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chickens in the basket…

So many of the people in my life know that I am always a good source for getting rid of some of the ‘junk’ they have lying around.

I could spend a lot of time evaluating that and just what it might say about ME, but I won’t!…not today anyway!  After all, I have the greatest junking weekend of the year coming up…this weekend!!!   The Farm Chicks Sale   {hooray! hooray!}

My son recently said, “I have an old bike out back, do you want it???”   …”sure!”

…and such a cute bike it was ~ I saw lots of potential there!

Let me just insert another ‘love’ here…Jennifer Paganelli’s “Sis Boom” fabricFrom the moment I saw a write-up in Country Living magazine, many years ago, on her new line ‘Girlfriends‘, I have been a fan.  I’ve had a little stash here {from quilthome.com} that I have envisioned sewing into something grand but slipped a bit of it away to use on this vintage bicycle re-do.

All I can say is, “Too Much Stinkin’ Fun” ~

I loved every minute of wrapping this bike up in such fun, beautiful fabrics.  I think that I smiled the whole time!  🙂  I called my brother and asked if he could come ‘up’ and take some pictures…he did!

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A Celebration of Memories…

As a child, Memorial Day often involved visiting our local cemetery, taking an opportunity to remember.

Living back in the area where I grew up brings many blessings and that so often touch those warm, fuzzy places in my heart.  It seems that everything about spring does that.  The beauty that surrounds us right now is simply astounding.

Each day I find that I marvel at the sights and sounds that surround me.

Visiting that old, rustic, wonderfully~unkempt cemetery where my grandparents, great grandparents, great~great grandparents lie is just another one of those {overwhelming} blessings.  I’m so glad that I’m drawn to visit there at least once a year.

the grave stones pictured above and below are not from relations but they are so old and beautiful

My great, great grandparents…Amos & Betsy Alby ~ homesteaded in this valley in 1896 as they made their journey from Norway.

Visiting this grave still brings such fresh emotion…even looking at the picture now makes me cry again.  As I speak of blessings from this area where I live, my grandma would have to take the top of the list!  She was an amazing gal and she is in my thoughts often. 

Oh, to be just a little bit like her.  

blessed indeed!

these outhouses always make me smile

on my way down the hill I stopped and visited my cousin who lives on the same place that Amos & Betsy homesteaded in 1896 ~ I loved the sheep that were freely roaming around

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Sunday Inspiration!

early, early this morning the sunrise was so breathtaking, my camera captured about 1/10th of it’s beauty

Thy power throughout the universe displayed…

then sings my soul….

How Great Thou Art!

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Are you a Farm Chick? Treat Yourself!!!

There is so much involved in doing a large ‘show’ like The Farm Chicks in Spokane.

During weeks like this it seems that filling out the application and sending in the big bucks is the easy part.  I have piles of this and that all over.  It seems that everything is in a ‘partial state’ of being done.

An then, to beat all, during the midst of it all…life happens.

My garden should be all in by now.  Is it?  NO ~ there’s no time

The flower beds should all be weeded {waiting the next weeding and then the next and…}

I’m pretty sure that every vendor arrives thinking about all of the things that were left behind, simply because they just weren’t quite ready to hit the floor.  {maybe I’ll get that done before next year…}

It is what it is…I love it and I hate it {did I just say ‘hate’??  OK…here’s the truth, it demands so much of me}

Even though I just used that ugly 4-letter-word, I can’t wait to hit the floor myself in a sassy pair of cowboy boots, feeling the rush of the frenzy, meeting other sassy, like-minded gals and hopefully bringing a few extra dollars home.  {fingers crossed}

Will I see YOU there?  Please come by and say, “HI”!  I hope that when you do I’ll have a moment to give you a quick hug.

Attending this show is a REAL treat!

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Yummy Buns :-}

Have you ever made your own hamburger buns?

I’ve been wanting to for some time but just haven’t done it!

Recently my sweet {generous} cousin gave loaned me a recipe book that belonged to my Grandma.  Each recipe in it is hand-written by her.  I am planning to scan the whole thing so I can return it {like a nice cousin} but, in the mean time, I have really enjoyed just looking through it.
One of the joys of living rural is making due with what you have.  Generally, if I want to make burgers I have to plan ahead because we don’t just ‘run to the store’ anymore {I actually really love that challenge}.

Today when I decided that wanted to have burgers tonight, I remembered this recipe that my Grandma had in her little recipe book.

So easy to make and SO yummy! 

We had some wonderful burgers tonight with local, grass-fed beef and homemade buns.

Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter

Grandma's Bun recipe

The Sauce?

mayo, ketchup, relish and freshly, grated horseradish…Oh, MY!

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Sunday Inspiration

The lyrics of this song give a Hope that brings refreshment! 

What if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears
And what if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near
What if my greatest disappointments
Or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy
And what if trials of this life
The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
Are Your mercies in disguise

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for the love of goats…

Have you ever milked a goat?
I’ve milked cows a little over the years but never a goat…until this week.

This girl stands ready and waiting.

With a little instruction…

…I take it on like a pro….[maybe not]…

My niece, Lindsey, even jumped in…eventually, with both hands!

It actually looks like I’ll be able to bring this girl home in a week or so.

…along with one of these kids.
Just when my house becomes kid-free, I feel like I need to take on more?…the upside?  I can get rid of this kid if it all goes bad!  🙂 

Isn’t she just the cutest?

I never saw myself owning goats, especially milk goats, but I am just SO excited.

I really love their {very healthy} milk and I’m excited to use it in a variety of ways.

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{LOVE}vintage wallpaper

Before I write another post on hiking the mountains for wild mushrooms and stinging nettles or gardening or my beautiful new grandson or my desire for goats or what I’m doing in the kitchen or…,I decided that I had better return a little more often to the partial roots of this blog and show some crafty/artsy/home-spun goodness. 
My one and only true purpose for this blog is to show ME…all of ME.  The things that I love to do…the wonderful variety of things that make me tick!  {I shouldn’t say that word…all of my traipsing around in the hills makes me constantly think that I have things crawling on me…I’ve only found one tick!  blech}  With that in mind I do try to show a potpourri {such a great 70’s word}, all the while not getting stuck in any one area….{such a great challenge and oh, how I wish that was my greatest challenge in life}.

A vintage♥love of mine is wonderful, old, fragile wallpaper.

It comes with so much amazing variety in color and texture.

Each roll that I spot makes my heart beat quickly and get all fluttery!

Knowing that each piece is a one-of-a-kind {for me}, makes me want to use it carefully and sparingly.

Cutting away small snippets and encasing them in bevel glass is the perfect way to preserve and showcase beautiful things.  Using it in this way allows me to use it often and yet still have a lot left over!  🙂  love that

these custom charms are going out in the mail today

I’ve added the remaining pictures to show some of the other charms that I’ve made using vintage wallpaper.

If you ever come up with a one-of-a-kind family heirloom idea, I would love to help you with it!

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French Crepes…YUM!

If you show up at my place for breakfast you can be pretty sure that you just might get a yummy breakfast.  

It truly is my favorite meal to make and eat!

My niece was pouring over the first issue of Where Women Create and wondered if we could make the crepes featured in the Elizabeth Maxson article.

I have looked at that a couple of times and thought that I should give them a try.  I’ve been making crepes for almost 30 years {a family favorite} but I’ve only ever used a crepe maker {the one that my sister got for a wedding gift}. 🙂

I did make Elizabeth’s French Crepes this morning and {OH, MY!} they were just so good.  Honestly, they didn’t taste much different from the recipe I’ve been using but I really loved making them in a pan on the stove. 

They looked prettier {what can I say…you can just never go wrong with pretty things}!

Speaking of pretty things…my Mr. brought yellow roses home for Mother’s Day.

They have aged so gracefully and beautifully.

They really are on their way out but they’re just so beautiful that they make me smile.

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Quilts for Little Ones…

Can you ‘spy’ the baby in that picture?

As I see my little grandguy all snuggled in his beautiful quilt, I find that I swell with a little lot of pride, not only at the precious sight of…HIM but also the fact that the quilt was hand-made by my girl.  This past year she has found a new ♥ love…making baby quilts.

Here are some pictures I took recently of some pretty things that Lauren has been working on…

Although my photos didn’t turn out the best {so much light and so little time}, I know you can see that she is gifted {buttons are flying off my shirt}.  I think her favorite part is picking out the glorious fabrics {so much like her mom} and she does a truly amazing job with that.

A couple of weeks ago she sold her first one on etsy {clap, clap, applause, applause, smile, smile…} and she now has another one listed.  {see it HERE}

She also had a birthday yesterday.  {Happy Birthday, sweetness♥}

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to this SweetMan {9 days} today!

Here’s a picture of Lauren and the LittleMan that she spent the weekend with in Palm Springs!

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