to a wire dress form.

…my favorite part?…the little cuties that would gather ’round!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s Farm Chick fun!

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Farm Love <3…

When Amber wrote  this post it just made me smile all over.  All of the pictures she posted were taken in my little valley…things I drive by most every day.  {even that little deer now has a tag in it’s ear that resembles the one in the cow’s ear…it was added just before hunting season last year}

I stumbled across the ‘old truck’ picture this week and was curious what it would look like in a charm.

I like it!….a lot!

 Speaking of Amber, I would really encourage you to stop by and check out several of her most recent posts.  They are titled,  Mommy Mondays.  She began this 3 years ago.  Each Monday during the month of May she features a Mom and her story.  Wow! These women will truly bless your socks off!

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Retreat-style, Boho workshop…

I am excited to mention here another one-day workshop that I am planning for this summer at my place.

I’m even more excited that Heather of Farmgirl Gourmet will be joining me for this event.

It will be a splendid day brimming with glittery, crafty goodness and a {to-be-envied} picnic lunch wrapped up in one, big, glorious country setting.

My plan is to do it all outside under tents.

Oh, I can’t wait.

Will you join me?

Spread the word.  This is open to anyone.  Bring a friend {sister, mother, grandma, neighbor…}!

And for even more Bσhσ whimsy…the Fall retreat has three spots open right now.  If you’re looking for a full weekend of inspiration, fun and wonderful food, my place really is the place to be!

There is a $35 discount for deposits received before July 1st.

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