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Boho Wrap-Up

I have loved spending the week talking about last weekend’s Bσhσ Art Retreat

Camp.Three did not disappoint.  I loved every minute of it!

October 20-22, 2011 will be the next Art Retreat weekend.  Click HERE for all the details on Camp.Four.  I have about 7 spots open for that weekend.   For those of you who are thinking that this might just be for YOU, I am offering a $35 discount to all gals who get their $100 deposit in by June 1st.  {such a deal}

I’m not quite sure what the future holds for this {Art Retreat} part of my business but I’m loving what I see so far.  I do have DREAMS of it growing, not sure how, where and to what extent but I love that I can just remain flexible and be a part of the ‘ride’.

I do know that there will be more day workshops available.  I’m working on a couple of options in the Spokane area.  As soon as any details are in place I’ll have all the information right here!

if you have any questions leave a comment with this post or e-mail me at vintagecharm@integrity.com

April 16, 2011 Posted by | Art Retreat, ArtRetreat.CampThree | 2 Comments