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I’m smitten…

I feel as though I’ve been hit with cupid’s arrow of goat-love.

My brother, Marcus and I have been talking about getting milk goats.  We have a neighbor who had two does that gave birth to twins and triplets last Thursday…that’s 5 little kids!

On Saturday we took his girls over so they could see the babies and we could ask some questions.

It was such a fun experience…I think that Auntie liked the visit even more than the girls.  I haven’t been able to get these babies off my mind.

Maybe I can bring a couple of them home when they are ready….just maybe!

There were also baby bunnies…

Oh, My!!!   Pure, soft sweetness!

Meet Hope!

Next year she’ll be grown-up enough to have her own babies!

thx. Marc for sharing some of your pictures

March 15, 2011 Posted by | family, farm animals, my neck of the woods! | 9 Comments