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A Custom Christmas!

One of the things that I love about custom orders is the beautiful pictures that come my way.

Vintage portraits are my favorite and this one above is probably the most beautiful one that I’ve worked with.

This is the same gal…isn’t she so pretty – and, oh my…that red lipstick!

With a high quality photo the finished charm will be so divine…such a personal, one-of-kind gift of heirloom quality.

It’s also made in the USA.

I like this!

This batch of charms was so delightful to work with…

Do you have a favorite vintage photo that you want charmed up???

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Apron entry ~ pt.2

In my last post I should have given a little more information about this apron that I made…

btw…thanks for all of your sweet compliments regarding my creation…

All of the aprons submitted will be used at the debut for Jo Packham’s new magazine, Where Women Cook in New York City on December 10th.  Two will be chosen to win in a wonderful give-a-way {which does NOT include a trip to NYC…but…oh well…if I can’t go then at least I’ll have an apron there…}

so, it’s off to the USPS with this package…

Now, as I enjoy the view from my living room, I must get to my overwhelming stack of charm orders which makes me feel very blessed that people love to give custom-order charms for Christmas gifts.

p.s. It’s not too late to get in your orders…I’ll be taking orders for the next couple of weeks!

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Apron entry…

When I first heard about this opportunity I got very excited about the idea making an apron to enter into the give-a-way…

I’ve had to just keep the ‘thought’ tucked away so I could get past some of the craziness of this week.

Since the deadline is December 1st, this morning when the ‘thought’ resurfaced to the front of my mind I knew that if I didn’t get it made today, it wouldn’t get made!

i made it using three vintage dresser scarves {that were gifted to me by Auntie Joy…thx. Joy}.  i then added a little linen tea towel that is sewn into the waist band and a vintage crocheted pot holder into the hem line…for that last minute hot-dish that needs to be removed from the oven…

It turned out great and I love it…and I’m SO hopeful that it will be a WINNER!

thanks to my brother Marcus for indulging me this afternoon to take some pics of it for me…

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So Thankful…

When I was young I thought the perfect Thanksgiving was one where there was snow on the ground.

I took for granted that it was the family I shared the day with that wrapped it up so beautifully and made it perfect.

I also took it for granted that good {homemade} food {especially dessert} was the glittery, organza ribbon that topped it all off.

As soon as I was away from home I realized that family and good food were the most important ingredients for that wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration and snow was always a joyous added blessing.Today I’m thankful to have all of those elements come together.  Our plans for this day have changed daily over this past week.  With very low temps {as low as -7} and with my mom being very sick {for the past month} we have been flexible.  Instead of going across the mountains to be with family we’ll be here…actually, at my parent’s as my mom was just discharged from the hospital about 30 minutes ago.  We’ll pack everything up and join them…keeping it all simple and yummy and joyous!

I’m so thankful for God’s provision in life and love!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

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O, Christmas Tree!

When we get a Christmas tree we go up on the mountain and look for a ‘keeper’.

This is Andrew and Jackie’s first year to have a tree {last year they were staying in someone else’s house so it just didn’t work}.  She has been SO excited to go out and get their tree so with my dad’s help we cut down two trees one for A&J and one for us.

At 10° posing for a picture just didn’t seem that grand!

We are beginning to enjoying the JOYS of the season…

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the joys of snow and wee ones…

Oh, the joys of snow…it consistently makes my heart sing!

How fun it is to have our first {seemingly} real snow with the girls {nieces} visiting.

I think that my GrandmaC. made these mittens for us kids when we were little {my mom mentioned that these may have been made by my Gr.grandpa Hill}.

They patiently waited while I made up a small batch of hot cocoa {no instant here}.

Recently, when I visited Disneyland I bought Tiana’s Cookbook and have been anxious to try some of the recipes.  Last night they had the homemade mac & cheese and this morning, banana-stuffed French toast {i had a small taste of both and liked them A LOT}.

Since I have some things to accomplish today they decided to have their own little tea party.  These wee ones play so well together and I get such a kick out of listening to them {as they have now become Alyssa and Barbara}…

‘Oh, I think I just missed my flight…

“I just love your place…

“Ice skating was so much fun…

I’ve been hosting tea parties for the past few days…

It sounds like they are off to Paris tomorrow…

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the little things ~ <3

Mr.T knows that I love cream in my coffee.  It’s so sweet when he buys it w/o even asking {obviously that’s what happened this week…lots of cream here}.

So often it’s in the little things…

the sparkly things

the happy things

the pretty things

the thoughtful things

and sweet simplicity

where life becomes so grand.

Watch for them…then smile!

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a charming mess…

I know, I know…this just kind of looks like a big mess…

Truth is…I can find inspiration in most messes.  When I sit down to this it charges my thoughts…

…and allows me to create something very ‘charming’…

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All That Glitter Christmas Open House

Last night, going to the All That Glitter Christmas Open House was a pre-holiday treat!

I took a whole bunch of pictures so if you weren’t able to go last night and can’t slip it in today then at least you can have a few visuals to tickle your fancy…

I didn’t get my own good picture of the girls so I borrowed this from Holly’s Facebook page.

cutie~patooties…that’s what they are!

Everything was stunning, beautiful, festive and glittery.

Their little shop on Trent Avenue is a treat any time of the year and is open most Saturdays.

Sweet Treats!

I love the letter E…it always draws me in…

There will be a drawing for the new Farm Chicks Christmas book which has been autographed by Serena and the other gals who have been featured in the book.

These beauties wanted to come home with me…

…and these did! {oh, lucky me!}

for the love of red As I write this we are having our first snow fall and I am feeling very anxious to get out the Christmas decorations…I guess I can at least get the music started…   let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

This is a picture that Debbie of Mermaids of the Lake shared with me on Facebook…thx. Debbie

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glittery edibles!

Since I’m going to see those All That Glitter girls today, I wondered what I could take them so I decided to bake up some of my Great Aunt Betty’s Sugar Cookies and sprinkle them with glitter…ummm, I mean sprinkles!

Oh, Yum!  These are definitely a family favorite and have an almost magical appeal.

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