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{LOVE}vintage wallpaper

Before I write another post on hiking the mountains for wild mushrooms and stinging nettles or gardening or my beautiful new grandson or my desire for goats or what I’m doing in the kitchen or…,I decided that I had better return a little more often to the partial roots of this blog and show some crafty/artsy/home-spun goodness. 
My one and only true purpose for this blog is to show ME…all of ME.  The things that I love to do…the wonderful variety of things that make me tick!  {I shouldn’t say that word…all of my traipsing around in the hills makes me constantly think that I have things crawling on me…I’ve only found one tick!  blech}  With that in mind I do try to show a potpourri {such a great 70’s word}, all the while not getting stuck in any one area….{such a great challenge and oh, how I wish that was my greatest challenge in life}.

A vintage♥love of mine is wonderful, old, fragile wallpaper.

It comes with so much amazing variety in color and texture.

Each roll that I spot makes my heart beat quickly and get all fluttery!

Knowing that each piece is a one-of-a-kind {for me}, makes me want to use it carefully and sparingly.

Cutting away small snippets and encasing them in bevel glass is the perfect way to preserve and showcase beautiful things.  Using it in this way allows me to use it often and yet still have a lot left over!  🙂  love that

these custom charms are going out in the mail today

I’ve added the remaining pictures to show some of the other charms that I’ve made using vintage wallpaper.

If you ever come up with a one-of-a-kind family heirloom idea, I would love to help you with it!

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