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Boho ~ Soldering Fun…

After we finished the handmade journals we jumped right into soldering.

I’ll be the first to admit that there isn’t really anything easy about soldering.  It’s challenging and it takes practice, practice and more practice but it was exciting to see these gals bravely step up to the challenge.  Most of them grew to really enjoy it.

After designing and soldering a charm we moved into designing a collaged, 4×6 piece that we topped with bevel glass and finished with a soldered edge.  It was then hung in a barn board frame and backed with {genuine vintage} rusty chicken wire.

There is often something so amusing about working our way through the eclectic variety of vintage papers.

Words and sayings and titles of songs were often very different than what we would hear today.

“Love Is A Bauble” {???}   really?  I’m not so sure that song would make the top 10 {or 100} today.

I’m am sincerely coming down off of my weekend ‘high’…I’m exhausted but I’m also excited to continue sharing the details.

Thanks for stopping by day after day…I LOVE the encouragement that so many of you offer here!

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Boho ~ Quick post

I’ll just share a few pictures here {I miss my photographer at this retreat}.

I’ll post more {and better} later…   😉

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