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It’s Boho Time…

I’m am getting my Bσhσ on…

Everything is in full swing around here as we get ready for the next Boho Art Retreat.

It seems that a few days before each event the excitement always sinks in and I have so much fun just getting ready.  There is always SO MUCH to do {so very much}.

It wouldn’t be quite so challenging if I didn’t also have the basics of spring cleaning to contend with.

I am looking forward as these creative, free-spirited gals begin arriving tomorrow.

I actually still have some room if anyone wants to jump in here at the last minute it would be a treat to have you for the whole weekend or even just for a day.

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A little hard work…

If hard work ‘never hurt no one’ then why does my back ache?

I love having a blog especially when I have fun things going on around here.

The past couple of weeks there has been a lot going on but not so much the blog-worthy-type of stuff…

I’ve been putting off stripping the wallpaper out of a bathroom for about 3 years because I didn’t think that it would be a very fun job.  Well, in case you’ve never personally stripped wallpaper I will indeed verify that it isn’t fun.

I try to keep my life at a ‘fun’ {there’s that word again} pace.

Sometimes that doesn’t leave an adequate amount of time for the things that some would consider ‘more important’.  🙂 {i.e. house work, yard work, stripping wallpaper, etc…}  But, I also like doing things that make me feel good…that are rewarding…and some of this does involve hard work.

So, I shall put a bit of a re-do on that bathroom {rewarding} ~ I’m washing the logs inside my house {rewarding} ~ then I’ll wash the windows {rewarding!!!}  and as I’ve been working at getting my yard raked of it’s winter debris a little bit at a time, that too, is very rewarding.

My dad came over this morning and put me to work in my garden.  He and Mr. T got the orchard all trimmed up last week and my dad got the raspberries in tip-top shape.  So today we burned all the trimmings and worked on other areas…once again, rewarding!

It was interesting to watch him graft an apple tree.  We have a favorite apple tree that does well here so hopefully with his know-how and a little bees wax we can get another one going.  Wow!  This is a very affordable way to get an apple tree.

fyi…Mr.T and I live on the place that my parent’s built 28 years ago.  We moved here 3 years ago at a time when they were ready to down-size.  My dad has babied the orchard and raspberries {as well as other things} for all these years so it’s nice to have him come and help out when he has time.  I always enjoy spending time with that guy!

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