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I love all that is implied with the beginning of a new year.

Enjoy YOURS!

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Silent and Bright

As of yesterday morning, all of our kids left…everything that remained was still and quiet.

I watched a Jane Eyre movie and then picked up a copy of Jane Eyre {2nd Edition/1847} from my book shelf and started reading it….enjoying the stillness.

This morning with the temperature hovering at -4°, even the ice-cycles have ceased their steady drip.

The scenery here is stunning…perfectly stunning.  It calms my heart and makes me want to not go anywhere {ever again!}.  😉

The chickens are staying warm with an extra heat lamp.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been so very thankful that we insulated their little house.

Although New Year’s Eve doesn’t often lend itself to quietness, I hope that this day which preludes a brand new year will fill your heart with Peace!

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Christmas Eve:~

Today is a quiet day in our home.  Our kids will start arriving tomorrow night and Sunday night which makes Christmas Day a little sad but knowing that they will all be home at the same time truly makes this mom’s heart happy!

Tomorrow will be filled with gaiety as most of my family will be here to celebrate.

In this picture our tree may look like a 16′ Charlie Brown Christmas tree but it is far more beautiful than the picture shows {especially at night time}.

I made this ornament for our kids to commemorate this special year with the wee~one growing {daily} …to make his debut in May!

May the Blessing that God sent to Earth touch your heart and your home.

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A Custom Christmas

Staci recently e-mailed me this photo so I could make a charm for her.  She sent this note along with it…

I’ve attached my grandmother’s favorite photo of her and my grandfather. It was
taken sometime in the mid-30s, I think.  This charm would be my Christmas
present to her. She turned 95 in September and is still a very active and spunky
little lady.

It’s not hard to see why it is her grandmother’s favorite.  I really hated to crop anything out of the picture because every detail in it is so lovely but for the sake of a charm it’s nice to hi-light the faces so that’s what we did.

I think her grandmother will be so pleased with a charm that encases her favorite photo…I have a feeling that one day as this {new} heirloom is passed on it might just make it back into her granddaughter’s hands.
The way they look at each other…

oh, it makes me smile.

…and are those 3″ heels that she’s wearing.  Spunky?…yes, and possibly with a little ‘sass’ mixed in…  😉

Staci, I would love to meet your Nanny.  Thank you for trusting me to make something special with this photo.

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Christmas Love::

We received this thoughtful card from our church family yesterday.

The reason I love it most?….it’s because they show us their love and appreciation throughout the whole year.

We love this group of people!!!

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Dear Friends,

If leg warmers are no long in style, would you please not tell me?

i ♥ them too much!

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A Custom Christmas…

Custom work is one of my ‘charming’ joys!

This is how it works.  You e-mail me your pictures or send them in the mail as Kristine did with the above pictures.

This will be a special Christmas gift for her mom. She chose a picture of her mom’s brother who passed away just under two years ago.   This is such a wonderful way to hold treasured memories.

I can still take some custom orders for a few more days….bring them on!  😉

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Sweet news…

My ears heard some sweet words today…

It’s a boy!

We’re going to have a boy…a grandbaby boy, that is ~ our first.

I wonder if he’ll look like his daddy!

when Andrew was little, I was crazy for knickers…i made this little outfit for him ~ bow tie, hat and all… – In about a year and a half I’ll have to go buy some little white tights so I can put this same outfit on the new one…hehehe

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A Christmas Show ~ pt2

It’s been such ‘a week’.  I haven’t written a post~post on this great little Christmas show that I did last weekend…the one that Two Women {a Man and a Boy} put on.  🙂

My mom ended up being scheduled for major surgery on Friday {the day of set-up} so they let me set up on Thursday.  I’ve been at the hospital everyday since the show and then will go home with mom {and  dad} for a few days as well… so that has been consuming most of my time.

I’ve been working on {your} custom charm orders at night {this might be what they mean by ‘burning the candle at both ends’…it kinda feels that way anyway}.  I really love doing custom charm orders and, believe it or not I’ll say, ‘keep them coming’…for the next week or so.  I haven’t been able to get pictures of them though, which makes me sad, but at least I’m keeping up {fairly well}.

Saturday’s show was located on the South Hill of Spokane.

It truly was delightful…delightful, I say!

The customers were the best and the vendors even better…

…and those 2Women, Dianna and Fielding, they are the greatest {not to mention the Man and the Boy}.

There was also wonderful food available there.

I’ve really used all of my words for today so you can just enjoy the remaining pictures…

Looking forward to the #25 {of December, that is}

This sweet shot was taken in my neighbor’s booth…The Funky Junk Antique Show.

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Chrismas Show…

I’m excited to do a Christmas show this weekend.

I set up my booth today {mostly} and I had so much fun doing it {believe me…I don’t think I’ve ever said that before}.  I was given ‘special’ permission to set up a day early and it made for a  fun, relaxing and quiet experience.  I’m also trying some completely different ideas for my booth and it just feels so much more like ME.  It’s comfortable and fun.

Wow…did I just say ‘fun’ three times?  this is generally where I pull out the thesaurus and come up with words like: lively, merry, pleasant, cheerful, gay, jolly, convivial {really?~convivial?}…i guess i’ll stick with FUN!

There is a list of extremely talented {and even convivial} gals who will be setting up at this show…I’m glad to be just one of them.

come by for a visit

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