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the Importance of such little things…

I don’t usually get so excited about Valentine’s Day.

I know that my upcoming workshop/tea has something to do with it.

We had an open house/Sunday brunch here last week for the people in our church which gave me a nudge to take advantage of an excuse to get some decorations out….that helped a bit with my excitement.

I also have my {3rd annual} Valentine Tea Party coming up that I do for my nieces and their friends each year.  That really has me excited.

party 1 & party 2

Actually, it’s quite possible that since this is my first year without any of my own kids around I now have time to enjoy such {un}important things.

Mmmm…that’s an interesting thought!

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Everything is Better with a Touch of SPARKLE

I must say that I am so excited for my upcoming Valentine Tea/Workshop {so excited}.

I think about it every day!

I have mixed emotions that the registration is closed… it is full with a waiting list.

I want everyone to come!

{Update: I now have no waiting list and there may be a couple of available spots for the February 5th workshop…leave a comment here if interested}

This is my theme for the day {actually, it’s my theme for a lot of my days}.

I’m in the process of planning out the workshops for this year’s weekend Boho Art Retreats.  It’s hard for me because I want them to be just right and I know that it should have been done about two months ago.  Needless to say…it’s another thing that I’m very excited about and I never tire of the interest that comes my way for them….{those of you who inquire are the first to be informed}.

In the mean time I’ve signed up for THIS…just another thing to tickle that little creative spot that I have!

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Memories of Love

I’ve had this idea rolling around for a couple of weeks…to make a heart out of pictures of couples.

My first thought was to use all vintage pictures…both relatives and unknowns.  I quickly switched to ‘knowns’.  I love anything that celebrates love and marriage and COMMITMENT!  I am blessed that I have had that word ‘commitment‘ modeled within my family.

Each couple represented {all related except for one} has an understanding of what that word really means.

I was hoping to include more pictures of my ‘greats’ and some more of Mr T’s family but I knew if I didn’t just work with what I had it wouldn’t get done.  It was a bit of work as it is.

I had an old window that I wanted to put them behind {thus the difficulty with photographing} so I worked with that measurement and came up with a size {2.188 x 3.5} that each picture needed to be.  It took 52 pictures. I cheated a little and used vintage Valentines for two spots.

I love going through our old photos.  I have this chronic smile on my face as I slip through each memory.  This is the ‘earliest’ photo I have of Mr T and I.

We were sitting on a dock on Lake Washington which overlooked Seattle.

i still have that sweatshirt

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Little Junior!

I’ve been gone for several days, taking care of  ‘things’ over in the Seattle area. 

thx. MissA for being the perfect hostess and friend

This time of year the climate differences are so noticeable.  It’s 10° here right now yet over there the Magnolia trees are beginning to bud and it’s so warm {& rainy}.

I love it when I can stop in and visit with our son and his wife.  They live w/in a couple of hours of HOME so it makes for a nice little break…coming and going!  When I stopped in there they said they were wondering if I would want to spend the night so I could go to their ultrasound with them the next day?

What’s a mom to say?

I told Andrew he needed to call his dad and ask if “Mommy could spend the night?” 😉

Anyway…I did stay and I was able to watch their ultrasound…fascinating.  That little foot is just over 2″ long and I think the tech said the baby was about 1 lb. 10 oz.

Such a miracle!

Before we know it, Little Junior will be wearing his shoes that I bought him for Christmas.

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Cowgirl Valentine…

I have a sweet cousin who is a cowgirl through and through.

I saw this picture in a late 1800’s scrapbook that I have and I knew that I had to make a charm for her.

~: ♥ :~

It seems that I’m always keeping an eye out for something for her…

…and that ‘something’ slightly resembles the fellar with the loving look in his eye…

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Better than flowers…

One of my favorite things about making charms is knowing that I can be a part of preserving and sharing family memories and history.

I wanted to include the original picture because it didn’t come out very clear in my photo of the charm.  This is such a beautiful picture and it says so much.

Marie’s grandfather is leaving on a train for the Korean War.  He has a  loving wife and three beautiful little girls…and one on the way.

Saying Goodbye!

I also did a Christmas ornament for her.

I’m wishing I had worked a little harder on my pictures here.  Winter’s light is not always good to me…

Speaking of Christmas ornaments…

Before Christmas I was able to get an ornament and a charm out to a friend.

She had been in the hospital and her family asked that no flowers be sent.  It doesn’t sound like too many people ‘listened’ to that request but it encouraged me to think about what else I could do for her.

With my mom’s resent visit{s} to the hospital I knew that although flowers are nice they are SO expensive and it’s hard when you are trying to recover from a serious illness/surgery to lay there and watch your beautiful flowers die.

I’m just being real here…

Is it possible that we send flowers to make ourselves feel better?

My mom had one gal show up with two quilting magazines {knowing my mom loves quilting} and a crossword puzzle book.  very thoughtful

I was thankful that Amber~Tres Birds Photography had recently done a photo shoot with this family so, with her permission, I grabbed a few pictures and went to work.  My dear friend has some challenging months ahead of her and she mentioned that she would be wearing her charm everyday as she walks through this journey.

Better than flowers?   I think so!

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taking care…

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Glitter and Tea

This day, filled with German Glass Glitter, Vintage Papers and Memorabilia, Scissors, Glue, Jewels  and a Valentine’s Tea Luncheon will be an occasion not to be missed.

I’m so excited it just makes me giddy with anticipation!

I want to invite you to my home where this winter has provided a beautiful wonderland for us to enjoy.

I am so excited to team up with Holly and Becky of All That Glitter as they will be the featured workshop artists. If you already know their ‘look’ then you know the beauty that truly will surround this day.  We don’t have pictures of the actual project {sorry} that we will be working on but we are leaning towards a banner. {more info will follow}

As a teaser I’ve included some of the pictures I have on file of their work.

Many of the supplies will be provided but you will also be asked to bring some of your own goodies to make your project unique to YOU.

I am making these charms for each gal who comes.  Both of these pictures in this charm I’ve taken out of a 1880’s scrap book that I have.

Full payment {$50} or half {$25} will reserve your spot.

Contact me by leaving a comment here and we can get you on the list.

I live an hour north of Spokane, WA – 5 miles off of Hwy. 395

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Just in case you haven’t heard…

Pantone®, a company who has been the world’s leading authority on color for almost 50 years, chooses one color each year and names it Color of the Year.

While this may not have a life-changing affect on you {or me}, it does influence color and design world-wide…therefore, I find it interesting.

It might also be interesting to see how Honeysuckle weaves it’s way into our lives in 2011…

I know for sure that Honeysuckle will be find it’s way into my home on February 5th when

Holly and Becky from All That Glitter

and I team together for a

Glittery Workshop and Valentine Tea.

I’ll have more information for you tomorrow.  Space will be limited so let me know if you are interested!

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Sweet Treats for Eggs:~

I neglected to show pictures from the day we decorated our gingerbread houses.

I was frustrated with how all of my pictures turned out and life just kept moving at such a quick pace…I felt like as the days progressed I was just ‘keeping up’   …{barely}!

So, what to do with the The House of Gingerbread after Christmas?

Give it to the chickens, of course!

We have so much snow that they have just been ‘cooped up’ for weeks.

They may not make it outside again until spring with the way this winter is going…

They haven’t seemed to mind too much and they are still giving me a few eggs a day so I’ll share some of my sweet treats with them.

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