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:so{very}lucky in love:

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could know that everyone was loved♥.

I literally feel enough love♥ in my life that it makes me want to share…maybe that is one of the key ingredients that does help us reach out to others…impact the lives of other people in a positive way…share ourselves with others.

I appreciate every bit of love♥ and support that I receive from others.

our parents

our kids

our family members

our friends

i say ‘our’ because when i said “i do”, his became mine

…and when I said “i do” I didn’t really know what I was agreeing to {exactly} I just knew that I was willing to ‘do’ what I needed to ‘do’ to make this work…till death do us part.  We’ve been ‘doing’ for almost 28 years and the journey keeps getting sweeter…it’s never been perfect but always good and right .

Yes, I am {so very} lucky in love♥…let me count the ways:

1)  when we were dating Mr T. would write me poems on parchment paper and burn the edges

2) he has always loved♥ buying me jewelry {nice jewelry}

3) he loves♥ to take me on vacation {especially cruises…we don’t go often but it’s very special when we do}

4)  he puts silly thoughts into songs

5)  he lets me have girl parties and he even helps me get ready for them

6)  he takes being ‘the provider’ very seriously and does it very well

7)  he makes sure that we are warm by getting wood and keeping the fire{s} going {no small task}

8)  he lets me watch Hallmark movies and will even watch them with me

9) he often gives me the remote control when we watch TV in the evenings {this is BIG}

10) he lets me dream

and he just plain loves♥ me on the good days and the bad days!

I love♥ him too!

We’ve actually become quite boring and we really like it that way!  😉

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of Love and Valentines…

…thinking today of the Forever Valentines who brought ‘us’ together and am so thankful for their LOVE and COMMITMENT to one another!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

…and getting ready for 7 little girls!

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