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What’s for breakfast?

I really do try to keep our eating at a healthier level than what my palette actually prefers.

{my palette screams for sugar…about 24 hours a day}

So, although I’ve wanted to make this cinnamon roll recipe for several months, I have restrained and refrained…until now.  I can see that I was truly doing myself a favor.  I have not been able to keep my hands off of them.

It’s a fun, easy recipe but as your friend this post must accompany a warning…

Don’t Make these Cinnamon Rolls Unless you can SHARE them with Friends!

…and make sure you enjoy them!

As I promised  yesterday, I have updated  THIS POST and you can find better pictures and descriptions for the upcoming art retreat that I host at my place.  I love the excitement that I hear about this.  I have some spots that I would LOVE to get filled soon.  It’s YOUR time to jump in.  YOU won’t regret it.

click here:  Bσhσ Art Retreats • 2011

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  1. Cinnamon rolls are a very traditional Swedish pastry. We make them separately and sprinkle granulate sugar on top; that´s yummi to 🙂

    Comment by Susanne | March 13, 2011 | Reply

    • That sounds a lot like the cinnamon roll that I usually make…They are called…ready???…Swedish Sweet Rolls. Share with me by a friend who lived in Sweden for many years. They are definitely a family favorite around here. oh, my…my mouth is watering! 😉

      nice to hear from you….you haven’t left a comment for such a long time – hope that ALL is well!

      Comment by Elaine | March 13, 2011 | Reply

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