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Yummy Buns :-}

Have you ever made your own hamburger buns?

I’ve been wanting to for some time but just haven’t done it!

Recently my sweet {generous} cousin gave loaned me a recipe book that belonged to my Grandma.  Each recipe in it is hand-written by her.  I am planning to scan the whole thing so I can return it {like a nice cousin} but, in the mean time, I have really enjoyed just looking through it.
One of the joys of living rural is making due with what you have.  Generally, if I want to make burgers I have to plan ahead because we don’t just ‘run to the store’ anymore {I actually really love that challenge}.

Today when I decided that wanted to have burgers tonight, I remembered this recipe that my Grandma had in her little recipe book.

So easy to make and SO yummy! 

We had some wonderful burgers tonight with local, grass-fed beef and homemade buns.

Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter

Grandma's Bun recipe

The Sauce?

mayo, ketchup, relish and freshly, grated horseradish…Oh, MY!

May 23, 2011 - Posted by | in the kitchen

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  1. What a treasure you have – the old receipe book from your grandma. It must be so much fun to read them all and make some of dishes. Do you find receipes of food we don´t normally eat today??? Some dishes tends to be forgotten from older generations, if we don´t make them anymore…

    Thanks for replaying to my question about a month ago. I didn´t make it to Santa Clara this time due to lack of available seets on the plane. I use my husbands freaquent flyer miles when I fly, so I don´t have to pay for my ticket, but we were booking the ticket too late this time. There are only some seats available for those kinds of tickets.

    He is going in September again, so hopefully I can join him then. It is all up to the people in Santa Clara to try to set the dates for the conference in good time ahead so we can buy tickets early. But you know men – they are not always the best “planners”.

    I hope you are enjoying your grandson – he must be growing everyday!

    Best wishes Susanne ( Humlamamman)

    Ps. I have a brand new blog written in english. Welcome to visit me! “ayearinenglish.wordpress.com”

    Comment by A year in english | May 25, 2011 | Reply

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