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Are you a Farm Chick? Treat Yourself!!!

There is so much involved in doing a large ‘show’ like The Farm Chicks in Spokane.

During weeks like this it seems that filling out the application and sending in the big bucks is the easy part.  I have piles of this and that all over.  It seems that everything is in a ‘partial state’ of being done.

An then, to beat all, during the midst of it all…life happens.

My garden should be all in by now.  Is it?  NO ~ there’s no time

The flower beds should all be weeded {waiting the next weeding and then the next and…}

I’m pretty sure that every vendor arrives thinking about all of the things that were left behind, simply because they just weren’t quite ready to hit the floor.  {maybe I’ll get that done before next year…}

It is what it is…I love it and I hate it {did I just say ‘hate’??  OK…here’s the truth, it demands so much of me}

Even though I just used that ugly 4-letter-word, I can’t wait to hit the floor myself in a sassy pair of cowboy boots, feeling the rush of the frenzy, meeting other sassy, like-minded gals and hopefully bringing a few extra dollars home.  {fingers crossed}

Will I see YOU there?  Please come by and say, “HI”!  I hope that when you do I’ll have a moment to give you a quick hug.

Attending this show is a REAL treat!

May 26, 2011 Posted by | antique show, The Farm Chicks | 4 Comments